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Art Thou the Miracle Warrior?

There was a time not long ago when Terarin escaped from her entrapment and, with a howl of rage that shook the world, once again unleashed her terror upon the land.

You watched the Five Lands suffer under her ruthless campaign of evil as you wandered from country to country. Then, one fine cloudless day, your wanderings led you to a castle...where you learned of your true destiny.

The blood of Iason flows in your veins. But are you the one fated to bring an end to Terarin's evil? Only time will tell as you learn the ways of magic and the sword!

The Miracle Warriors


Thou art the leader of this quest. Your vow is to defeat Terarin and use Golden Seal to close the Pandora Iason did over a millenium ago.


He is the first of thy companions.   A brave and hearty fighter, curses will fail when he wields a special blade.   Learn a spell and wake him from a long slumber.


The legendary woman warrior. She can spear through the enemy in a CRUSHING ATTACK with grace and speed beyond compare...when she possesses a certain weapon. Awaken her from slumber across the seas. 


  A fearsome pikeman with the blood of pirates in his veins.   A duel with the black monks brought him to his fate.   Search for him in the deep, dark caverns, and... take care which beasts you slay!


Supporting Characters

Throughout your travels you will encounter various towns and cultures. All towns have a healer and an elder to guide you.


Blacksmiths can repair your weapons and armor. The status screen contains the number of uses left for all equipment. Some blacksmiths may even be convinced to travel with you for 12,000 guilders making your journey much less arduous.

For a donation of 500 guilders, the town elders will give you advice on where to take your quest.

Fang Merchant
Fang Merchants will pay you 50 guilders per fang that you collect from your enemies. If you need some extra cash, visit the Fang Merchant. It's best to keep some on hand though because fangs are needed to purchase special items.

Your first companion can be found in the town of Kadia.  Go to the Healer's house and you will see three options (If you've visited Kosama first AND have the Iris Axe): Heal, Herbs, and Spell.  If you select "Spell", the Healer will shed his disguise and Guy will join your quest!

The healer will refill your health for a price. He also sells herbs (max 24). 2,000 guilders will get you 5 herbs. You will be visiting this hut quite often in your travels.

Kings will offer you advice and also sell you some of Iason's Arms of Legend for 300 fangs a piece. The castles, where Kings reside, are found separate from towns.

Kosama When you find Kosama (Northwest of Oruk), he will tell you of your future companions and teach you the spell of "Awake, Giant!" This spell must be cast when you meet each companion and they will join your quest.

Medi (Dancer)
You will find Medi in the town of Doris. When you encounter her, you will note that "There is a dancer within." As long as you have the Armor of Kronos, you can cast the spell of "Awake, Giant!" and she will join your quest. 

Once "Awake, Giant!" is cast, Medi will remove her disguise to reveal herself as an armored warrior and join your quest!

Ship (Argo) Merchant For 30,000 guilders, the ship "Argo" can be yours! The Ship Merchant is located directly South from where the Skeleton battle takes place in the woods SW of Oruk. Now you may cross the seas to visit new lands... and encounter new dangers!

Ship (Argonaut) Owner
The Argonaut owner is located in the center of the bay in the desert in the far NW part of the five lands. He is all too willing to give the Miracle Warriors his ship. His only requirement is that you have someone with pirate blood aboard to traverse the dark and stormy seas. Make sure Treo is in your party before you visit the Argonaut owner.

Staff Merchant South and West of Torif, you will find a village that sells the Staff of Earthquakes for 10,000 guilders a piece.  You can carry a maximum of 4. With these, the guardians will not seem so strong!

Stone Merchant North and East of Doris, you will find a village that sells the Stone of Protection for 50 Fangs a piece.  You can carry a maximum of 6. With these, enemy's spells will fall apart at your feet!

Swordsmith The swordsmith's village borders the desert in the Hierax Province, West of Oruk. Each one of Iason's weapons of legend can be upgraded to full strength for 60,000 guilders a piece.

Treo (Zombie)
When you first encounter Treo, he appears to be a minion of the Dark Lord. In fact, he has been transformed into a zombie by a Black Monk. Try casting the spell "Awake, Giant!"

Treo Treo is thankful that you removed his curse and he quickly joins your party. Find him by looking in a cave inside a bay in the SE part of the Five Lands.

Sphere Merchant
The White Sphere can be bought in the desert NW of Tegea. This is the most powerful magical attack item you can carry. However, you can only carry one and they cost 1,000 fangs a piece! Save these powerful weapons for only the strongest of foes.

Weapon Merchant
The weapon merchant will sell you knives, swords, armor, and shields. If your arms usage reaches 0 for any weapon or armor, that piece of equipment will break and you will need to purchase a new one from the Weapon Merchant.

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