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Lore MP Cost Effect Learned From Picture
Aero 41 Wind attack/all enemies DoomGaze, Sprinter, Tyrannosaur, Harpy, DarkForce,
Storm Drgn, Rhyos, Poltergeist
Aqua Rake 22 Water attack/all enemies Chimera, Rhyos, Vectagoyle, Anguiform, DarkForce,
Actaneon, Enuo, BlueDrgn, Suriander
Big Guard 80 Casts "Safe" and "Shell" Mover, DarkForce, Earth Guard, Guardian
Blowfish 50 1000 HP damage to one enemy BrainPan, Phase, Cactrot, Presenter, Mover, DarkForce,
Phunbaba, KatanaSoul
Clean Sweep 30 Water attack/all enemies Enuo, BlueDrgn, DarkForce, Atma
Condemned 20 Death sentence countdown Veteran, Critic, Still Life, DarkForce, Nerapa
Dischord 68 Halves target's level Pipsqueak, Figaliz, Iron Hitman, Chaser, Scullion, Crawler, DarkForce
L.5 Doom 22 Kills any target whose level is a multiple of 5 Sky Base, Didalos, Dark Force, Goblin, Trapper, Dueller
Exploder 1 Sacrifice life to do lots of damage to one target Bomb, Grenade, Balloon, Junk, Scullion, Pipsqueak, DarkForce
L.4 Flare 42 Non-elemental damage to any target with a level that is a multiple of 4 Apokryphos, Golin, Dueller, Trapper, DarkForce
Force Field 24 Protection from attacks Doom, Dark Force
Grand Train 64 Much damage to all enemies Hidon
L.3 Muddle 28 Confusion for all enemies with a level that is a multiple of 3 Apokryphos, Goblin, DarkForce, Dante
L.? Pearl 50 Hits enemies with levels at a multiple of the last digit of your GP Dullahan, Critic, DarkForce, Innoc
Pearl Wind 45 Recovers HP equal to the casters HP Peepers, Vectaur, DarkForce, Ogor, Abolisher, Sprinter, StormDragon,C urley
Pep Up 1 Recovers target's HP at the cost of the life of the caster Flan, Muus, Junk, Intangir, DarkForce
Quasar 50 Defense piercing attack Goddess, DarkForce
Reflect??? 0 Effects relate to status DarkForce
Revenge 31 Does the same amount of damage as that enemy last did to you DarkForce, BlueDrgn, Reach Frog
Rippler 66 Trade status with enemy DarkForce, BlueDrgn,      Reach Frog
Roulette 10 Randomly dispatches one thing on the screen DarkForce, Veteran, Critic, Pipsqueak
Sour Mouth 32 Inflicts status change Mad Oscar, Evil Oscar, DarkForce
Step Mine 22 Damage depends on amount of steps taken Pug, Mesosaur, GreaseMonk, Crawler, MasterPug,
Tomb Thumb, Brachosaur, DarkForce
Stone 22 Damages and confuses target Brawler, Iron Fist, Poppers, Guardian, 1st Class, DarkForce

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