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Fear Mell

Fear Mell
Race: Highlander
Class: Fighter
Fighting Style: Raven Sword
Weapons: Throwing Daggers
Armor: Heavy Armor plus Shields
Favorite Food: Baked Turban Shell
Starting Equipment: Gladius, Ring Mail, Knight's Shield, Leather Helm, Plate Greaves, Astral Ring
Starting Stats: Level 15 (16 if you have Cius), 70 SP

Cius's old friend from Astral, the head of the Astral Cavalry. Fear talks like a tough guy, probably due to hanging around Cius for so long. In battle she's pretty awesome; her throwing swords always hit at least twice (some of them four times) and she doesn't have to go all the way into battle to use them. The downside is that she doesn't have a large variety of techniques, and is a bit weaker than the other swordsmen. Like Cius, her Ability prowess can be different depending on which Talents you get at the start. Note that if you're playing with Cius, Fear's set of Talents will reset when you get her for "good" later on.

Getting Fear: A bit complicated. Here's what'll happen if you:

  • Have Cius: Fear will temporarily join your party in Astral, and you can permanently get her later, when you get the Astral Emblem.
  • Have Ashlay: Fear will not join in Astral, but you can still get her permanently later.
  • Have neither: You can break Fear out of jail and Astral and get her to join permanently. However, if you then go to Parj Temple with her, you'll have to choose between keeping both Fear and Joshua, or losing both of them.


OriginalityAverageSense of TasteAverage
Manual DexterityAverageDesign SenseAverage
Writing AbilityAverageRhythmic SenseAverage
PitchAverageLove of AnimalsAverage
Sixth SenseAverageBlessing of ManaNever

Technique List

Raven Sword
Learned: L.16; MP: 6; Range: Short/Long
A simple technique. Basically the same as a regular attack, but the damage is slightly raised, and it can hit coming back as well (for a total of four times). Note that some weapons do this automatically, so this technique would be useless for those!

Dancing Sword
Learned: L.19; MP: 9; Range: Short
Fear will shoot out her sword and if she hits, the enemy will be knocked *towards* her. She then does a jumping attack. Not all that great; a Raven Sword can probably do more damage quicker.

3 Way
Learned: L.24; MP: 14; Range: Short
An excellent technique. Fear shoots out three swords in a spread formation; the swords can hit enemies nearly anywhere on the battlefield, and they can hit coming back as well! You can dish out some major chaos with this.

3 Volley
Learned: L.28; MP: 12; Range: Short
Basically the same as Raven Sword, except she shoots THREE swords out, which can hit a total of six times. More MP and more damage. You do the math.

Aqua Spread
Learned: L.32; MP: 17; Range: Long
Water-elemental. Not a great attack; she shoots out a knife that goes through enemies and can hit once or twice. I guess if you have a bunch of enemies on a line this can be useful. 8-)

Galaxy God Breath
Learned: L.36; MP: 22; Range: Long
A great attack (but quite high MP cost). Fear shoots out four spreads of three little shots each. Each shot does about half damage, but you can get at least 8-10 hits out of these babies! One of her best techniques.

Secret Techs

Sylvan Shot
Learned: God of War Secret Skill, from 3-Way; MP: 25; Range: Long
It looks nasty, but it doesn't actually do a whole lot of damage. Fear shoots out a barrage of knives in a straight line, each of which does half damage. This can keep enemies busy, but it doesn't do anywhere near as much damage as her other regular techniques.

Unholy Terror
Learned: God of War Secret Skill, from Galaxy God Breath; MP: 29; Range: Short/Long
Again, it looks nice, but doesn't do much damage. Fear jumps up in the air and shoots three energy balls at the enemy, each of which does normal damage. I guess the good thing about it is that she's out of harm's way when she's up in the air. Not worth the MP cost, IMO.

Victory Terror
Learned: God of War Secret Skill, from U.Terror; MP: 31; Range: Short/Long
Basically the same as Unholy Terror, but faster and she shoots out four balls instead of two. Again, I find that 3 Way or Galaxy God Breath work way better.