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Enemy Attacks A-L

Enemy Attacks M-Z

Enemy AttackEnemies who useEffect
10xLoadCactrot10000 Damage
4xAttackSrBehemoth4 Medium Power Physical Attacks
50 GsDirt DrgnBrings Any Flying Characters Back Down to the Ground
Absolute ZeroSpit Fire, Ice Dragon, Pan Dora, DoomMedium Power Ice Attack
Acid RainGhost Train, Ultros, Blue DrgnMedium Power Physical Attack, Slowly Degenerates HP
AeroStorm Drgn, Doom GazeExtremely Powerful Wind Attack on Everyone
Aqua RakeAnguiform, Enuo, Blue DrgnMedium Power Water Damage
Atomic RayAir ForceMedium Power Type-less Damage to Everyone
AxeLeader, TemplarMedium Power Physical Attack
BabaBreathPhunbabaRemoves A Character From Battle
BacklashSky ArmorWeak Power Physical Attack
BacteriaVerminCasts Poison???
Bane TouchTriliumPoison Attack
BeakVindrTurns Target to Stone
BiteWere Rat, Vector PupWeak Power Physical Attack
BlasterSky BaseKills target (if succesful)
BlazeBomb, Atma WeaponMedium Power Fire Attack
BlinderTumbleweedCasts Blind on Target
BlizzardVommamothWeak Power Ice Attack
BlowSp Forces, CrusherMedium Power Physical Attack
Blow FishBrainpan, Phunbaba, Phase1000 Damage to Target
Bolt EdgeNinja, Katana Soul, CovertMedium Power Lightning Attack on Everyone
BombletFlameEaterCalls Enemy Balloons Into Battle
BoneFossil Fang, ZomboneCasts Zombie
CaptureHarvesterSteals Money and Does Minimal Damage
CarrotNohrabbitWeak Power Physical Attack
ChargeMarshalMedium Power Physical Attack
CharmChadarnookEnemy Gains Control of Target
ClampSand HorseCasts Slow on Target
Clean SweepEnuo, Blue DrgnMedium Power Water Attack
CleaverPugWeak Power Physical Attack
ClingPopliumCasts Slow on Target
Cold DustDragon, Naughty, Zone EaterTurns Target to Ice(Cannot Attack)
CondemnedNerapa, Still Life, CriticTarget Dies When Countdown Reaches Zero
CounterSoldierWeak Power Counter Attack
CriticalGuardWeak Power Physical Attack
CrushIoWeak Power Physical Attack
CrystalTapDancer9999 Damage (Usually)
CyclonicWyvern, Wiery Drgn, AquilaReduces HP To Single Digits
DashTomb ThumbWeak Power Physical Attack
Daze DancePowerDemonDrains HP out of Target
Delta HitMoe, Larry, CurlyTurns Target to Stone
DestroyIron HitmanStrong Lightning Attack
DiffuserSpit Fire, Lethal WpnWeak Power ?? Damage to Everyone
DigestiveSlurmSlowly Degenerates HP
DirkSoul DancerMedium Power Throw Attack
DisasterBrachosaur9999 Damage
DisasterChaos DragonConfuses Target
DischordChaserCuts Target's Level by 1/2
DissapearCovertCaster Turns Invisible
DiveDark WingWeak Power Physical Attack
Doom KissChadarnookCasts Condemened on Target
Doom PollenExorayTurns Target into a Zombie
Doom SickleToe CutterDrains HP out of Target

