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Side Quests

Puffy's Mini-RPG
Tataroy Arena
Metox Cave
Sylvalant Ruins
The Bunny Whistle
The Seven Star Ruins

Puffy's Mini-RPG

Puffy, a woman in Tataroy (just outside the inn), will offer to play a mini-RPG with you for 600 Fol a pop. It uses a finite state automaton (huh? you say!): Based on the choice you make in any state, you go to another state. Here's the lowdown on what to do from the start.

    A) The path splits in two directions. What do you do?
      1) Continue to the right. --> Go to B (THE END).
      2) I want to continue left. --> Go to C.
      3) What is this?! --> Go back to A.

    B) Eek! A trap! It's a trap door! You fell! THE END.

    C) Eek! There's a torn-up splattered corpse!

      1) Examine the corpse. --> Go to D.
      2) Pray for its happiness in the next world. --> Go to F.
      3) Continue forward without caring about it. --> Go to F.

    D) Is it really okay?
      1) Just let me examine it --> Go to E.
      2) Ignore it and continue forward after all --> Go to F.
      3) Pray for its happiness in the next world after all --> Go to F.

    E) You examined the corpse, but there was nothing.
      1) Continue forward --> Go to F.
      2) Pray for its happiness in the next life --> Go to F.

    F) A Chimera appeared from the shadows!
      1) I'll fight with the Chimera --> Play Rock-Paper-Scissors with Puffy. If you win, you get a Melt Potion; go to H.
      2) Use a Flare Bomb --> You lose a Flare Bomb but get a Melt Potion. Go to H.
      3) Run away --> Go to G.

    G) You're at a four-way intersection.
      1) Go forward --> Go to F.
      2) Right --> Go to B (THE END).
      3) Left --> You get 1 Fol. Go to F.
      4) Back --> Go to C.

    H) You're at the Demon King Naos's Lair!
      1) Fight!! --> Ratix dies. THE END.
      2) Run away --> Go to G.
      3) Use tools --> Go to J.

    J) What will you use?
      1) Will Potion --> You lose one Will Potion, but Ratix dies. THE END.
      2) Mega Flare Bomb --> You lose one Mega Flare Bomb, but get 100 EXP, 600 Fol, and a Saber. Go to K.

    K) Naos begs for his life.
      1) Give a Blueberry. --> Lose one Blueberry. THE END.
      2) Don't give --> Nothing happens. THE END.
      3) This is virtual so you take it --> Go to L.

    L) Well then, give me some medicine.
      1) Hand over a Blueberry --> Lose one Blueberry. THE END.
      2) Hand over a Melt Potion --> Lose one Melt Potion. Puffy falls over; game ends by default. 8-) You can't play any more!
      3) Don't hand over anything --> Nothing happens. THE END.

Tataroy Arena

You can fight one-on-one battles at the Tataroy Arena. Here's how it works. Each character works his/her way up from Rank H to Rank A. Every time you win a set of five battles you advance a rank and can no longer challenge ranks below you. If you reach Rank A, you'll continue to challenge Rank A after that. Every character has a different rank saved for him/her. Battles are one-on-one. Your battle items will be taken away, and you'll just be given the following: 2 Sweet Pots, 1 Mixed Syrup, and 1 Blackberry. You can still switch weapons during battle if you like.

There are two sets of prizes for each battle set. The "Fighter" prize will be awarded to Ashlay, Cius, Fear, Iria, Milly, or Ratix. The "Magician" prize will be awarded to Joshua, Marvel, Perisie, Ronixis, or Tinek.

For tips: Every second counts. As soon as the battle starts, open the circle menu and wait for your character's opening voice clip to finish. The healing items actually don't help very much. >_< If you're using Milly or Joshua, be prepared for long and hard battles; on average it'll take 4-5 times the time to beat enemies using them than using the others. Although you can heal yourself, you'll lag afterwards and be vulnerable! Emerald Ring or Fairy Ring can be useful for those characters.

RANK H Enemies: Bushwhacker, Kobold, Slime, Robber Axe, Velcant
Fighter Prize: Sweet Syrup, Blueberry
Magician Prize: Sour Syrup, Mixed Syrup
Comments: Easy as pie. Even Milly can blaze through this easily by the time you get up to here.

