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This shrine is the culmination of the work of many people, not just myself.  I do not exaggerate when I say this shrine would not be here in its completed form today if it were not the help of the following people.  Like any thanks page, I'm sure I have forgotten to mention people, especially since this page was started back in May 1997.  But if you feel like you deserve to be on here, contact me and maybe I'll add you in a few months later when I'm not feeling too lazy.
  • Myself.  Yes, myself.  I started this page, I finished it, and I think it's pretty damned good.  Though I undoubtedly will forever hold the record of RPGC Staffer with the longest-running incomplete shrine, I think the wait has been worth it.  Therefore, I congratulate myself for perserving, unlike my intelligent predecessor...
  • Bahamut, who was smart enough to realize making a shrine sucks.  Bahamut was the original maintainer of the Final Fantasy 6 Shrine here, though our FF6 shrines started pretty much simultaneously at different locations.  When Bahamut quit RPGC, I brought over my FF6 Shrine from my old site, AtmaGames.  Nevertheless, Bahamut has been a good friend and collaborator, though we never talk about the old FF6 Shrine anymore.  I thank Bahamut for giving me the opportunity to host my site here and letting it live on.
  • James Shaheen.  Yes, you all probably hate him, but he encouraged me a long time ago to bring over my FF6 Shrine rather than delete it, like I was planning on doing.  If James Shaheen had not offered me the position, I doubt the shrine would exist today.
  • Hiryuu was a fellow worker at my site AtmaGames who took over the shrine for a brief period of time many, many years ago after I decided I wasn't up for the job anymore.  Hiryuu maintained the shrine, keeping it intact and fixing a number of problems with it, until AtmaGames closed, at which point I retook control of the shrine here at RPGC.  Hiryuu has since been a useful contributor and critic for the shrine, and will be the person I give this shrine too in the event I decide to leave it behind me.
  • Dragon God. He sent me the original FFIII Player's Guide, published by nintendo, for use in my walkthrough. He didn't even ask for anything in return. Much thanks to you man.
  • Sky.  Wherever this man is, I thank him, for he donated a slew of useful pictures to this site.  Among these pictures are all of the monster pictures I have, which I never would have had the time or patience to do myself.
  • Dragon Ninja contributed the EGM images in the media section.
  • Daemoness contributed the MIDI collection now up in the media section, and also pointed out a number of mistakes.
  • All other contributors, whose names I have long forgotten.

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