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Final Fantasy III

February 13, 2004

A pre-Valentine's Day gift for you all, because I love you so much. It is quite appropiate too - a complete shopping list, so you can find just the right relic for that special someone (or for most of your cases, yourselves). Ouch.

January 01, 2004

Happy Millienial Fair to you all. Here is my modest contribution. The following is the list of updates and things you'll be seeing over the next day or two. It was all supposed to be done today, but the deletion of some of my material set me back a bit, and I'm still working on getting everything formatted. It always takes longer than I think it will. Anyway...

  • New Armor Page, Weapon Page, and Relic Page.
  • New Secrets Page. The old one was pretty god awful. I'm probably not done with this one yet; I'll add a few more things as I think of them. The new page contains the locations of rare items, a few enemy strategies, and an auction house listing.
  • Finally got around to adding a Thanks Page. Probably not of much interest to you, but it's just to save my butt, you know.
  • Revamped the Walkthrough section. The TOC now contains all Walkthrough sections for easy jumping. I also went back and finally added in item checklists to the 15 or so pages that were missing them. Expect the rest of the walkthrough to be up in about a day (at least up to Kefka's Tower), as I'm still formatting.
  • Coming soon: Complete Shop Listing.

October 07, 2003

New weapons list - New Walkthrough Sections - Bug Fixes - Spelling Corrections

I can unfortunately only update so much at a time, as I have no internet access at home, and must bring files back and forth to the library using floppy disks. I also have to use DOS FTP, so I only bring enough crap that I have the patience to handle. So bear with me. Stay tuned for at least weekly updates, hopefully more often.

April 01, 2003

Ha! I'm so good. Yes, it's a joke, the shrine is not done, but to prove the walkthrough is still making slow process, I've uploaded a taster sample for you. That's right, one brand spanking new section of the walkthrough. Not enough to whet your whistle? You'll just have to keep busy with those hentai pictures of Terra and the Chocobo then in the meantime.

December 17, 2002

For some reason, the ragnarok section was missing. I don't know why. But it was. So now it's not. Missing that is. Actually, the ragnarok list was moved to the current enemy list a while ago by Jim, but I like having a separate list, so BLAH!

December 16, 2002

There is now a FF6 Character Profiles Contest going on at the webboard. Go and participate crazy man f00.

December 15, 2002

The character profiles are FINALLY back up. Well, most of them are anyway. Gogo, Umaro, and Kefka will be up soon enough. I even wrote in an entirely new section: my opinionated reviews of the characters for your reading (non)enjoyment. Rejoice.

December 6, 2002

Thanks to Daemoness again for pointing out a couple problem spots with the shrine. Um, hopefully everything is fixed now? The MIDIs are back in the media section and the attack magic page works again. Joy. Also, walkthrough v.2 is about 90% complete at the moment. This version of the walkthrough is COMPLETE, has many more crazy jokes and puns, and I actually spell/grammar checked the thing this time. The things I do for you guys...

December 4, 2002

Thanks to Daemoness for contributing some missing rage information and for revealing a uh...other currently secret problem. Changes haven't been added yet because of this "problem" but will be added very soon as soon as this "problem" is dealt with.

November 21, 2002

Update 2: Thanks go to Black Ninja for helping me to get the skills section back up.

Update 1: I updated...but I'm not telling you just what yet. Aren't I evil? Check back later today or tomorrow to see the finished work!

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