RANK G Enemies: Fudd, Sand Worm, Armed Knight, Mandrake, Stroper
Fighter Prize: Frog, Pretty Idol
Magician Prize: Frog, Silver Idol
Comments: Not much harder, except for the Armed Knight if you're at *really* low levels.

RANK F Enemies: Priscilla, Magius, Sargwen, Killer Bee, Velcant Boss
Fighter Prize: Music Encyclopedia, Trumpet
Magician Prize: Music Encyclopedia, Sax
Comments: A bit more difficult here if you fight as soon as you reach Tataroy. The Sargwen can really get the better of very weak characters. The Velcant Boss isn't all that difficult, especially if you have a Star Guard equipped; when he roars, tons of stars will come out and decimate him! 8-) The music instruments you win can be sold for mucho Fol!

RANK E Enemies: Pretty Bell, Lizard Axe, Dire Wolf, Kobold King, Petrogrell
Fighter Prize: Lavender, Shadow Flower, Artemis Leaf
Magician Prize: Shadow Flower x3
Comments: Slow characters should stay away from the Lizard Axe and use long-range techs or spells. The Kobold King is extremely fast and can be dangerous. Try to have a Stone Charm to equip on your character, because the Petrogrell can instantly stone you. Stupid prizes here.

RANK D Enemies: Flood Sherry, Pyre Sherry, Savage, Giant, Saber Bunny
Fighter Prize: Iron, Green Beryl, Mithril
Magician Prize: Damascus x3
Comments: The boss isn't tough, but the Savage and Giant will cause you some headaches if you're slow and/or have weak defense. Get up close to them and pound away. Equip a Paralysis Charm if you have one. Around here is when Joshua and Milly will start having enormous problems defeating the enemies.

RANK C Enemies: Slayer, Slayer, Slayer, Saber Bunny, Scylla
Fighter Prize: ?Guard (Star Guard), ?Guard (Dwarven Mail), 7-Star Secret Skill (if you can use it)
Magician Prize: ?Guard (Star Guard), ?Guard (Mithril Mesh), 7-Star Secret Skill (for Marvel)
Comments: Can be very nasty. The Slayers are way smarter than the other knight enemies; they'll back up away from you before throwing their swords. Try to dispatch them as soon as you can; their job is to soften you up before the boss. Use the Saber Bunny fight to use your healing items. The boss fight is very nasty. If you already have a Star Guard, just try going as close to the Scylla as you can and hope that your stars will heavily wound it. A high evade stat is very useful, as is high defense; at level 25 or so, her attacks will do 400-500 damage per hit, so luck might come in handy. ^^; The Star Guard you win is arguably the most useful item you can get at the arena.

RANK B Enemies: Slayer, Ogre, Ogre, Ichel, Star Seraph
Fighter Prize: ?Guard (Cat Band), Ruby Persia
Magician Prize: Ruby Persia x2
Comments: Don't try this one until you've leveled up considerably (about to enter the Demon World, say). The regular enemies won't be too tough, but the boss fight is nasty. Stay away from her and use long-range techs or spells (nothing Light or Dark-elemental) if you can. Secret Techs can work nicely too. She has a LOT of HP.

RANK A Enemies: Hill Giant, Star Seraph, Star Seraph, Funny Thief, Dragon Eye
Fighter Prize: Rainbow Diamond, Orihalcon
Magician Prize: Rune Metal x3
Comments: This is it! If you can get pretty far into the Seven Star Ruins you can probably beat this fight, too, but don't count on it. 8-) The Hill Giant is the fastest of its kind and quite strong, as well, with loads of HP. Keep wailing away at it with Secret Techs. Use the Funny Thief fight to dispense your healing items. If you don't have a Stone Charm chances are you'll never get past one second of the boss battle, and even so it probably won't help much. Equip the Star Guard and use long-range techs/spells to do as much damage as possible! I've yet to beat this with Milly, although I suppose Joshua might be able to do some damage with Meteor Swarm and Motormouth at level 10. O_o It's not really worth the prizes, IMO. ^^;

Metox Cave

Enemies: Black Slime, Shadow Flower, Blood Worm, Burglar, Acolyte, Lesser Assassin, Petrogrell, Cuniculus, Punkponk
Items: Aquaberry, Blueberry, Cinderella Vial, Mithril, Mind Bomb, Orihalcon x3, Sweet Pot,
Accessories: Emerald Ring
Armor: ?Guard (Dwarven Boots) x2, Dwarven Helm x2, ?Guard (Dwarven Mail) x2, Dwarven Guard x2,
Weapons: Astral Sword, Dwarven Sword x2

