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ID#: The hex numbers are used for codes. See Hacking for more info.

Description: A message in the game is given whenever you use an item. The message can be useful for figuring out what the item was that you just used, if it wasn't identified. If the item is used under circumstances that cause it to do nothing, such as pointing a rod at a wall, the message will instead report that nothing happened. Remember that the item type is identified for future reference in any case. The message is different for the GG and SMS versions.

Books vs. Scrolls: They are called Books in the GG version and Scrolls in the SMS version. The Daze, Cyber and Ninja Books in the GG are Mad, Gas and Ghost scrolls in SMS.

ID# Name Effect GG Description SMS Description
20 Blade +1 PW until weapon change “My weapon became sharper.” “My weapon became”
21 Shield +1 AC until armor change “My armor got stronger.” “My armor got stronger.”
22 Norust Prevents armor (not weapons) from rusting until floor change “My armor won't rust.” “My armor won't rust.”
23 Bless Uncurses cursed arms and destroys cursed rings “I awoke from the spell.” “I awoke from the spell.”
24 Map Maps the whole floor “I found the map.” “I found the map.”
25 Shift Teleport to a random room “I feel lighter.” “I feel lighter.”
26 Daze/Mad Dizzies monsters on the floor until you get close “The enemy is confused.” “You've confused the monster!”
27 Magi Turns equipped weapon into Magi Masher “My sword transformed.” “My sword changed!”
28 Cyber/Gas Turns equipped weapon into Hardbreaker/Bushido Blade “My sword transformed.” “My sword changed!”
29 Ninja/Ghost Turns equipped weapon into Ninjakiller/Ghostkiller “My sword transformed.” “My sword changed!”
2A Dragon Turns equipped weapon into Dragonblade “My sword transformed.” “My sword changed!”
2B Summon Summons a monster “Enemy!” “Enemy!”
2C Blank Nothing “It's blank!” “It's blank!”
2D Potion Turns all potions into Midheal Potions “The potions changed.” “The potions changed.”
30 Flame Damage = 4x level
(Red flash) (Red flash)
31 Flash Damage = 6x level (White flash) (White flash)
32 Thunder Damage = 8x level (Yellow flash) (Yellow flash)
33 Travel Advance one floor “Time travel!” “You're slipping through time!”
34 Wind Monster disappears (No exp) “I blew the enemy away!” “The monster is blown away!”
35 Berserk Damage = 2x current HP, but lose ½ current HP “Oh! Berserk!!” “You go berserk!”
36 Reshape Turns the monster into a different monster “The enemy transformed!” “The enemy mutates!”
37 Silent Prevents added effects of the monster's attack “I warded off the enemy's magic!” “The enemy spell is deflected!”
38 Drain Exchanges HP with monster “We've swapped our hit points!” “You've swapped hit points!”
39 Spirit Monster appears “Enemy!” “A monster is summoned!”
3A Wood Nothing “Nothing happened.” “Nothing happened.”
3B Wither Lose a level “Oh! Backfire! My level went down.” “You've dropped a level!”
40 Minheal Restores ¼ of max HP “I feel better!” “Your health improves.”
41 Midheal Restores ½ of max HP “I feel better!” “Your health improves.”
42 Slow Causes sluggishness “I feel sluggish.” “You feel sluggish!”
43 Slowfix Cures sluggishness “I can move faster!” “Your speed improves!”
44 Fog Causes fog “Oh, the fog... I can't see!” “You're blinded by dense fog!”
45 Daze Causes dizziness “I'm dizzy...” “Your head spins in confusion!”
46 Cure Cures poison, dizziness and blindness “I'm cured.” “You recover from the poison!”
47 Freeze Causes paralysis “I'm paralyzed.” “You're paralyzed!”
48 Power +1 PW permanently “I gained strength.” “You feel a surge of energy!”
49 Reflex +1 AC permanently “It got stronger.” “Your reactions are sharpened!”
4A Maxheal Restores all HP “I feel better!” “Your health improves.”
4B Water Nothing “Nothing happened.” “Your thirst is quenched.”
4C Wither Resets base PW to 0 “I lost energy.” “You're strength decreases!”
50 Heal 6 ticks to eat, 2 ticks to heal “I feel better!” “Your health improves.”
51 Magic Doubles damage from rods, including Berserk rod “I feel energized!” “You feel a surge of energy!”
52 Food 18 ticks to eat, 4 ticks to heal “I feel better!” “Your health improves.”
53 Sight Searching reveals hidden passages in only 1 turn “I can see better.” “Your senses are enhanced!”
54 Shield +4 AC “Oh- A magic barrier.” “You conjure a magic wall!”
55 Ogre +4 PW “I gained strength.” “Your strength improves!”
56 Cursed 6 ticks to eat, never heals; always cursed “Oh, no! It's a cursed ring.” “You've been cursed!”
57 Hunger 4 ticks to eat, 4 ticks to heal; always cursed “Oh, no! It's a cursed ring.” “You've been cursed!”
58 Toy Nothing “It's just a plain ring.” “No effect.”
59 Shift Uncontrollably teleport to random rooms; always cursed “I feel lighter.” “I feel lighter.”


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