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Pro Action Replay Codes

These codes are good for if you want to keep a value constant (effectively giving you unlimited of something). If you want to fool around with which techniques/skills you know, or your stats, or your items, it's better to use savestate hacking instead.

The characters are stored a bit funny: the *last* four characters are stored (in order) before the first four characters (in order). So in the codes below, replace the digit x with a "0" through "3" for characters 4-8 respectively, and "4" through "7" for characters 1-4 respectively. These codes will keep values at the normal maximum (i.e. 999, 9999, 9999999).

Unlimited HP:7E7x330F
Unlimited MP:7E7x39E7
Unlimited SP:7E7xB9E7
Always Normal Status:7E7x0300
Unlimited Fol:7E02737F

Savestate Hacking

If you want to take advantage of this page, I strongly suggest you check out the How To Hack page written by ShaheenJim. This technique involves hacking the ZSNES savestates (files ending in .zst or .zs1 - .zs9).

Generic Information

E86-E88: Fol
EEE-EEF: Fights
8BF4-8DF3: Item Slots
8DF4-8FF3: Item Amounts

Character Information

This is for the *fifth* character in your party. Add 100 (Hex) to get the sixth, again to get the seventh, again to get the eighth. Then comes first, second, third, and fourth. Some stats are repeated in two places (e.g. Maximum HP); I don't know what happens if the values disagree with each other, so to make sure just keep them both the same.

7C16: Status
7C4E: Level
7C42 AND 7C44: Maximum HP
7C46: Current HP
7C48 AND 7C4A: Maximum MP
7C4C: Current MP
7C9E-7CA0: Experience
7C4F-7C50: Strength
7C6F AND 7C71: Intelligence (????)
7C61: Agility
7C55: Constitution
7C67: Guts
7CCE AND 7CD0: Stamina
7CCC-7CCD: SP amount
7CCA: Talents offset 1(see below)
7CCB: Talents offset 2(see below)
7C90: Weapon
7C92: Armor
7C94: Shield
7C96: Hat/helmet
7C98: Leg Armor
7C9A: Accessory 1
7C9C: Accessory 2
7CA2-7CA7: Name
7CAA-7CAE: Nickname

Skill Level Information

Unlike the regular character information, skill levels are stored slightly differently; it's in the same order (5, 6, 7, 8, 1, 2, 3, 4) but this time you add 40 (Hex) instead of 100 (Hex) to get to the next character. Skill levels only go from 00 to 0A. Note that no character can learn a skill s/he is not supposed to (fighters can't learn Motormouth, for example). Here are the skill level offsets for character 5:

90F4: Biology
90F5: Herbal Medicine
90F6: Psychology
90F7: Mineralogy
90F8: Item Lore
90F9: Piety
90FA: Recipe
90FB: Musical Notation
90FC: Fairy Lore
90FD: Esthetic Sense
90FE: Good Eye
90FF: Functionality
9100: Playfulness
9101: Danger Sense
9102: Radar
9103: Effort
9104: Perseverance
9105: Patience
9106: Workmanship
9107: Kitchen Knife
9108: Performance
9109: Whistling
910A: Sketching
910C: Forging
910D: Technology
910E: Gale
9110: Below the Belt
9111: Strong Blow
9112: Flip
9113: Counterattack
9114: Feint
9115: Mental Training
9116: Link Combo
9117: Motormouth
9118: Raven Sword
9119: Raven Orb
911A: Close Combat
911B: Edarl Style
911C: Self-Taught Style
911D: Cat Fighting
911E: 7-Star
911F: Sacred Beast
9120: Dragon Summon
9121: God of War
9122: Pa Kwa Zhang
9123: Reverse Sakura
9124: Cat-Fu!

Technique Information

Starting set of offsets: 8FF4-9013

Each character has a set list of techniques. You can only activate the techniques that character can learn. To get to the next character, add 20 (Hex). Starting at the offset given (e.g. the fifth character starts at 8FF4, the sixth at 9014, the first at 9074, etc.) each successive offset corresponds to one technique in the list. Turning them on (by putting an 01 in the slot) will only activate techniques that you can learn. (Spells can also have an 81 in the slot, which means they've been learned, but they're turned off in battle; you can turn them on by using the Y button in the menu.) You can turn everything from 8FF4 to 90F3 "on", to have every technique in the game. Here we go:

Ashlay's List: Twin Slash, Rift Wave, Shock Sword, Blaze Sword, Flash Whirl, Dragon Blast, Phoenix Wave, 7-Star Shock Sword, 7-Star Twin Slash