The Metox Cave sports some extremely tough monsters if your levels are under 25 and you haven't done any Item Creation yet. Anyhoo, make sure you bring 20 Liqueur Bottles and 20 Resurrect Bottles into the cave, since you'll be using them a lot. Stoned characters are BAD. 8-) You can get them in Van I Il. Oh, and be sure to buy a Pickaxe in Hot or Portmis. The Petrogrells can stone you as well as split, the AcolyteS can cast Earth Grave and Cure All (very nasty), and the Black Slimes can attack long range and split as well. The Shadow Flowers also have a lot of HP and, unless you keep them busy, can let loose with some nasty attacks. Good luck to you I say!

To reach the cave, enter Mount Metox and keep going till you hit the recovery spring. Just south and left of that, head left into the wall to enter the cave. For starters, go directly south of where you are to see two chests: a Blueberry and an Emerald Ring. There's nothing else in this room so head up and right. There's an Aquaberry in the chest here. Head up and into a seemingly empty room; actually, if you equip your Pickaxe, you can get an Orihalcon here. Go back south and head right into the next room. At the top left here is a Dwarven Guard, a little below and to the right is another Dwarven Guard; at the lower left is a Cinderella Vial and a Dwarven Sword; to the far right at the bottom is a Dwarven Helm. The new sword is pretty strong, but be careful when going against the Shadow Flowers or Blood Worms, because the sword won't work against them. You can switch swords in battle, remember.

That's it for looting this room; head back left to the previous room and head down the stairs (pick up the ?Guard (Dwarven Boots) on the way). Here, follow the path till you reach a crossroads. Head left straight to the next room. Go up and mine again to get an Orihalcon. Head back down and right. Go up, then up again at the next crossroads. Head left to get a ?Guard (Dwarven Mail) and ?Guard (Dwarven Boots). Go right and up and mine at the wall to get a Rune Metal. Head back down to the previous room and go right for a Sweet Pot and Dwarven Helm. Finally, go back down and all the way right. Go up into another small room; mine it for another Orihalcon. Go down all the way and head right, then up into another room with a save point (phew!) Head up to fight the boss!

Make sure to equip the Dwarven Sword before battle! It's actually not too tough; if you managed to get this far you shouldn't have too many problems. Use as many long-range techs and spells as you can. Get rid of the little bunnies first; they don't have a lot of HP but they make the battle very annoying due to their ability to poison you. Then just surround the Punkponk with two strong fighters and he'll die in no time. Your reward is behind him: a Mind Bomb, another Dwarven Sword, a ?Guard (Dwarven Mail), and the Astral Sword, a great weapon for Cius. You can also mine the wall just to your left for a Mithril. That's it for the ruins; head out now!

Sylvalant Ruins

Enemies: Cuniculus, Berserker, Hound-Form, Vorpal Bunny, Gedis, Dragon Axe, Draw Rector, Ruin Guarder
Items: Moonite, Rainbow Diamond, Reverse Doll, Shadow Flower, Star Ruby, Sweet Syrup x2
Armor: ?Guard (Mithril Mesh) x3, ?Guard (Mithril Greaves) x3, ?Guard (Mithril Shield), Mithril Helm x2,
Weapons: Air Blade x2, Ignite Sword
Secret Skills: Reverse Sakura
Spells: Dark Circle

To get to the ruins, head east of Sylvalant. Once you pass the horizontal bridge, look for a hidden entrance into a rock wall on your left. If your levels are at least 30 you shouldn't have too many problems. Make sure to talk to the king of Sylvalant before entering.

Enemies to watch out for here include Berserker (lots of HP and hit hard); Dragon Axe (quick and strong); Draw Rector (can cure all enemies) and Gedis, who can cast Wounds (which for some reason never seems to work). The Hound-Forms can paralyze you, so bring some Liqueur Bottles. The bunny enemies also seem to have very high evade stats, and the Cuniculuses can poison you. If you have two Charms, though, none of the enemies should be very difficult in any case. You can get them via a PA with Milly in Sylvalant (if you got Milly in Ecdart), or Milly can Customize them.

