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1. Arima

You'll begin your game here. BE SURE AND TALK TO EVERYBODY IN EVERY TOWN! Certain events aren't triggered until you've talked to everybody. If you want to avoid frustration, be sure you converse with every person you meet. If you talk to your uncle, he'll give you 200 Ryo. Talk to the Elder, and he'll suggest you recruit the Tanuki before you set out. Got it? Good. Level up outside until you feel strong enough, and buy new equipment when you need to. (Keep in mind to do this throughout the game. You won't last too long if you don't.)

2. Inagi

Northeast of Arima is the town of Inagi. Once again, talk to everybody, and upgrade your equipment if you need to.

3. Hirafuku

West of Inagi is the small town of Hirafuku. Talk to everybody and move on.

4. Tanuki's Cave

Treasure: Flute, 200 Ryo, MoleFt, CureOil
Enemies: Demon, Oni, Fencer

Tanuki's Cave is located Northwest of Hirafuku. The first thing you should do here is grab the Flute, which is located in the northwest portion of the cave. Playing the Flute at a Torii gate (the red gates you find in this game) will restore your HP. Afterwards, head to the southern end of the cave and defeat the Demon there. Talk to the Tanuki and leave.

5. Hirafuku

If you stop here, you'll see that the Demons have ravaged the town. Looks like you'll have to find where they went...

6. Shoya's House

Treasure: Lapis Key
Enemies: Demon

The Shoya's House is located on the Southwest corner of the continent. Go here, kill all the demons, and get the Lapis Key.

7. Tanuki's Cave

Return here, unlock the Tanuki and he'll join you. Yay. He won' really be a separate character, he'll just attack whenever he feels like doing something. The number of attacks he has in his repertoire depends on how much "Happa" you have found. But when you're searching for things, Tanuki is far superior to Musashi.

8. Tunnel

The Tunnel is a southern peninsula of the continent. If you have Tanuki, the old man will let you pass. Go through here and reach the new continent.

9. Suwa

This is the first town you'll come across in the new continent. Upgrade your equipment here and talk to everybody.

10. Atago

To reach Atago village from Suwa, head west until you hit the shore, and then go south. Not much is here. Talk to the locals and head back toward Suwa.

11. Nikaido's Dojo

A little south of Suwa is Nikaido's Dojo. Talk to the people here and you'll learn that Shinosuke, Nikaido's son, has gone astray. Hmmmm....

12. Pub

From the dojo, head south. When you reach the coast, go west. Eventually you'll reach the Pub. If you go to the eastern end of the building, you'll find Shinosuke, but he's acting weird. Talk to one of the patrons, and he'll give you the Agate Key for some Sake. Sake can either be bought at the pub for 50 Ryo, or you can win it from Oni or Usagi. Anyway, get the key and leave the Pub.

13. Mt. Ina

Treasure: CureOil, PureOil, Feather, MoleFt, MoleFt, 1000 Ryo, Happa, Charm
Enemies: Kappa, OniFace, MadCob
Boss: Hag

You'll find Mt. Ina Southeast of the dojo. The first thing you'll want to do is get the Happa. From the entrance, use the stairs in the lower right corner of the room, and you'll find the Happa. With the Happa, your Tanuki will learn Mirror, which distracts enemies, rendering them useless for a few turns. To get to the Hag quickly, use the stairs on the upper-right corner of the room, then the upper left, and follow that path. The Hag has 100 HP, but stay tough and you should prevail. You'll receive the Charm after beating her.

14. Pub

Return to the Pub and use the Charm on Shinosuke. He'll be back to normal.

15. Nikaido's Dojo

Return here and Nikaido will be happy his son is back to normal. Imagine that.

16. Uzuki Tower

Treasure: CureOil, 150 Ryo, PureOil, Odachi Sword, CureOil, 80 Ryo, SwanWg,
Feather, CureOil, Fire Scroll, Sunball (can't get until much later)
Enemies: Demon, Ogre, Usagi, OniFace
Boss: Tigurai

Uzuki Tower is northeast of Suwa. When you arrive, you'll find a locked door. No problem, just use the Agate Key. The only really important thing here right now is the Fire Scroll. To reach it, go up the stairs in the middle of the first floor. Now go up the stairs in the upper-left corner of the room. Now you're on the top floor. Tigurai, who is guarding the Fire Scroll, is found in the upper-right corner of this floor. Beat him, get the scroll and leave. (You might want to check the treasure that can be found here first, though)

17. Bridge-Builder's House

Northeast of Nikaido's Dojo, you'll find the bridge-builder. Talk to him and he'll build you a bridge to the next continent.