Cius's List: Twin Slash, Rift Wave, Spirit Blast, Shock Sword, Blaze Sword, Flash Whirl, Dragon Whirl, Turtle Wave, Tiger Blast, 7-Star Shock Sword, 7-Star Blaze Sword, 7-Star Twin Slash

Fear's List: Raven Sword, Dancing Sword, 3-Volley, 3-Way, Aqua Spread, GG Breath, Sylvan Shot, Unholy Terror, Victory Terror

Iria's List: Chi Kung Fist, Shooting Star, Hyper Knuckle, Chi Kung Kick, Dragon Fist, Turtle Kick, Tiger Knuckle, Phoenix Star, Sakura-Zhang, Sakura Flash

Joshua's List: Ice Needle, Grave, Wind Blade, Blizzard, Earth Grave, Thunder Blade, Ray, Tractor Beam, Earthquake, Storm, Word of Death, L.Cross, Extinction, Meteor Swarm, Dark Circle, Heal, Cure All, Cure Light

Marvel's List: Raven Orb, Flare Orb, Hail Orb, Thunder Orb, Arc Crystal, Seal Crystal, Southern Cross, Seventh Star, Galaxy, Death Crystal

Milly's List: Heal, Deep Mist, Press, Fix Cloud, Antidote, Silence, Acid Rain, Cure All, Growth, Cure Light, Protect, Dispel, Haste, Delay, Fairy Heal, Fairy Light, Gravity Press, Raise Dead

Perisie's List: Shining Dance, Prismic Dance, Magical Dance, Multiple Punch, Spread Missile, Jump Kick, Hiii-Ya!, J.P. Somersault, Panic Dance, Charming Pose, Dream Combo, Sky Dream

Ratix's List: Twin Slash, Air Slash, Rift Wave, Spirit Blast, Shock Sword, Blaze Sword, Flash Whirl, Dragon Blast, Phoenix Wave, 7-Star Shock Sword, 7-Star Flash Whirl, 7-Star Twin Slash, Dragon Howl, Black Dragon's Rage, Red Dragon's Rage, Blue Dragon's Rage

Ronixis's List: Fire Bolt, Grave, Wind Blade, Shadow Bolt, Eruption, Earth Grave, Thunder Bolt, Wounds, Ray, Tractor Beam, Explode, Earthquake, Thunder Storm, Light Cross, Star Flare, Gremlin's Lair, Meteor Swarm, Dark Circle

Tinek's List: Whirlwind Staff, Firewheel Staff, Hurricane Staff, Hurricane Fist, Tempest Staff, Hailstorm, Mirror Slice, 7-Star Rumble, Sakura-Zhang

What To Put In The Offsets

For numerical amounts, the maximum for one offset is FF (255), for two offsets is FFFF (65,025) and for three offsets is FFFFFF (about 16 million). You'll probably want to stay within the game limits, though, which is 63 hex = 99 decimal, and 270F hex (i.e. 0F 27) = 9999 decimal.

For Talents and status, the idea is to add the digits together to get what you want. It's set up in a way so that the digits don't overlap; each digit is double the one before it. To whit, for the first offset of Talents:

01: Originality
02: Sense of Taste
04: Manual Dexterity
08: Design Sense
20: Rhythmic Sense
40: Pitch Sense

So to get Originality and Taste you'd input 03 (1 + 2); to get Writing as well you'd input 13 , etc. There are only two Talents in the second offset: Sixth Sense (01) and Blessing of Mana (02).

Status is similar, but simpler. Death is 01, paralysis 02, stone 04, poison 08, and to get just normal status, use 00.


Each item takes up one offset. Problem is, there are 511 items, and one offset can only go up to 255! The answer is in the amount. Add 200 to the item offset address to get its amount offset address. Basically, the amount can be from 01 till 14 Hex (1 till 20 decimal). An item with an amount that looks like that will be from the first set. However, you can add 80 (Hex) to the amount (giving us 81 till 94); that item will then be from the second set. Here we go:

