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Marvel Frozen

Marvel Frozen
Race: ???
Class: Enchantress
Fighting Style: Raven Orb
Weapons: Orbs
Armor: Light/Magician's Armor
Favorite Food: Wine
Starting Equipment: Raven Orb, Silver Robe, Sandals
Starting Stats: Level 20, 70 SP, Raven Orb technique

A mysterious woman with an intriguing past, but she tends to kind of shy away from people contact (except sometimes for some girl talk). She seems to only be around to enact revenge against a man who killed her family. In battle, Marvel isn't really all that great. Her normal attack has extremely short range and relatively low power, and she can't equip great armor. Her strength lies in her techniques; she can shoot them off fast and furious, and she can do them from long-range, allowing her to stay away from battle. (She only has a single short-range technique.) Treat her like another spellcaster if you wish. All her techniques are based on the orb that stays around her during battle, and it must return to her before she can use it again, which can be a pain. Her later techniques are mostly useless; stick with her early ones and/or her Secret Techs. She can be okay at Abilities (even, surprisingly, Alchemy) but try to get Originality if you can at all. Luckily Marvel's the easiest character to learn Originality with, since her Customize item is so cheap.

Getting Marvel: A bit complicated. If Marvel joins, she will do so in Ionis.

  • If you have Ashlay or Joshua, Marvel will automatically join you.
  • If you have neither of them, but DO have either Cius or Fear, Marvel will not join you.
  • If you have none of the above, you'll have a choice whether to drink in the bar scene. If you choose not to drink, you'll be able to get Marvel to join you.
  • Marvel is the only character who can be removed permanently from your party. To do so, take both Marvel and Joshua to the secret room in the Sylvalant Ruins.


OriginalityDifficultSense of TasteAverage
Manual DexterityAverageDesign SenseAverage
Writing AbilityAverageRhythmic SenseAverage
PitchAverageLove of AnimalsAverage
Sixth SenseAverageBlessing of ManaAlways

Technique List

Raven Orb
Learned: Start; MP: 6; Range: Short/Long
Very basic technique; she just shoots her orb out towards an enemy, it hits, and returns. Not great.

Flare Orb
Learned: Level 23; MP: 8; Range: Long
Her first advanced technique, she turns her orb into a Fire-elemental and sends it towards the enemy, sometimes hitting twice. Can be useful.

Hail Orb
Learned: Level 27; MP: 9; Range: Long
Identical to Flare Orb but Water-elemental. She also seems to be able to shell these out at an incredibly fast pace, so it's quite useful.

Thunder Orb
Learned: Level 30; MP: 11; Range: Long
Identical to Flare Orb but Thunder-elemental. Travels a good deal slower, though.

Arc Crystal
Learned: Level 34; MP: 18; Range: Long
Time stops for a second and Marvel charges her orb with energy; it then flies out and hits an enemy. Any enemy it hits has its attack power lowered temporarily. I don't think it's really worth taking up a spot, except maybe as part of a link combo.

Seal Crystal
Learned: Level 38; MP: 23; Range: Long
Similar to Arc Crystal except that any enemy it hits is immobilized for a few seconds. It's okay for when it works, but against stronger enemies it probably won't.

Death Crystal
Learned: Level 52; MP: 40; Range: Long
Similar to Arc Crystal except that any enemy it hits has a chance of instantly dying. Huge MP cost and risky effects mean you should probably stay away from this one.

Secret Techs

Seven Star
Learned: 7-Star Secret Skill, from Hail Orb; MP: 19; Range: Long
Water-elemental; hits all enemies onscreen for nice damage, but Marvel will have a lag time afterwards, so be careful.

Southern Cross
Learned: 7-Star Secret Skill, from Flare Orb; MP: 16; Range: Long
Same as Seventh Star but Fire-elemental and does more damage.

Learned: 7-Star Secret Skill, from Thunder Orb; MP: 26; Range: Long
Same as Southern Cross but Thunder-elemental and does even more damage.