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Because this game uses a special type of compression and uses a few other shortcuts, it's prone to a few more bugs than most games out there. Some of them may not be present in the cart version. I'll do my best to list them here. A very good practice is to save often using the normal save function and not rely on savestates too much.

Talent Bug
Present In: All versions
Description: When learning a new Talent (e.g. by using Violin 2 and then doing Item Creation with the desired Ability) the game may freeze; you'll have to restart from a saved game.
How To Avoid: Try waiting until the music that plays when you learn the Talent has finished before pressing the A button to clear the dialogue box. It seems to happen less often outside of towns, and even less often on the Moore Continent (outside of Mount Metox).

Private Action Bug
Present In: All versions
Description: After completing certain PAs (such as the one with Cius drinking in Portmis, or Cius's arena battle) some characters are shuttled to the reserve of your party and won't show up in battles. No, they haven't disappeared!
How To Recover: Go to Tactics, then Order, then switch your character back into the active party.

Music Bug
Present In: All versions
Description: The music may suddenly stop.
How To Recover: To restart the music, enter another area with a different music theme and go back out again.

Music Bug Redux
Present In: All versions
Description: When the music is stopped, the game may completely freeze.
How To Recover: Start from a normal save (not a ZST save state).

Music Bug II
Present In: Emulator
Description: Music themes may have some instruments muted out. The game seems to be slightly more prone to freezing when this happens.
How To Recover: To restart the music, enter another area with a different music theme and go back out again.

Graphics Bug
Present In: Emulator
Description: No graphics show; all you see is a bunch of colored squares.
How To Prevent: It's not really a bug. 8-) You're missing the graphics packs. See Downloads for more info.

Slowdown Bug
Present In: Emulator
Description: Battles seem to take a very long time to happen; also, running around with the bunny on the world map skips often.
How To Avoid: You can't, as of now. Because the emulator has to scan the graphics packs, it takes a while to find the graphics and display them. A fast computer (500 MHz+) shouldn't have too many problems.

Demon Freeze
Present In: Emulator
Description: When entering the Demon World, the game may just freeze up. I've also heard of this happening when entering Parj Temple.
How To Recover: Restart from a *normal* save game, not a savestate, and try again. It doesn't always happen.

Item Duplication Bug
Present In: All Versions
Description: Sometimes when you buy things in a shop, you'll actually have two sets of the same item: your original set plus whatever else you buy.
How To Recover: Well, you can sell the extra set if you like, but why bother, if you're getting free items? 8-) Well... free item capacity, anyway.