Item Set 1

00: Nothing
01: Mandrake (Ability Support)
02: Savory (Ability Support)
03: Artemis Leaf (Ability Support)
04: Shadow Flower (Ability Support)
05: Lavender (Ability Support)
06: Magic Card (Ability Support)
07: Magic Color (Ability Support)
08: Research Pen (Ability Support)
09: Composer's Pen (Ability Support)
0A: Smith Hammer (Ability Support)
0B: Mix Hammer (Ability Support)
0C: Spectacles (Ability Support)
0D: Damascus (Ability Support)
0E: Mithril (Ability Support)
0F: Orihalcon (Ability Support)
10: Rune Metal (Ability Support)
11: Moonite (Ability Support)
12: Meteorite (Ability Support)
13: Sage's Stone (Ability Support)
14: Ruby (Ability Support)
15: Star Ruby (Ability Support)
16: Sapphire (Ability Support)
17: Green Beryl (Ability Support)
18: Crystal (Ability Support)
19: Diamond (Ability Support)
1A: Rainbow Diamond (Ability Support)
1B: Silver (Ability Support)
1C: Gold (Ability Support)
1D: Iron (Ability Support)
1E: Trumpet (Ability Support)
1F: Clarinet (Ability Support)
20: Harmonica (Ability Support)
21: Shamisen (Ability Support)
22: Guitar (Ability Support)
23: Trombone (Ability Support)
24: Violin (Ability Support)
25: Sax (Ability Support)
26: Grain (Ability Support)
27: Fruit (Ability Support)
28: Vegetables (Ability Support)
29: Meat (Ability Support)
2A: Seafood (Ability Support)
2B-43: ?Weapon (Identification Item)
44-52: ?Guard (Identification Item)
53-61: ?Item (Identification Item)
62-68: ?Gem (Identification Item)
69-72: ?Jewelry (Identification Item)
73-77: ?Herb (Identification Item)
78-7E: ?Food (Identification Item)
7F: Bubble Potion (Battle/Healing Item)
80: Melt Potion (Battle/Healing Item)
81: Stink Pot (Battle/Healing Item)
82: Bitter Potion (Battle/Healing Item)
83: Fruit Pot (Battle/Healing Item)
84: Fresh Bottle (Battle/Healing Item)
85: Poison Bomb (Battle/Healing Item)
86: Killer Poison (Battle/Healing Item)
87: Sweet Pot (Battle/Healing Item)
88: Liqueur Bottle (Battle/Healing Item)
89: Sweet Syrup (Battle/Healing Item)
8A: Sour Syrup (Battle/Healing Item)
8B: Mixed Syrup (Battle/Healing Item)
8C: Holy Mist (Battle/Healing Item)
8D: Stink Bomb (Battle/Healing Item)
8E: Stun Bomb (Battle/Healing Item)
8F: Fairy Potion (Battle/Healing Item)
90: Fairy Mist (Battle/Healing Item)
91: Mind Bomb (Battle/Healing Item)
92: Giga Mind Bomb (Battle/Healing Item)
93: Resurrect Mist (Battle/Healing Item)
94: Resurrect Bottle (Battle/Healing Item)
95: Flare Bomb (Battle/Healing Item)
96: Mega Flare Bomb (Battle/Healing Item)
97: Cure Poison (Battle/Healing Item)
98: Cure Paralysis (Battle/Healing Item)
99: Cure Stone (Battle/Healing Item)
9A: Witch Powder (Battle/Healing Item)
9B: Elven Powder (Battle/Healing Item)
9C: Cinderella Vial (Battle/Healing Item)
9D: Dummy
9E: Will Potion (Battle/Healing Item)
9F: Might Potion (Battle/Healing Item)
A0: Spell Potion (Battle/Healing Item)
A1: Dummy
