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  • On the early floors, use or throw everything you find in order to identify as much as possible. You have little to lose if something goes wrong.

  • The game gets harder as you go down floors. For this reason, you should play safer on the later floors: don't use strange items on yourself (especially potions) and don't wear new equipment unless a Bless scroll is handy. Drinking a Wither potion on the later floors will ruin your character.

  • Try to clear every floor. If you skip floors the end of the game will be much harder. If you fight every battle you won't have to worry about running from strong monsters, and you should reach level 16 by the end of the game.

  • Throw useless or harmful items at monsters. For example, the Freeze potion paralyzes the target. Monsters will try to avoid letting you set up a throw, however.

  • Obviously, you should collect items that will help in difficult situations. When your hands are full you can drop something and pick it up again if you change your mind.

  • Most of the rings are useful, but the best rings are the Ogre ring for fighting and the Food ring for exploring.

  • Focus on offense. In other words, try to kill the enemy in as few ticks as possible. Most monsters either have crippling added effects or strong attacks which you really can't defend against.

  • The dragon doesn't actually do anything for you, other than occupy the space behind you. This helps to avoid being attacked from behind.

  • Try to collect each of the blue swords if you can. If you have the correct blue sword for a monster, always use it. It's better than any other weapon. Don't even try attacking orbs/mysts without the right blue sword.

  • The Death blade and the Blood sword complement one another well.

  • Figure out where the hidden passages are. They are always revealed by searching horizonally, never vertically. On later floors you may be forced to find passages to proceed. You will learn the layouts eventually.

  • The eyeball enemies can ruin your equipment. While Norust scrolls and Mystic armor will help against the blue eyeball, there is no defense against the weapon rust of the red eyeball. However, since eyes move slow, it shouldn't be a problem. Remember: Never let the red eyeball get an attack on you.

  • The blue and red ooze-type monsters sometimes divide instead of attacking. Since they are very weak, you can exploit this for easy exp by waiting for them to split and then harvesting them. The total amount of exp you can get from this is not high, but it's enough to make a difference on the early floors.

  • It's possible to lose levels by using a Wither Rod or getting hit by a King snail. Since the amount of MHP lost at level down is less than MHP gained at level-up, and no PW is lost, you'll come out stronger by completing the round trip.

  • When leveling down, exp is reduced to the minimum amount needed to reach the previous level. So if a level 7 character is brought down a level, his exp is set to 340. Since the exp required is much bigger at high levels, it's better to try this at low levels.


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