For starters, head left across the bridge and down between the spikes into a hidden room with a Moonite. Go back out and left and down into the next room for a Sweet Syrup and Shadow Flower. Head back right across the bridge and right into the next room. The room below you is empty, so head up. Go past the black water into the next room, then head up again to pick up a ?Guard (Mithril Mesh). Head back down (going right just loops back to where you were) and return to the entrance of the ruins. This time go straight up. I don't think there's anything you can do with that flashing diamond you see, but head left across the bridge. Going up here leads to another ?Guard (Mithril Mesh). Going down is a longer way with no treasure, so go back right and into the door upwards. Go down to the next floor.

Left is a dead end, so go right across the bridge. Head up. Ignore the door (it's empty) and go left to pick up the Reverse Sakura Secret Skill for Iria, and a Sweet Syrup. Head back right and down all the way (pick up a Mithril Helm to your right along the way). Head left and take the first real path up (not the little dead-end) to get two ?Guard (Mithril Greaves). Go back down and left and into the door. Go all the way left to reach a save point. Ignore the path up; it leads backwards. Down is a dead end, so go left and up, and down to the next floor.

There are two doors pointing upwards here. Take the right one first (if it's locked, you're missing the Elder Key from the king of Sylvalant; go all the way back and talk to him to get it), and continue left and down to the next room. As you head down, look on your left for two rows of small statues. Go left between them into a secret area. Head down. Here you can go down or up through a door; down is a dead end, so go up. Take the first left into a room with a Rainbow Diamond and ?Guard (Mithril Mesh). Head all the way right for a room with a Mithril Helm and a Reverse Doll. Now head back left to the crossroad. WARNING!!! Going up into the next room with both Joshua and Marvel in your party will cause you to lose Marvel forever! You may *want* to do this to free up a space, but if you don't, go no further!

Whether you lose Marvel or not, you're done with this secret area... you'll have to head all the way back to the room with the two doors leading upwards and take the left one this time. To get there again: Go down, right, up, right, up, left, and down. Now take the left door. Continue following the path till you get to a save point. Going right or down from here is a dead end, so head up and left and into the door (right is another dead end). Inside, you'll fight the boss, Ruin Guarder. Damn, he looks tough, no? He's not. 8-) Just keep your fighters pounding him and have Milly keep healing and he won't get a chance to do anything nasty. His worst attack is one that hits all characters for 800-1000 HP. He might be able to do it twice in a row, so do your best to keep that from happening. You'll get a ?Gem (Orihalcon) when you win.

Now you can grab treasure! The far left room has an Air Blade and a ?Guard (Mithril Shield). The one to the right of that has a Star Ruby and another Air Blade. The next room to the right has a ?Guard (Mithril Shield) and a ?Guard (Mithril Greaves). The far right room has an Ignite Sword and the Dark Circle spell for Ronixis and Joshua. That's it; you've beaten the Sylvalant Ruins! Now you have to head out. Go back to the save point and follow the path till you reach the two-door room. Ignore the right door and head up the staircase. Go upstairs, then right across the bridge to another save point. Head up all the way, then left and down. Head right across the bridges and up. Head right again, then down at the flashing crystal. Head down all the way and out!

The Bunny Whistle

To get this great item, you need Perisie in your party, and you have to have completed the Portmis Treasure Vault and gotten the Moore Emblem key item. Now head back to Portmis and do a Private Action. Perisie will be at the entrance to the castle. Pick choice (2) and head into the vault with her. Just go into the second door you see (you might have to fight a battle or two, so be prepared). Leave Portmis and head south to Hot. Do another Private Action and enter Badam's shop. Talk to Badam to get the Bunny Whistle item! Using this allows you to zoom across the world map with super-speed, and not have to encounter any enemies! W00t!

