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Character stats


FL: The current Floor, besides indicating how far along the game you are, determines the monsters present, the items available, and the cost of continuing at death. At floors 11 and 21, the background music changes. See Floors for details.

Exp: This is the total experience points earned from killing monsters. Kill monsters to gain exp and level-up. Note that Exp cannot be normally be seen during gameplay.

Level and Rank: The character increases in level as he gains exp. The level determines his rank, the healing rate, the damage done by rods, and the development of the dragon companion. Each level-up gives a bonus to base PW and max HP. It's also possible to lose levels from certain items and monsters. In this case max HP is lost but there is no PW loss. You can't see the level directly but you can figure it out from the Rank. See Levels for more info.

HP: The character's health. The right number is the maximum and the left is the current amount. It goes down as monsters hit you; when it's 0 you die. The character normally heals damage over time. You can also drink healing potions. The max HP is increased by leveling up. It can also be decreased by leveling down or getting hit by the tree enemies. The formulas for max HP gain and loss are as follows:

Max HP gained at level up = (New level + Floor) x 2
Max HP lost at level down = Old level + Floor

PW: The power of your attack. A higher number will result in more damage. This is primarily determined by your weapon. Certain items can increase this temporarily or permanently. Leveling up also gives a bonus to your PW. Likewise it can be decreased by the Wither potion, and certain Snail enemies.

AC: This is the measure of your defense. A higher number will result in less damage taken. It is determined by your armor and like PW can be raised by items. Unlike PW, however, it does not increase with level-ups, and the base AC can never go down.

Hit: Determines the hit rate of your attack. A higher number results in fewer misses, though it is not a percentage. This parameter is not directly observable in the game, and is solely dependent on the weapon.

Evd: Determines how often you dodge enemy attacks. A higher number results in more dodging, but it's not a percentage. Like Hit, this can't be observed directly and depends only on the armor.

F: This is the current food supply. Maximum is 99.

G: This is the amount of money carried. It's used to buy continues after death.


Window color: The color of the windows and text indicates the character's basic condition.

White normal
Blue poisoned
Yellow out of food
Throbbing red
HP is at <25%


Status ailments: Status problems can be caused by certain potions or by the attack of certain enemies. All status ailments can be cured by advancing to the next floor.

Paralyzed The character can't do anything. Time automatically advances until it wears off. Caused only by a Freeze potion.
Sluggish The character takes twice as long to do anything. The only way to inflict is with a Slow potion. Can be cured with a rare Slowfix potion. Drinking a Slow potion typically proves to be a fatal mistake.
Poisoned Healing stops, but it doesn't hurt you. Caused by frog enemies. It wears off with time, or use a Cure potion.
Fog Vision is restricted to the adjacent tiles and fog persists outside this area. The explored areas become forgotten. Caused by a Fog potion or the Mad Witch/Sorcerer monster. It wears off with time, or use a Cure potion.
Dizzy The character moves in random directions. The ability to use and throw items is unaffected though. Caused by a Daze potion, and by many enemies. It wears off with time, or use a Cure potion.


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