18. Mihama

East of the Bridge-Builder's House is the town of Mihama. After talking to everyone, you'll learn that their precious Twin Dolphin Idol was stolen. You can also buy a boat here, but you can't use it until you've found the idol. Oh well, guess you have to find that idol...

19. Hinoki

Hinoki is found Northeast of Mihama. Here you'll meet the ill-tempered Princess Kimo, who runs off when you try to talk to her. Talk to everybody here to learn more about her.

20. High Priest's Hut

Go south of Hinoki until you reach the coast, turn to the east and follow the coastline until you reach this hut. Talk to the priest and he'll tell you that he lost his very important amulet. To reach the other man in this building, go right when you first enter. He'll tell you that he lost his Inro at Mt. Karakasa.

21. Mt. Karakasa

Mt. Karakasa is just a maze of mountains on the world map, east of the High Priest's Hut. Navigate your way to the Torii gate in the center, and have Tanuki search there for the Inro.

22. High Priest's Hut

Return here and give the man his Inro back. In return, he'll give you the Sand of Ebb Tide. Use this whenever you see a Torii gate near water, and you'll build a bridge. You can use this in Arima (it leads to a man that gives information) and outside Suwa and Hinoki (both lead to a pot with 2000 Ryo).

23. Mihama

Return here once you have the Sand. You'll find a place to use it in the southwestern corner of town. Use it and you'll find a pot containing the Amulet the high priest was looking for.

24. Hinoki

Once you have the Amulet go back to Hinoki (if you try to give it to the priest, he'll just congratulate you for finding it). Use the Amulet on Princess Kimo's door. Her hut is the third from the bottom on the west side of town. Once you're in her hut, have Tanuki search at the left-most pillow. You'll find the Cobweb.

25. Suigetsu Tower

Treasure: SwanWg, Sun Sword, 420 Ryo, CureOil, 600 Ryo, Idol
Enemies: WarHawk, Stalker, Kitsune, Naga
Boss: Kimo

You'll find the tower to the northeast of Hinoki. When you arrive here, you'll see Kimo. Show her the Cobweb, and she'll run, leaving behind a locked door. You can open the door by using the Amulet. If you want to reach Kimo quickly, take the stairs on the left side of the first floor. Then take the stairs on the upper-right of the second floor. Follow this path and you'll meet up with Kimo. If you beat her, you'll be awarded the Idol.

23. Mihama

Return here and give the Idol to the elder. You'll receive the Water Scroll in return. Buy a boat if you haven't. You're now free to sail the sea, but before you go crazy, there's one thing you should get. Sail east and follow the coastline until you reach a gulf at the northern end of the continent (it's somewhere west of Hinoki). On an island here, you'll find another Happa. With this, Tanuki will sometimes scare enemies away.

24. Ukyo

To reach Ukyo, go a few spaces south of Mt. Karakasa, and sail east until you hit land. Ukyo should be close to this area. Talk to everybody. You'll learn from the turtle that Mermaid Princess Koi is sick, and needs medicine. Hmmm. Upgrade your equipment if necessary, and move on.

25. Inn

Far to the northeast of Ukyo is an inn. In this inn, a man is selling Dragon Spheres for 10000 Ryo. Be sure to buy one if you don't have one already.

26. Gennai's Hut

West of the inn is Gennai the Pharmacist's hut. He is willing to make a Heaven Pill for Princess Koi, but he needs a Kinpo flower first. Guess who has to get him that flower?

27. Cave SW of Ukyo

Treasure: Flower
Enemies: RedDrgn, OniHead, Kuzama

This cave is located, you guessed it, southwest of Ukyo. When you enter the cave, there are stairs in every direction. Go up the stairs to the northwest. Then have Tanuki search in the middle of the clump of flowers. You'll find the Flower.

28. Gennai's Hut

Return to Gennai after you have the Flower, and he'll make you the Pill for 10000 Ryo. Accept his offer and get the Pill.

29. Ukyo

Talk to the turtle and tell him you have the Pill. He'll take you to Mermaid Island.

