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Certain events won't be triggered until you talk to certain people, so be sure to talk to every person in every location.

Be sure to level up if you want to survive long in this game.

It seems you can minimize enemy encounters if you take one or two steps and then stay still for a second.

The Mandala is a much overlooked item in the game. Buy one or two on the island west of Arima so you can refill your MP.

Collecting Happa can only help you, so be sure to go out of your way to get all six of them.

There's only one Flute in the game, and although you can sell it, it's in your best interest to hold on to it.

So you met the mermaids, and one will offer to let you see a picture of Mermaid Princess Koi, but it will cost you all your money. The picture is cool, but not worth your entire savings. Click here if you want to see the picture for free! And, even better, there's a SPECIAL picture if you have the maximum amount of money (65535 Ryo) somehow. Since you probably would never be able to see it unless you cheated anyway, here it is.

Dragon Warrior fans will remember Metal Slimes and Metal Babbles. Well, this game contains an enemy called "Hakkaku". It has its speed and defense maxed out, and it runs away a lot, but if you manage to defeat it, you'll net 250 experience points!

The Kukaku armor is great, but even it can't protect you from the flames of Fiery Cave. If you ever want to go back to that cave and live, it would be wise to hold on to your Flame Armor

If you happen upon a Murasa Sword, you might want to hold on to it. Although it's not the most powerful sword, you can instantly kill an enemy with it (but it will damage you heavily, and it may even kill you)

A good rule of thumb: If an enemy uses a certain element attack spell, chances are, that element won't be very effective on it (for example, if an enemy uses "Lightning", the spell "Bolt" won't be very effective on it)

If you're hesitant to buy the best equipment for some reason, don't worry. The best gloves, hat, and shoes can all be found in Kojiro's Castle.

I don't know if it's a mistake in the translation or what, but when you rescue the prisoners in Yougetsu tower, one of them will say that you can rescue Unkai from Yougetsu Tower, but he's really in Uzuki Tower.

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