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The following table lists the addresses in RAM where key variables are stored. Edit the contents of these addresses directly to manipulate the game. Or, use this information to make Game Genie or PAR codes. Use the ID numbers given in section 4 to place specific items for C900-C92F.

Unless otherwise specified, enter all values in hexadecimal. Multi-byte quantities such as money need to be entered in reverse order (smaller digits first). If you don't understand, search for a guide on basic hexadecimal concepts.

If you try to put the game in an impossible state, such as placing a rod in your potion list, the game is very likely to freeze up. Use common sense.

Address Function
C01A Floor (GG)
C01C Floor (SMS)
C617 Hit of equipped weapon
C618 PW of equipped weapon
C619 Evd of equipped armor
C61A AC of equipped armor
C620 Food, in decimal
C621-C622 Current HP, reverse order
C623-C624 Max HP, reverse order
C625-C626 Exp., reverse order
C62B-C62D Money, reverse order, in decimal
C62F Base PW
C630 Base AC
C632 Paralysis ticks left
C633 Sluggishness status
C634 Poison ticks left
C635 Blindness ticks left
C636 Dizziness ticks left
C63C Food timer
C63D Healing timer
C63E Continues spent
C900-C907 Swords
C908-C90F Armor
C910-C917 Books/Scrolls
C918-C91F Rods
C920-C927 Potions
C928-C92F Rings

Example: 00C901:0D would put a Blood sword in your second weapon slot.

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