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  • April 22 2001 - Dragon Ninja
    The shrine has been converted to the new layout and format.
  • October 2nd
    Okay, I've done a LOT this time. Added a new section called "Extras". Check it out to see what's there -- There is a LOT, by the way. Also added a Shaman's Guide, explaining where to get Shamans, their powers, who to combine them with etc.
  • September 7th
    I've done a bit more than usual on this update. I put up a Fishing section, it explains where all the fishing spots are located and gives a few details on what catches you can make. I also added a "Walkthrough" section, where I'll be putting various Walkthroughs and FAQs, as well as codes up as I find them.
  • August 18th
    Alright, a rather large update today. First off, I've completed the Armor and Weapon list by adding the Helmets. I'm going to have a magic section up soon, probably within a few hours of this update. Also, if you're looking to where previous updates were, check the new "Old News" section. Makes things much easier to manage.
  • August 4th
    Whew. Sorry about the lack of an update, but I've been getting an "Error" message whenever I tried to log in. Anyway, I've added 5 Zips of SPC files to the Multimedia section. Check them out. Don't bother downloading the second Zip yet; I get cut off whenever I try to upload it. It'll be up within the next two days, and you don't absolutely need it to get the others.
  • July 30th
    It's been a few days since I last updated, but I added a MIDI page with a zip to about 15 midi's. As I find more, I'll add more. I'm currently working on another part of this page, which will be unveiled
  • July 27
    On this update, I've added even more from what I had in the Weapons and Armor section. I have all the shields, swords, whips, sticks, and everything else except the helmets. I'm working on those. Pretty soon I'll have a MIDI and AVI section up for the game Multimedia.
  • July 26
    Today I've added a (what I think) is complete item list, and am currently (at this very moment) working on a complete Armor and Weapons list for each character. It should be up within the hour of this update.
  • July 24
    This is my Breath of Fire 2 shrine. Here you'll find everything. Yes, EVERYTHING. You probably won't find it all at once, but eventually I'll have everything from the game on this page. Seeing as how this is the first day of the Breath of Fire 2 shrine being online, you won't find much. In fact, this update is at 4:30 in the morning. For now, I'll be restricted to a few things before I get the time to put in a full update (probably tomorrow). Till then, keep an eye on the main page.

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