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The hex numbers are used for codes. See Hacking for more info.

For explanations of PW and Hit see Stats.

Type ID# GG name SMS name PW Hit Note
Green swords
01 Dagger Dagger 2 0 Initial equipment; rusted weapon
02 Short sword Short sword 4 4
03 Long Sword Long Sword 8 8
04 Broadsword Broadsword 14 16
Red swords
05 Great Sword Gladius 19 20
06 Gladius Flamberge 25 24
07 Flamberge Rune Blade 32 30
08 Laser Blade Laser Blade 40 40
Blue swords
09 Magi Masher Magi Masher 12 10 Strong vs. Magicians/Witches
0A Hardbreaker Bushido Blade 13 40 Strong vs. Orbs/Mysts
0B Ninjakiller Ghost Killer 13 30 Strong vs. Ninjas/Ghosts
0C Dragonblade Dragonslayer 23 40 Strong vs. Dragons
Purple swords
0D Blood Blade Blood Blade 14 20 Gain HP: ½ of damage done, rounded down
0E Masamune Great Sword 18 0 Doesn't work on slimes
0F Death Blade Death Blade 30 40 Lose HP: ½ of damage done, rounded down


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