A2: Flare Ring (Accessory)
A3: Berserk Ring (Accessory)
A4: Aqua Ring (Accessory)
A5: Stun Half (Accessory)
A6: Emerald Ring (Accessory)
A7: Fairy Ring (Accessory)
A8: Lunatic Ring (Accessory)
A9: Star Ring (Accessory)
AA: Mental Ring (Accessory)
AB: Resist Ring (Accessory)
AC: Reflect Ring (Accessory)
AD: Heal Ring (Accessory)
AE: Shield Ring (Accessory)
AF: Protect Ring (Accessory)
B0: Levitate Ring (Accessory)
B1: Silver Ring (Accessory)
B2: Gold Ring (Accessory)
B3: Brooch (Accessory)
B4: Gold Brooch (Accessory)
B5: Pretty Idol (Sellable Item)
B6: Ruby Persia (Sellable Item)
B7: Necklace (Accessory)
B8: Crown (Head Armor)
B9: Frog (Head Armor)
BA: Magical Persia (Sellable Item)
BB: Silver Idol (Sellable Item)
BC: Gold Idol (Sellable Item)
BD: Talisman (Accessory)
BE: Luna Talisman (Accessory)
BF: Luna Crest (Accessory)
C0: Star Necklace (Accessory)
C1: Star Emblem (Accessory)
C2: Feat Symbol (Accessory)
C3: Misty Symbol (Accessory)
C4: Poison Charm (Accessory)
C5: Paralysis Charm (Accessory)
C6: Stone Charm (Accessory)
C7: Purple Mist (Accessory)
C8: Magic Mist (Accessory)
C9: Reverse Doll (Accessory)
CA: Magical Drop (Battle/Healing Item)
CB: Dream Crown (Head Armor)
CC: Silver Ankh (Accessory)
CD: Botched Ring (Accessory)
CE: Strange Figure (Failure Item)
CF: Tacky Ring (Accessory)
D0: Funny Decoration (Accessory)
D1: Strange Lump (Failure Item)
D2: Embarrassing Jewelry (Failure Item)
D3: Amusing Lump (Failure Item)
D4: Biological Theory (Skill-Learning Book)
D5: Herbal Tome (Skill-Learning Book)
D6: Psychology Omnibus (Skill-Learning Book)
D7: Minerals Lexicon (Skill-Learning Book)
D8: Tool Compendium (Skill-Learning Book)
D9: Cooking Reference (Skill-Learning Book)
DA: Music Encyclopedia (Skill-Learning Book)
DB: The Mysterial Fairy (Skill-Learning Book)
DC: The Master Chef (Skill-Learning Book)
DD: Dwarven Techniques (Skill-Learning Book)
DE: Heart of the Artisan (Skill-Learning Book)
DF: Music for Beginners (Skill-Learning Book)
E0: Soul of the Artist (Skill-Learning Book)
E1: Book of Grammar (Skill-Learning Book)
E2: All About Weapons (Skill-Learning Book)
E3: Hermes' Theory (Skill-Learning Book)
E4: Book of Prophecy (1) (Misc. Item)
E5: Book of Prophecy (2) (Misc. Item)
E6: Book of Prophecy (3) (Misc. Item)
E7: Book of Prophecy (4) (Misc. Item)
E8: Book of Prophecy (5) (Misc. Item)
E9: Book of Prophecy (6) (Misc. Item)
EA: FANZINE (1) (Misc. Item)
EB: FANZINE (2) (Misc. Item)
EC: Book of Hentai (Misc. Item)
ED: FANZINE (4) (Misc. Item)
EE: FANZINE (5) (Misc. Item)
EF: Fruit Parfait (Food)
F0: Apple Pie (Food)
F1: Sorbet (Food)
F2: Orange Shake (Food)
F3: Fruitcake (Food)
F4: Wine (Food)
F5: Stew (Food)
F6: Salad (Food)
F7: Cabbage Roll (Food)
F8: Hoikoro (Food)
F9: Jell-O (Food)
FA: Boiled Matsutake (Food)
FB: 5oz Steak (Food)
FC: 9oz Steak (Food)
FD: Chicken Skewers (Food)
FE: Chinese Rice (Food)
FF: Hamburger (Food)

