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Swords (Ratix/Ashlay)
Two-Hand Swords (Cius)
Throwing Knives (Fear)
Knuckles (Iria/Perisie)
Staves/Spears (Tinek)

Let's do a bit of explaining as to how Smithing works. For starters, unlike SO2, any character can smith any workable weapon. Also unlike SO2, only a few weapons and minerals may be used. When you smith, you use up a weapon, a mineral, and a Smith Hammer. Even at level 10 with the Originality Talent the chances of success are very low, so keep saving and resetting! Remember to use the normal save function, not savestates, because if you use savestates you'll get the same result every time. The weapons available are divided into the following categories:

-Weak weapons.
-Enhanced weapons; these always have a "+1" or "+2" beside their names.
-Super weapons; very powerful weapons, usually with elemental attributes. These are the ones you're trying to get by smithing!
-Failure weapons; these are junk and cannot be equipped.

Here are the basic rules as to what comes out of what:

  • Every combination has at least one weaker and stronger weapon to do the combination with. Using the stronger weapons seem to have a much higher rate of success.
  • Any Weak weapon + Damascus/Mithril/Orihalcon/Rune Metal/Moonite/Meteorite = any Enhanced weapon
  • Any weapon (weak or enhanced) + Silver/Iron = specific Weak weapon (specific to each weapon type)
  • Any Enhanced weapon + specific mineral (not Silver/Iron) = specific Super weapon.
  • Each weapon type is treated differently. Only swords, two-hand swords, daggers, knuckles, and spears may be smithed.
  • The following weapons may come out as ?Weapon which must be identified: Dull Sword and any "super weapon" (no weak or enhanced weapons, or Junk). So if you're smithing knuckles or spears and get a ?Weapon, you must have been successful.


-Failure: Dull Sword
-Weak Weapons (weakest to strongest): Long Sword, Saber, Sinclair, Walloon Sword
-Enhanced Swords: Long Sword +1, Long Sword +2
-Iron/Silver combo: Saber

Enhanced Combos:

-Long Sword +1/2 + Damascus = Damascus Sword (ATK 500, Earth)
-Long Sword +1/2 + Mithril = Mithril Sword (ATK 740, Wind)
-Long Sword +1/2 + Orihalcon = Sylvance (ATK 880, Thunder)
-Long Sword +1/2 + Rune Metal = Strange Sword (ATK 665, reduces enemy defense by 30%)
-Long Sword +1/2 + Moonite = Moon Falux (ATK 700, Holy)
-Long Sword +1/2 + Meteorite = Duel Sword (ATK 760)

Two-Hand Swords

-Failure: Dull Sword
-Weak Weapons (weakest to strongest): Two-handed Sword, Claymore, Zweihander, Flamberge
-Enhanced Weapons: Claymore +1, Claymore +2
-Iron/Silver combo: Claymore

Enhanced Combos:

-Claymore +1/2 + Damascus = Slayer Sword (ATK 750, Dark)
-Claymore +1/2 + Mithril = Silver Sword (ATK 680)
-Claymore +1/2 + Orihalcon = Vorpal Sword (ATK 710, Dark, hits several times)
-Claymore +1/2 + Rune Metal = Gunblade (ATK 680)
-Claymore +1/2 + Moonite = Berserk Sword (ATK 810, hits several times)
-Claymore +1/2 + Meteorite = Meteor Strike (ATK 850, Holy)

Throwing Knives

-Failure: Dull Sword
-Weak Weapons (weakest to strongest): Small Sword, Gladius, Baselard
-Enhanced Weapons: Gladius +1, Gladius +2
-Iron/Silver combo: Small Sword

Enhanced Combos:

-Gladius +1/2 + Damascus = Flare Baselard (ATK 400, Fire, double hit)
-Gladius +1/2 + Mithril = Rondel Dagger (ATK 540, 100% hit rate)
-Gladius +1/2 + Orihalcon = Ice Coffin (ATK 690, Water, double hit)
-Gladius +1/2 + Rune Metal = Bloody Sword (ATK 400, Dark, absorb half damage done as HP)
-Gladius +1/2 + Moonite = Fame Face (ATK 610, Water)
-Gladius +1/2 + Meteorite = Elemental Edge (ATK 650)


-Failure: Junk
-Weak Weapons (weakest to strongest): Knuckle, Hard Knuckle, Bagh Nakh, Cestus
-Enhanced Weapons: Knuckle +1, Knuckle +2
-Iron/Silver combo: Hard Knuckle

Enhanced Combos:

-Knuckle +1/2 + Damascus = Pain Cestus (ATK 520, poisons enemy)
-Knuckle +1/2 + Mithril = Silver Knuckle (ATK 400)
-Knuckle +1/2 + Orihalcon = Cat Fang (ATK 500, Perisie only)
-Knuckle +1/2 + Rune Metal = Metal Fang (ATK 400)
-Knuckle +1/2 + Moonite = Dragon Claw (ATK 550)
-Knuckle +1/2 + Meteorite = Blaze Knuckle (ATK 500)


-Failure: Junk
-Weak Weapons (weakest to strongest): Staff, Spear, Long Spear, Halberd, Tri-Section Staff
-Enhanced Weapons: Long Spear +1, Long Spear +2
-Iron/Silver combo: Spear

Enhanced Combos:

-Long Spear +1/2 + Damascus = Mech Halberd (ATK 600)
-Long Spear +1/2 + Mithril = Saint Halberd (ATK 450, Holy)
-Long Spear +1/2 + Orihalcon = Spinning Spear (ATK 500)
-Long Spear +1/2 + Rune Metal = Dragon Lance (ATK 650)
-Long Spear +1/2 + Moonite = Flame Lancer (ATK 720, Flame, creates explosions)
-Long Spear +1/2 + Meteorite = Whirlwind (ATK 500)