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Regular Items

CureOil Restores about 20-30 HP 15 Ryo 9 Ryo -
Feather Use to return to the last town you visited 80 Ryo 38 Ryo Won't work in caves or towers
Flute Restores your HP if played at a Torii Gate - 3000 Ryo Find at Tanuki's Cave
Mandala Restores about 30-40 MP, can be used multiple times before breaking 20000 Ryo 5000 Ryo Can be bought on an island west of Arima
MoleFt Transports you to the entrance of the cave you're in 25 Ryo 15 Ryo -
PureOil Cures Poison 8 Ryo 5 Ryo -
Sake Give to a drunk man in pub for the Agate Key 50 Ryo 30 Ryo Can be bought at the pub
Shroom Can scare off enemies in battle 50 Ryo 30 Ryo -
Sphere Use to protect yourself from whirlpools 10000 Ryo 6000 Ryo Buy at Inn NE of Ukyo
SwanWg Transports you to the entrance of the Tower you're in 60 Ryo 36 Ryo -

Special Items

Agate Key Unlocks a door in Uzuki Tower Give some Sake to a drunk guy in the pub
Amulet Unseals Kimo's house in Hinoki, and unlocks a door in Suigetsu Tower In a pot in Mihama. Need the sand to get it
Charm Makes Nikaido's son normal again Win from Hag in Mt. Ina
Cobweb Proof that Kimo is a spider ghost. Enables you to fight her Found in Kimo's house on the left-most pillow (have Tanuki search)
Comb Give to its owner in Ukyo. Later, in Yagyuu, her mother will reward you with the Earth Scroll Talk to man in the lower-left house in Ukyo after visiting the mermaids
Crystal Use it at the center of the carpet in Houou Temple to receive Kujaku Armor In a pot in Yougetsu Tower
Flower Give to Gennai and he'll be able to make the Pill In cave SW of Ukyo, have Tanuki search in the middle of the NW clump of flowers
Idol Return to Mihama elder and you'll be able to use the ship Defeat Kimo in Suigetsu Tower
Inro Return to its owner at the High Priest's Hut for the Sand Have Tanuki search at the Torii Gate in the middle of Mt. Karakasa
Jade Key Unlocks doors in Yougetsu Tower, and one door in Uzuki Tower Won from a Spectre in Yougetsu Tower
Lapis Key Unlocks the cell with Tanuki in it Defeat Demons at Shoya's House (must visit Tanuki first)
OgreBox Give to Unkai in Uzuki Tower and he'll open it, revealing the Sunball Given to you by Mermaid Princess Koi
Pill Show to turtle in Ukyo and he'll transport you to the Eternal Palace, where you can heal Princess Koi Give the Flower to Gennai along with 10000 Ryo
Sand Creates a bridge when used at a Torii gate near water Return the Inro to its owner at the High Priest's Hut
Ship Enables you to sail the world (after returning the Idol) Bought at Mihama for 5000 Ryo
Sunball Use at Dragon Sea to reveal the cave that leads to Ganryu Island Take the OgreBox to Unkai in Uzuki Tower


-You must find all five scrolls before you can receive the OakOar.

Fire Scroll Won from Tigurai at Uzuki Tower
Water Scroll Return Idol to Mihama's elder
Earth Scroll Given to you by someone in Yagyuu if you return the girl's comb in Ukyo
Wind Scroll Won from Genbu in Yougetsu Tower
Void Scroll Found in elder's house in Tatsuno


Finding Happa allows Tanuki to learn new skills. To learn about the skills he'll learn, go to the Magic Page.

Happa # 1 Found in Mt. Ina
Happa # 2 Found on Island West of Hinoki
Happa # 3 Found in Mutsuki Tower
Happa # 4 Found in Will-of-the-Wisp Cave
Happa # 5 Found in Yougetsu Tower
Happa # 6 Found in Cave to Ganryu Island

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