Item Set 2

00: Escargot (Food)
01: Tuna (Food)
02: Great Tuna (Food)
03: Fried Shrimp (Food)
04: Snapper Sashimi (Food)
05: Baked Turban Shell (Food)
06: Seafood Spaghetti (Food)
07: Ichinokura (Food)
08: Senchuu (Food)
09: Yaegaki Mu (Food)
0A: Tamanohikari (Food)
0B: Bijoubu (Food)
0C: Kokuryuu (Food)
0D: Xi Feng Jiu (Food)
0E: Botched Brew (Food)
0F: Cheap Sashimi (Food)
10: Bad Stew (Food)
11: Tough Steak (Food)
12: Bad Dessert (Food)
13: Spicy Cake (Food)
14: Victory (Battle/Healing Item)
15: Critical (Battle/Healing Item)
16: Phoenix (Battle/Healing Item)
17: Treasure (Battle/Healing Item)
18: Upstart (Battle/Healing Item)
19: Falcon Statue (Battle/Healing Item)
1A: Lion Statue (Battle/Healing Item)
1B: Demon Statue (Battle/Healing Item)
1C: Skull Statue (Battle/Healing Item)
1D: Portrait A (Misc. Item)
1E: Portrait B (Misc. Item)
1F: Portrait C (Misc. Item)
20: Portrait D (Misc. Item)
21: Portrait E (Misc. Item)
22: Portrait F (Misc. Item)
23: Portrait G (Misc. Item)
24: Portrait H (Misc. Item)
25: Portrait I (Misc. Item)
26: Portrait J (Misc. Item)
27: Portrait K (Misc. Item)
28: Portrait L (Misc. Item)
29: Scribbles (male) (Misc. Item)
2A: Scribbles (female) (Misc. Item)
2B: Warrior Pot (Accessory)
2C: Heraldry Pot (Accessory)
2D: Magical Jar (Accessory)
2E: Santa Boots (Accessory)
2F: Blueberry (Battle/Healing Item)
30: Blackberry (Battle/Healing Item)
31: Aquaberry (Battle/Healing Item)
32-33: Dummy
34: Strange Sword (Sword)
35: Marvel Sword (Sword)
36: Meteor Crash (Sword)
37: Moon Falux (Sword)
38: Soul Eater (Sword)
39: Entangle Sword (Sword)
3A: Mithril Sword (Sword)
3B: Sylvance (Sword)
3C: Damascus Sword (Sword)
3D: Dwarven Sword (Sword)
3E: Air Blade (Sword)
3F: Holy Sword (Sword)
40: Duel Sword (Sword)
41: Dummy
42: Astral Sword (Two-Hand Sword)
43: Elemental Sword (Two-Hand Sword)
44: Ignite Sword (Two-Hand Sword)
45: Bahamut Tear (Two-Hand Sword)
46: Glowthal Sword (Two-Hand Sword)
47: Gunblade (Two-Hand Sword)
48: Silver Sword (Two-Hand Sword)
49: Meteor Strike (Two-Hand Sword)
4A: Slayer Sword (Two-Hand Sword)
4B: Doom Blade (Two-Hand Sword)
4C: Vorpal Sword (Two-Hand Sword)
4D: Berserk Sword (Two-Hand Sword)
4E: Crack Blade (Two-Hand Sword)
4F: C.S.S.S. (Two-Hand Sword)
50: Assassin Dagger (Throwing Dagger)
51: Flare Baselard (Throwing Dagger)
52: Bloody Sword (Throwing Dagger)
53: Ice Coffin (Throwing Dagger)
54: Elemental Edge (Throwing Dagger)
55: Dragon Edge (Throwing Dagger)
56: Rondel Dagger (Throwing Dagger)
57: Fame Face (Throwing Dagger)
58: Metal Fang (Knuckle)
59: Blaze Knuckle (Knuckle)
5A: Pain Cestus (Knuckle)
5B: Dragon Claw (Knuckle)
5C: Cat Fang (Knuckle)
5D: Dummy
5E: Saint Halberd (Spear/Staff)
5F: Spinning Spear (Spear/Staff)
60: Mech Halberd (Spear/Staff)
61: Dragon Lance (Spear/Staff)
62: Flame Lancer (Spear/Staff)
63: Flare Spread (Bow)
64: Sylvan Bow (Bow)
65: Elven Bow (Bow)
66: Lightning Bow (Bow)
67: Rapid Bow (Bow)
68: Dummy
69: Aura Blade (Sword)
6A: Arc Wind (Spear/Staff)
6B: Cius Special (Two-Hand Sword)
6C: Murasame Blade (Sword)
6D: Charm (Accessory)
6E: Kaiser Knuckle (Knuckle)
6F: Deathbringer (Throwing Dagger)
70: Holy Orb (Orb)
71: Offering (Spear/Staff)
72: Q Power Punch (Knuckle)
73: Dull Sword (Failure Item)
74: Junk (Failure Item)
75: Dummy
76: Long Sword (Sword)
77: Saber (Sword)
78: Sinclair (Sword)
79: Walloon Sword (Sword)
