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Amulet5000AllProtects against zombie, dark, poisonA(S), T(S), T(S,R), Nk(S,R), SF(S,R)
Atlas Armlet5000AllRaises fight damageMK(C), A(S,R), J(S,R)
Back Guard7000AllProtects against back attack, pincer attackIP(P), IB(C)
Barrier Ring500AllCasts Shell when HP is lowN(S), J(S), A(S,R), Th(S,R)
Beads4000AllEv +20%DC(C), Nk(S,R)
Black Belt5000AllRandom counterattackDC(B), T(S), T(S,R), N(S), Th(S)
Blizzard OrbXULet's umaro use an ice attack, Mag +5OC(C)
Charm BangleXAllFewer Enemy encountersIP(P)
Cherub Down6300AllCasts FloatIB(C), J(S,R)
Coin TossXSeChanges Slot into GP RainGt(C)
Crystal OrbXAllMP +50%KT(B)
Cure Ring8000AllCasts regenerateIB(C), Nk(S,R), SF(S,R), Th(S,R)
Cursed RingXAllCursed, learn X-Zone X5--
Czarina Ring3000T,CeCasts Safe, shell when HP is lowFC(B), Nk(S,R), SF(S,R), J(S,R), Th(S,R)
Dragon HornXAllEveryone in group can jumpPC(C)
Dragoon Boots9000AllChanges fight to jumpMF(C), Th(S), T(S,R)
Earrings5000AllRaises magic damageSF(C), PT(C), N(C), J(S), A(S), A(S,R), T(S), N(S), Th(S)
EconomizerXAllAll Magic costs 1 Mp--
Exp. EggXAllDoubles experience earnedDT(C)
Fairy Ring1500AllProtects against poison, darkN(S), Nk(S), SF(S,R), Th(S,R)
Fake MustacheXRChanges Sketch into ControlTI(C,R)
Gale Hairpin8000AllIncreases chance of pre-emptive attackIP(P), Nk(S,R)
GauntletXAllWeapons can be held in both handsRH(P), N(C,R), KT(C)
Gem BoxXAllChanges Magic into X-MagicFT(B)
Genji GloveXAll Equip two weaponsRH(P), Gt(C), CD(C)
Goggles500AllProtects against darkSF(S), Nk(S), Nk(S,R), A(S)
Gold HairpinXAllMP cost +50%N(P), MZ(C), OC(C)
Guard Ring5000AllCasts SafeJ(S), Th(S)
Hero RingXAllRaises fight and magic damageC(C), FC(C,R), TI(C,R), KT(C)
Hyper Wrist8000AllVig +50%SF(C), N(C), T(C,R), Nk(S,R)
Jewel Ring1000AllProtects against dark, petrifySF(S), N(S), A(S,R), T(S,R), Th(S,R)
Marvel ShoesXAllVarious Effects--
Memento RingXSh, RProtects against mortal magic attacksTh(C)
Merit AwardXAllCharacter can equip anything--
Mithril Glove700AllDefence +6, Casts safe when HP is lowIB(C), N(S), J(S), A(S,R)
Moogle CharmXMNo random enemy encountersN(C,R)
Muscle BeltXAllHP +50%KT(B)
OfferingXAllChanges Fight into X-FightOC(C)
Peace Ring3000AllProtects against berserk, muddleJ(S), A(S), T(S,R), Th(S,R)
Pod BraceletXAllCasts safe, shellN(C,R), CD(B)
Rage RingXUMakes Umaro much stronger, Vig +5VC(C,R)
Relic RingXAllMakes character undeadJ(C,R)
RibbonXAllProtects against all status ailmentsSF(C), N(C,R), PC(C), KT(C)
Running Shoes7000AllCasts HasteSF(C), Z(C), IB(C), T(C), N(C), Th(C), SF(C,R)
Safety BitXAllProtects against mortal magic attacksFT(C)
Sneak Ring3000LRaises success rate of steal, Sp +5N(C), T(S,R)
Sniper Sight3000All100% Hit RateIC(C), J(S), A(S), N(S), Th(S), T(S,R)
Sprint Shoes1500AllAllows group to run on mapSF(S), RH(S), M(S), N(S), Th(S), A(S,R)
Star Pendant500AllProtects against PoisonIC(C), SF(S), SF(S,R), Nk(S)
Thief GloveXLChanges Steal into CaptureZ(C)
TintinabarXAllRecvers HP with eachstepM(P), IP(P)
True Knight1000AllProtects members whose HP is lowRH(C), N(S), SF(S), J(S), A(S,R)
Wall Ring6000AllCasts WallN(C), N(S), IB(C), A(S), A(S,R), Th(S), Th(S,R), SF(S,R)
White Cape5000AllDef +5, Mbl +10%, Protects against imp, muteRH(C), M(S), Nk(S), Nk(S,R)
Zephyr Cape7000AllEv +10%, Mbl +10%MF(C), TI(C,R), Nk(S,R)

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