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Welcome to the Star Ocean Shrine! This amazing game was one of the last and largest to be released for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. It was the spiritual sequel to Tales of Phantasia, and spawned its own sequels, Star Ocean: Second Story for PlayStation, Star Ocean: Bluesphere for Game Boy Color, and Star Ocean: Till The End of Time for PS2. This shrine is based on version 1.0 of the DeJap patch; see Downloads for more details.

This shrine does not cover AR (Approval Ratings) and Endings, because it's just too hard to pin down AR changes; there's no way to accurately gauge them during the game, and they don't make enough of a difference IMO for me to go through all the guesswork. I'm also missing detailed Elemental information (enemies/equipment), but I'll try to get that up sometime in the future. 8-)

Site Updates

May 25, 2004: I've updated the site with the translations of the voice clips. These are going to be the basis for the DeJap voice patch (if it ever does come out).

May 23, 2004: I've made a couple of updates that have been sitting on my computer for ages. 8p Some of them concern the Talents that Iria and Ashlay start with. I've also been told that I was missing the Whirlwind weapon from the weapons page. Finally, I was sent the location of Ashlay in Private Actions in Otanim. Thanks to everyone who sent in the info!

February 5, 2004: I've been contacted by people who have corrections to the site, but I'd like them confirmed before I add them. The corrections are that a) Cius learns Tiger Blast from Rift Wave, not Spirit Blast; and b) neither Smithing nor Compounding require any Talents at all. If you can confirm the truth or falsity of these facts, please contact me!

December 31, 2003: The final DeJap patch has been released! To that end, the entire shrine has been redone to reflect the new names. The manual has also been expanded a bit and a few niggling errors have been corrected. Also, the new Patch Differences section gives you a complete list of name changes from the old to new patch. Enjoy!

April 13, 2002: Added Pro Action Replay codes to the Hacking section, and a link to another SPC player in the Downloads section, which is supposedly better for listening to Star Ocean SPCs.

March 10, 2002: Uploaded the SPC soundtrack to the Downloads page.

January 1, 2002: Tomato from DeJap let me use his character scans from the Japanese manual. It includes art for Ratix, Milly, Dorn, Cius, Iria, Ronixis, and Joshua. There's also now a link in the Downloads section with a shortcut to getting your ROM working perfectly!

December 26, 2001: Forgot to add a section in the Characters pages about the chances of them starting with each Talent. Thanks to LBL for providing the information!

December 25, 2001: Shrine created.

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