7A: Two-handed Sword (Two-Hand Sword)
7B: Claymore (Two-Hand Sword)
7C: Zweihander (Two-Hand Sword)
7D: Flamberge (Two-Hand Sword)
7E: Small Sword (Throwing Dagger)
7F: Gladius (Throwing Dagger)
80: Baselard (Throwing Dagger)
81: Rod (Rod)
82: Ruby Wand (Rod)
83: Crest Rod (Rod)
84: Knuckle (Knuckle)
85: Hard Knuckle (Knuckle)
86: Bagh Nakh (Knuckle)
87: Cestus (Knuckle)
88: Staff (Spear/Staff)
89: Spear (Spear/Staff)
8A: Long Spear (Spear/Staff)
8B: Halberd (Spear/Staff)
8C: Tri-Section Staff (Spear/Staff)
8D: Short Bow (Bow)
8E: Long Bow (Bow)
8F: Crossbow (Bow)
90: Arbalest (Bow)
91: Dummy
92: Leather Armor (Body Armor)
93: Banded Mail (Body Armor)
94: Ring Mail (Body Armor)
95: Brigandine (Body Armor)
96: Plate Mail (Body Armor)
97: Steel Armor (Body Armor)
98: Robe (Body Armor)
99: Silk Robe (Body Armor)
9A: Amber Robe (Body Armor)
9B: Silver Robe (Body Armor)
9C: Holy Cloak (Body Armor)
9D: Kung Fu Gi (Body Armor)
9E: Chinese Gi (Body Armor)
9F: Ancient Gi (Body Armor)
A0: Battle Suit (Body Armor)
A1: Plain Bikini (Body Armor)
A2: Bikini (Body Armor)
A3: Pretty Bikini (Body Armor)
A4: Cat Suit (Body Armor)
A5: Leather Helm (Head Armor)
A6: Banded Helm (Head Armor)
A7: Iron Helm (Head Armor)
A8: Plate Helm (Head Armor)
A9: Steel Helm (Head Armor)
AA: Wood Shield (Shield)
AB: Round Shield (Shield)
AC: Knight's Shield (Shield)
AD: Fine Shield (Shield)
AE: Leather Greaves (Leg Armor)
AF: Iron Greaves (Leg Armor)
B0: Plate Greaves (Leg Armor)
B1: Silver Greaves (Leg Armor)
B2: Boots (Leg Armor)
B3: Suede Boots (Leg Armor)
B4: Leather Boots (Leg Armor)
B5: Sandals (Leg Armor)
B6: Kung Fu Shoes (Leg Armor)
B7: Chinese Shoes (Leg Armor)
B8: Ancient Shoes (Leg Armor)
B9: Dwarven Mail (Body Armor)
BA: Reflex (Body Armor)
BB: Mithril Mesh (Body Armor)
BC: Sylvan Mail (Body Armor)
BD: Duel Suit (Body Armor)
BE: Magical Bikini (Body Armor)
BF: Cat Armor (Body Armor)
C0: Dummy
C1: Dwarven Helm (Head Armor)
C2: Mithril Helm (Head Armor)
C3: Sylvan Helm (Head Armor)
C4: Hermit Helm (Head Armor)
C5: Duel Helm (Head Armor)
C6: Cat Band (Head Armor)
C7: Elven Cap (Head Armor)
C8: Dummy
C9: Dwarven Boots (Leg Armor)
CA: Elven Boots (Leg Armor)
CB: Mithril Greaves (Leg Armor)
CC: Sylvan Greaves (Leg Armor)
CD-D2: Dummy
D3: Ankh Shield (Shield)
D4: Dwarven Guard (Shield)
D5: Mithril Shield (Shield)
D6: Sylvan Guard (Shield)
D7: Star Guard (Shield)
D8-DB: Dummy
DC: Raven Orb (Orb)
DD: Astral Ring (Accessory)
DE: Feather Ring (Accessory)
DF: Dummy
E0: Long Sword +1 (Sword)
E1: Long Sword +2 (Sword)
E2: Claymore +1 (Two-Hand Sword)
E3: Claymore +2 (Two-Hand Sword)
E4: Gladius +1 (Throwing Dagger)
E5: Gladius +2 (Throwing Dagger)
E6: Knuckle +1 (Knuckle)
E7: Knuckle +2 (Knuckle)
E8: Long Spear +1 (Spear/Staff)
E9: Long Spear +2 (Spear/Staff)
EA: Silver Knuckle (Knuckle)
EB: Whirlwind (Spear/Staff)
EC: Bird Feed (Ability Support)
ED: Rock (Failure Item)
EE: Extravagant Sword (Multi-User Sword)
EF: Extravagant Armor (Body Armor)
F0: Extravagant Staff (Multi-User Rod)
F1: Extravagant Robe (Body Armor)
F2: Mirage Cape (Accessory)
F3: Mirage Robe (Body Armor)
F4: Star Cloak (Body Armor)
F5-F6: Dummy
F7: Pickaxe (Accessory)
F8: Bunny Whistle (Misc. Item)
F9: Force Sword (Multi-User Sword)
FA: Ancient Scroll (Misc. Item)
FB: Rice Ball (Food)
FC: Saint Elmo (Accessory)
FD: Ocarina (Accessory)
FE: Flint Stone (Accessory)
FF: Tri-emblem (Accessory)