The Seven Star Ruins

Enemies: Gladiator, Elder Magius, Dark Law, Medusa Eye, Lady Elvira, Spend Devil, Arachmene, Punkponk, Doom Axe, Arrakora, Cloud Ogre, Carla Eagle, Pyre Beast, Grim Flora, Cannibal, Seraphina, Dark Stalker, Demonic Eye, Fat Fudd, Grave Bit, Evil Terrato, Killer Whisper, Cockatrice, Gargantua, Looter
Items: ?Gem (Mithril) x3, ?Gem (Orihalcon) x2, Artemis Leaf x2, Cinderella Vial x3, Damascus x6, Elven Powder, Fairy Potion, Killer Poison, Magic Card, Magic Color, Magical Drop, Mega Flare Bomb, Mithril, Stun Bomb, Rainbow Diamond, Sage's Stone, Savory, Spectacles, Star Ruby x4, Witch Powder
Accessories: ?Jewelry (Fairy Ring), Flare Ring, Gold Ring, Green Beryl, Heal Ring, Luna Crest x2, Might Potion, Misty Symbol x2, Paralysis Charm, Protect Ring, Purple Mist, Reflect Ring x2, Reverse Doll x2, Stone Charm, Talisman
Weapons: ?Weapon (Glowthal Sword), ?Weapon (Meteor Crash), ?Weapon (Soul Eater), Assassin Dagger, Dragon Edge, Flare Spread, Lightning Bow
Armor: ?Guard (Cat Armor), ?Guard (Star Guard), Crown, Elven Boots, Mirage Robe x2
Spells: Extinction

You can't do this side quest until after actually beating the game. Load your game from the main screen. See the star next to it? Hmmm. Load your game. Teach someone the Oracle Ability (you need Radar, Piety, and Playfulness at least at level 1). Now use it from the Special menu, and you'll reach the secret Oracle Room! Exit to the left to return to Tataroy. The Seven Star Ruins are located in the exact spot you arrive in, on the little platform.

Before entering, you will definitely want to do major item creation. I recommend first going east to Otanim, taking a ship to Ecdart, then walking to Ionis, the Item Creation village. Basically, you'll want to divide your skills among people who have the Talent for it. You might want to invest in Effort at least to level 5 for most people. The most important skill you'll want at first is Authoring (have the person who learns it go at least to level 1 in all writable skills); spend a while writing skill books and therefore saving tons of SP for everyone. Then Art, for copying, so you can have lotsa Fol by copying and selling Violins (as well as copying rare items you want for item creation). Alchemy is also a must for rare metals (at least level 8). Then Music if you don't have it yet. The Clarinet 2 battle is super-useful for gaining levels (and therefore more SP), Violin 2 is necessary to learn new Talents for people who don't have them, and Trombone 2 is great for healing outside of battle without using items. Chances are that unless you have an insane amount of patience, you will not be able to Customize any real great weapon. Most customizable items require about half an hour of Alchemy, Copying, and Smithing to create, and you'll need a bare minimum of five or six of these to be assured that the customize will succeed (even if the character has level 10 Customize and Originality). If the character doesn't have Originality, you'll need five times that many if you're lucky! So just use Smithing to make a decent weapon and leave the Customize for later, when everyone's built up some more. Also, be sure to use Crafting to make 20 Stone Charms. You can make them from Gold or Iron, but Gold seems to work more often. Finally, head to Van I Il and Compound a bunch of Artemis Leaves and Lavenders to make Resurrect Mists; you will definitely want them! Then stock up again on the herbs. You might also want to stop by the arena and have all your characters beat as much as they can.

The ruins have 30 floors and NO save points. If you're running low or seem to be outgunned, use Oracle at any time to return to Tataroy. The enemies seem to be grouped by 10 floors; after floor 10 the enemies will get significantly harder, then again after floor 20. Here goes:

Enemies on Floors 1-10: The enemies are the same as in Revorse Tower. Hopefully you kept those 20 Stone Charms and are equipping them!

Floors 1 and 2: Continue to the end.

Floor 3: It doesn't matter which way you go now, exit to the lower right.

Floor 4: Take the first down for a Stun Bomb. Go back up, right, and down. Start at the far right door, open the chest, then open the chests in the room to its left, left of that, and left of that. Now you can exit at the lower right.

Floor 5: First go to the far right and down for a Killer Poison. Go back up, left, and down. There's a secret passage to the left with an Elven Powder. Exit to the right, then go up and enter another secret passage to the right, with an Mega Flare Bomb and Damascus. Go back left, down, and exit to the lower right.

Floor 6: Head right all the way, then up two doors for a Star Ruby. Go down one door and left. Go down as soon as you can for a Flare Ring. Go back up and in the door for a Reflect Ring. The other passages on this floor lead back to each other, so exit at the top left.

