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Adventures of Musashi (AKA Musashi; Musashi No Bouken) is a little known RPG on this side of the Pacific, which is fitting, since it wasn't released outside of Japan. But thanks to the efforts of Gaijen Translations, we can download a patch and play the ROM in english!

How do I play?

This game is easy to figure out, since it's just a simplified Dragon Quest clone. Pressing "A" will bring up your menu. Select "Talk" to talk to people, "Cast" to cast a spell, "Item" to reach your item screen, and "Look" to search the ground (have Musashi search at a pot to retrieve its contents; Tanuki can find hidden things when he searches).
To equip a weapon or piece of armor, go to the item screen and select what you want to equip and go to "wear".

Pressing "Start" will bring you to your status screen. Here you can see what you have equipped, see what level you're at, check your HP and MP, see how much money you have, and see how many experience points you've accumulated. This is also where your stats are located:
MIGHT: You gain MIGHT by leveling up. It is used in determining your OFEENSE and DEFENSE (see below)
SPEED: You gain SPEED by leveling up. It is used in determining your MAGIC (see below)
MAX HP: You raise your MAX HP by leveling up. The maximum amount of HP you can have
MAX MP: You raise your MAX MP by leveling up. The maximum amount of MP you can have
OFFENSE: Equal to your MIGHT + the attack power of your currently equipped weapon. Determines how much damage you do when you attack.

DEFENSE: Equal to your MIGHT + the defense power of your armor, hat, and gloves. Determines how much damage you receive from enemies.

MAGIC: Equal to your SPEED + the magic power of your shoes. Determines how effective the spells you cast will be.


While you won't gain any other true party members, early on in the game, you'll find a raccoon named Tanuki who will accompany you on your journey. When you first get him, all he'll do is attack at random. But if you find "Happa", he'll be able to learn magic. You can check how much "Happa" you've found by looking at the top of the "Item" screen.

Tricky Terrain

Since I don't have anywhere else to mention this, I guess I'll just mention it here. There's only one status ailment in this game: Poison. Being poisoned will cause Musashi to lose 2 HP for every step he takes. Cure Poison by using a PureOil.
Taking a step in a poisonous marsh will cause Musashi to lose 2 HP.
Taking a step in the Fiery Cave without the Flame Armor on will cause Musashi to lose 40 HP
If Musashi is poisoned and takes a step in either of these areas, the damage is cumulative (in other words, if he steps in a marsh, he'll receive 4 HP damage; in the Fiery Cave he'll receive 42 HP damage)

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