30. Eternal Palace

Talk to all the mermaids here. One of them will give you the Flame Armor, the second best armor in the game. Another will offer to show you a picture of the princess for all your money. This picture the mermaid shows is one of the princess topless leaning on a rock. It's a cool picture, but it's not worth all your money (If you REALLY want to see the picture, Click here). Finally, talk to Princess Koi and she'll give you the OgreBox.

31. Ukyo

When you return to Ukyo, talk to the man in the house in the southwest corner of town. He'll give you a girl's comb. Give this comb to the girl in the house on the southeast corner of town. The favor will be repaid later.

32. Uzushio

To reach the town of Uzushio, sail west of Ukyo until you're just south of Mt. Karakasa. Then sail south until you see strange whirlpools. If you have a Sphere, touch a whirlpool and use it. You'll be able to sail through them (if not, you will die). In the middle of all the whirlpools is two islands. Go to the town, talk to everybody, and prepare to go to the tower.

33. Mutsuki Tower

Treasure: SwanWg, 3000 Ryo, CureOil, CureOil, Happa, Seiun Armor, 2000 Ryo,
CureOil, Masamune Sword
Enemies: Nyudo, OniHead, RedDrgn, Karaku
Boss: Suzato

The two important things in the tower are the Happa and the Masamune Sword. To reach the Happa, on the first floor, go up the upper-right stairs. Follow this path until you reach the fourth floor. The Happa is in the lower-left corner of this floor. This Happa will allow Tanuki to cast the spell "Protect", which will raise Musashi's defense. To reach the Masamune Sword from here, take the first stairs to the right. Then use the stairs in the lower-left corner of the room. Follow this path and you'll reach a pot guarded by Suzato. Defeat Suzato and claim the Masamune Sword.

34. Fiery Cave

Treasure: Mikado Sword, Wind Armor, CureOil, Sphere
Enemies: Nyudo, Kenken, Shiranu

Fiery Cave is reached by going far to the north of Ukyo. If you're not wearing the Flame Armor you got from the Mermaids, each step here will take off 40(!) HP. It's pretty easy to navigate your way through this cave. Reach the end and you'll be in another new continent.

35. Yagyuu

Head north and reach the village of Yagyuu. When you talk to the old lady in the hut in the northwest, you'll receive the Earth Scroll (if you returned the comb to the girl in Ukyo). Talk to everybody else, and head on out.

36. Sekishuusai's Dojo

You'll find this place far to the north of Yagyuu. When you arrive, you'll find out that the Master isn't there. Talk to everybody and leave.

37. Matsuba

To reach Matsuba, head south from the Dojo, and cross the bridge to the west. Now head north until you arrive. Talk to everybody, and upgrade your equipment.

38. Will-of-the-Wisp Cave

Treasure: Happa, Heavy Armor, MoleFt, 1500 Ryo
Enemies: Fujin, Akahage, Akagare

If you are at level 24, cast warp, and select Matsuba. Your boat should be summoned here. Follow the river east and north until you reach a place north of the dojo where you can moor your boat. You should see a cave. If you aren't at level 24, you'll have to get your boat and sail north of Matsuba to reach this area. Once inside, you'll see that there is a chest to the northwest, northeast, southwest and southeast. The Happa is in the southeast, and it teaches Tanuki MagicUp, which will raise your magic ability for that fight. When you're done looting, head to the northwest, and you'll see a will-of-the-wisp. Talk to it and you'll find out that it's Sekishuusai. He claims that his wife, Okiku, is a ghost and has stolen Raiten, his sword. Looks like you'll have to do something about that.

39. Sekishuusai's Dojo

Talk to Okiku. She'll reveal her true nature, as a ghost. Defeat her and you'll get Raiten, the second legendary sword.