Floor 7: Do not touch any of the chests (if you do, examine it again to close it). Exit south.

Floor 8: Exit south.

Floor 9: Either way you go, exit to the lower right.

Floor 10: First head right as soon as you can. Enter the door and go down to the 11th floor. Go to the lower left and pick up a Damascus and a Stone Charm, then return up and back to the 10th floor (right is a dead end). Go back left, down and left as soon as you can. Enter the door for a Damascus. Exit and go down again for a Luna Crest. Go back out and right. Continue right to the next screen. First head to the top right for a Gold Ring, then head back left and down. At the lower left, go onto the platform for a Damascus and a Misty Symbol. Your goal is the lower right, but before you can enter, you have to rearrange your party so that all female characters are before male ones (if you have more than three female characters, leave Ratix in slot 4 and have the other females come immediately after him). Continue to the 11th floor.

Enemies on Floors 11-20: The Punkponks and Arrakoras probably won't give you much trouble here. A nasty combination is two Cloud Ogres and a Carla Eagle. Go after the ogres first (watch out! They're FAST!) but have at least one character try to keep the eagle busy. The Doom Axes are deadly fast and strong; use spells or long-range techs if you can. The Cannibals aren't too bad if you keep them busy. If you're incredibly unlucky, you'll meet two Dark Stalkers here (more vampires). These guys can easily kill you off the bat if you're below level 65-70. You have to keep on them all the time and keep chasing them; if you give them any time at all you're dead meat! Also watch out for Seraphinas, those annoying angel types. Keep your distance if possible.

Floor 11: Pick up the Luna Crest and exit south.

Floor 12: Head down first and pick up a Fairy Potion. Go back up, right, and down. Go next to the first statue, hold A, and push it all the way right and down to the staircase. Then exit.

Floor 13: Exit south.

Floor 14: Continue till you reach a door; go up into it and up again for an Artemis Leaf. Go out and left and into the next door for a Spectacles. Go out and exit at the top left (the rest of the floor just leads back to itself).

Floor 15: You're halfway done, and it shows! Ignore the first door. Most of this floor is made up of secret paths. There's one leading to the left just below you; take it. The door has a Magic Card and Damascus. Outside the door is another secret path downwards. Take it; first go right, down, and right for an Assassin Dagger, Mithril, and Flare Spread. Go back left, up, and left for a Reverse Doll. At the top left is a path leading left which gets you another Damascus. Exit at the top left to go left again. Down the stairs is a room on floor 16 with an Rainbow Diamond and ?Gem (Mithril). Go back upstairs, then down and down the stairs again. First head down all the way for a Star Ruby, then back up and take the left path for a Reflect Ring. Go back up the stairs. Head right next to the top stairs to return to the room with the Damascus. Just above the chest, go right again. Just below the next chest is a secret passage. Go left, down, and right. Ignore the lower right passage (it leads to two empty chests...?) and take the lower left stairs to the 16th floor.

Floor 16: First head all the way right and down for a Cinderella Vial. Go back up, left, and down. There are secret passages on the left and right, but the left ones lead to each other. Take the right one for an Elven Boots, ?Guard (Cat Armor), and ?Guard (Star Guard). Go back left, down, right, and out to the 17th floor.

Floor 17: Head down to see four chests. The goal is to open all of them. When you toggle one chest from open to closed or vice versa, it also toggles any chests to the left or right of it. If you number the chests from 1 to 4 from left to right, the solution is: 4, 2, 1, 3, 1, 4. Go down to floor 18.

Floor 18: Take the first down for a Crown and Reverse Doll. Go back right, up, right, and down. The first door has a Star Ruby, the second door has a Purple Mist, third has a Cinderella Vial, and fourth has a ?Gem (Mithril). Continue down to the 19th floor.

Floor 19: You can see three chests, the left closed and the other two open. Oddly enough, only the right one (which is open) has an item: a Heal Ring. Go right and up (down is a big loop backwards). Be sure to prepare yourself before going into the next door! When you do, all your HP will go to 1 and you'll start a fight with two Demonic Eyes! Make sure everyone has a Stone Charm and that Milly is in your party (if you really want to make sure, have Perisie and/or Joshua in there too). Try to get them from a distance if at all possible; if not, use Secret Techs like 7-Star Twin Slash to try to keep them busy. Good luck! When you beat them, you can pick up the chests with a Magic Color and ?Weapon (Meteor Crash). Head out and left. The man lying there warns you about a trap (which you've already been through 8-)). Down is a dead end; go to the top left and exit.