Doom StingScorpionWhen Countdown Reaches Zero Target Dies
Down DustAbolisherPoisons Target
DreadOver MindCasts Doom
DreamlandDeepEyePuts Target to Sleep
DrillGhost TrainStrong Power Physical Attack
El NinoRizopasMedium Power Water Attack
Energy SapBloompireTurns Target Into Zombie
EngulfZone EaterSucks Target Into Gogo's Lair
EntwineTentacleCasts Slow on Target
EscapeMesosaurEnemy Escapes From Battle
Evil TootPan Dora, Ghost TrainCasts Random Status Ailments
Fallen OneDoom Drgn, KefkaReduces Everyone's HP to 1
FatalSamuraiKills Target
FeelerCrawler, Sea FlowerCasts Poison on Target
Fire SkeanNinja, Katana Soul, CovertMedium Power Fire Attack on Everyone
FireballNumber 024, Chupon, Mag Roader (brown), Red DragonWeak Power Fire Attack On Everyone
FirewallGhostMedium Power Fire Attack
FlapAquilaCasts Berserk on Target
Flare StarAtma Weapon, Red Dragon, IoAGH! Extreme Fire Damage To Everyone!!! Watch out!!!
Flash RainParasoul, Rain Man, HipocampusWeak Lightning / Water Attack
Full PowerAtma WeaponPowerful Physical Attack
Gale CutKatana SoulMedium Power Wind Attack
Gamma RaysScullionCasts Condemn on Target
Giga VoltAspik, PresenterStrong Lightning Attack
GlareIngBlinds Target
Green CherryUmaroRaises Caster's Fighting Abilities Considerably
Gold LanceTest RiderMedium Power Physical Attack
Gold WrenchGobbledegakWeak Power Physical Attack
GonerGonerExtreme Physical Damage To Everyone
GoreTuskerMedium Power Physical Attack
GougeGold BearMedium Power Physical Attack
Gp RainKatana SoulThrows Gold at Enemies for Small to Medium Damage
GrabNastidonWeak Power Physical Attack
Grand TrainHidonPowerful Non-Elemental Magic Attack
Grav BombScullionDoom, if it fails, it does medium damage
GrenadeFlameEaterBrings Enemy Grenade Into Battle
GripHarpyMedium Power Physical Attack
GrudgeCommanderWeak Power Physical Attack, Sometimes Attacks Twice
GuardianSoul DancerPowerful Throw Attack
GunkMuusCasts Slow on Target
Gunk(different)FigalizCasts Poison on Target
Havoc WingKefka9999 Damage
Hay MakerGtBehemothStrong Physical Attack
Head ButtHadesGigasMedium Power Physical Attack
HitNaughtyWeak Power Physical Attack
Honed TuskDirt DrgnMedium Power Physical Attack
HugHumptyConfuses Target
HuskCephalerWeak Power Physical Attack
Hyper DriveKefkaVery Power Physical Attack
Hypno GasSr BehemothPuts Target to Sleep
Imp GlareLizardTurns Target Into an Imp
Imp SongAppariteSame effect as the spell Imp
Imp TouchAnemoneCasts Imp on Target
ImperialKatana Soul, OutsiderMassive Damage to a Single Target (9000+ Damage)
InkNautiloid, Ultros(all forms)Casts Blind
InscisorLeafer, Rhobite, Sewer RatWeak Power Physical Attack
JumpReach FrogCaster Temporarily Leaves Battle to Deal Extra Damage
LauncherProto Armor, Pluto Armor, Lethal Wpn, ScullionExtreme Damage To Everyone!!
Level 3 MuddleTrapper, Apokryphos, GoblinConfuse To Everyone Who's Levels Are a Multiple of 3
Level 4 FlareTrapper, Apokryphos, GoblinFlare To Everyone Who's Levels Are a Multiple of 4
Level 5 DoomTrapper, Apokryphos, Goblin, Doom GazeDeath To Everyone Who's Levels Are a Multiple of 5
Level ? PearlDullahanCasts Pearl on Target's with Levels Equal to Last Digit in your Gold
LifeshaverIng, Misfit, Tumbleweed, KarkassDrains LOTS of HP
LightningRizopasMedium Power Lightning Attack
Lode StoneUltros(3rd encounter)Reduces HP by 3/4
Lode WrenchGreaseMonkWeak Power Physical Attack
Love CharmGoddessTarget Attacks His Own Party

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