40. Yougetsu Tower

Treasure: Jade Key, Bird Shoes, Heavy Armor, SwanWg, SwanWg, Wind Scroll, Happa, Feather, Crystal, Muramasa Sword
Enemies: Spectre, Tenkai, Yuki, Hakkaku, Namhage, Wraith, Raijin
Bosses: Genbu, SulDrgn

Yougetsu Tower is on Tobisu Island, which is directly northwest of Matsuba. Another way to get to the island quickly is to sail directly south of Uzushio Island. When you reach the island, you can reach the Tower by using the Sand at the Torii Gate. The tower's pretty tough, so to prepare, you may want to sail west of Arima to a small island that sells some Mandalas, which will restore your MP, and can be used several times. When you feel ready, head inside the Tower. There are five important things in this tower, the Jade Key, a Happa, the Wind Scroll, the Crystal, and the Muramasa Sword. The first thing you should get is the key. Just defeat the first Spectre for the key. Go down to the basement and unlock the door to rescue some people. One will tell you that you can save Unkai from Yougetsu Tower, but he means you can save him from Uzuki Tower. When you're done here, return to the first floor. Go up the stairs to your left. Next, head up the stairs that's to your south. You'll reach a locked door. Unlock it. Behind this door is the Wind Scroll, but you must defeat Genbu to get it. Do so and obtain the Wind Scroll. Go down one floor and go down the stairs in the southwest corner of the room. Follow this path until you're back on the third floor. In the pot directly to your south is the Happa. Get this and Tanuki will learn PowerUp, which can raise your Attack Power. Go south more and up the stairs. Unlock the door you find and you'll receive the Crystal. Go back down one more floor, and go up the stairs in the southwest corner. Unlock this door and you'll find the legendary Muramasa Sword, but you'll have to beat SulDrgn first. Do so, grab the sword and leave the tower.

41. Uzuki Tower

Return to the first tower you visited. On the first floor, go around and up the stairs in the far north. Unlock the door you find with the Jade Key. You'll rescue Unkai. He will open the Ogre Box, revealing the Sunball.

42. Houou Temple

On a small island southeast of Yagyuu is Houou Temple. Go up to the second floor and use the Crystal in the middle of the carpet. You'll receive the Kujaku Armor, the best armor in the game.

43. Fisherman's Island

Fisherman's Island is directly west of Yougetsu Tower. There's an inn here, but not much else. But it's important to go here so that you can reach your next destination.

44. Dragon Sea

Dragon Sea is south of Fisherman's Island. Enter the whirlpool here and use the Sunball. You'll be transported to the cave that leads to Ganryu Island.

45. Cave to Ganryu Island

Treasure: CureOil, Happa, Feather
Enemies: Wraith, Hakkaku, Yuki, Raijin, Namhage

This Cave is easy to navigate. Just make your way to the end, collecting the treasure along the way. You'll find a Happa here that'll teach Tanuki Cure, so he can heal you sometimes.

46. Tatsuno

You can reach the town of Tatsuno by heading east after exiting the cave. Talk to all the people. When you talk to the elder, he'll tell you he wants to give you the Void Scroll, but he can't find it. Have Tanuki Search two spaces below the painting along the western wall to find it. Now enter the house in the lower-left corner of town and talk to Ioki (who looks an awful lot like you...). He'll tell you to make an Oar out of the Red Oak of the Gods.

47. Red Oak of the Gods

You'll find a lone oak tree north of Matsuba. To reach it, moor your boat at the same place you did for the Will-of-the-Wisp Cave, but head northwest. When you arrive at the tree, have Tanuki search it. If you have all three legendary swords and all five of the scrolls, you'll lose your three swords, but gain the OakOar, which is the most powerful weapon in the game, and necessary to defeat Kojiro.

48. Kojiro's Castle

Treasure: CureOil, Blue Gloves, Manji Hat, Shroom, SwanWg, Flight Shoes, CureOil
Enemies: Akakage, AcidOwl, Ranmaru, Raou, Shigami
Bosses: Kojiro, DemonKo

Kojiro's Castle lies on the other side of Ganryu Island. To reach it, you'll have to cross the mountains. You can walk through some mountains, but not others. But the trick is, you can't look at the mountains and tell which ones you can walk through. There's one path that'll lead you through. I suggest you use my map at the Maps Section to find your way through. When you reach the Castle, it appears intimidating, but it's not. You can find the best Gloves, Shoes, and Hat in the game in this castle, but you should have already bought them by now. To reach Kojiro, go up the stairs in the upper-right corner in the first room in the castle. Simply follow this path and you'll make it to Kojiro. Defeat him and DemonKo will appear. Admire the pretty colors and kill DemonKo. After DemonKo is dead, the game will be over. Enjoy the ending and relax, reflecting on the fact that you have beaten this obscure RPG.

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