Floor 20: Two-thirds of the way through! First go down through the door and pick up the Witch Powder. Another wounded traveller lies here. Go back up, left, and down. This room just has an enclosure with five chests; to get to them, enter the secret passage from the left of the enclosure. The chests have a Star Ruby, Artemis Leaf, Savory, ?Gem (Mithril), and Protect Ring. Go back up to the previous room. Go down the stairs at the upper left to temporarily go to floor 21; the two chests here have a Misty Symbol and a ?Jewelry (Fairy Ring). Go back up to the 20th floor, and exit to the left. The two rooms at the top are empty, and the one in the middle just leads to two more adventurers doing nothing. Go down, pick up the Green Beryl, and exit to the 21st floor.

Enemies on Floors 21-30: You'll meet those Dark Stalkers even more often now. A good way to level up is the rather difficult Fat Fudd fight. These slimes are insanely strong and can split, too! But they give good experience. The four Grave Bit battle looks easy, but those bugs pack a punch, as well as being able to fly out of range of your weapons. Spells are good for them. Look out for the Evil Terrato, the strongest spider, here. Try to keep on her and not let her use any of her nastier attacks. You'll also meet the strongest eagles, Cockatrices, here. Go right up close and pound away at them. Finally, those Demonic Eyes from the trap on floor 19 will show up as normal enemies here, and they are NASTY! Keep a Stone Charm equipped at all times, use 7-Star Twin Slash if you have it (even better, the Dragon Summon attacks) and pray! 8p

Floor 21: Ignore the path down and go left. All four doors are empty, so continue to floor 22.

Floor 22: The left chest has a Cinderella Vial and the one next to it has a Might Potion. Pull the statue up, right, and down until it's facing the rightmost chest (make sure to leave it closed). Now exit to the lower right to floor 23.

Floor 23: Continue to floor 24.

Floor 24: Continue to floor 25.

Floor 25: First go in the door you see. The first down has a Paralysis Charm; go back up and left, and take the first up for a Talisman. Left is a dead end, so go back right and down. To avoid dead ends, go as follows: Ignore the path directly down; go left and then immediately down. Go left, ignore the first up, take the next up, and go left and downstairs to floor 26.

Floor 26: Pull the statue all the way to the top right until you can't any more (just below the little stairs) and push it to the right into the little outcropping of wall. You should be able to exit south now.

Floor 27: Take the first down. Ignore all the secret passages; they're dead ends. Continue to the lower left and Floor 28.

Floor 28: Continue down to floor 29.

Floor 29: Go right, then up. The north door has another deathtrap, this time initiating a fight with two Evil Terratos. Make sure Milly's in your party and you've got lots of MP. After you beat them you can pick up a Mirage Robe and ?Weapon (Glowthal Sword). Now head left. The next door is another deathtrap, and this time you fight two Dark Stalkers! If you're not at a very high level (say above level 75), or very fast, or very lucky, you will be slaughtered now. If you do manage to win, you can pick up a Dragon Edge and Mirage Robe here. Exit at the top left to floor 30, the final floor!

Floor 30: Go right and up to fight the final boss fight. If you haven't Customized your best weapons, I recommend using Oracle to go all the way back and do so! The fight is really hard - if you're below level 75 you have no chance. At 100 or so you have a chance, but it still won't be easy. O_o The major problem with these guys is their speed; they can kill you before you manage to hit them once! Ratix's Dragon Summon attacks can be useful here. If you have Tinek or Fear at a high level, use them! They're the fastest *strong* characters. You need extremely good reflexes to survive this fight, and lots of Resurrect Mistes. You might want to use a bunch of Elven Powders (you'll have to copy them) but at least one character will have to brave the onslaught so they don't get killed by the powders! Having Milly in your party is a good idea, but if she's too weak to get anywhere, you might want to substitute her for another fighter and use Resurrect Mists instead.

If you do manage to beat him, go behind him and get the treasure! Here it is: ?Gem (Orihalcon) x2, ?Weapon (Soul Eater), Magical Drop, the Extinction spell for Joshua, a Sage's Stone, and a Lightning Bow. Congrats!