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The main character of the game, his default name is set as Ryu (as it is in every other BoF game). I believe it is Japanese for "Dragon". He starts the game a child, but soon finds himself unrecognized by his fellow townspeople. The same night, his journey begins where he meets a demon that will haunt his dreams. 10 years pass and the story picks up again. He is your most rounded-out character, and is probably the most usefull. He is the most likely to regain conciousness if knocked out automatically (due to his high "Guts" points).
Bow is the person that Ryu meets on that fateful night he sets out on his journey. Bow befriends him right away, and sticks with him the rest of the way. He is basically what you would call a petty thief, but goes clean somewhere along the 10 years. Now, he'll do anything to impress a pretty girl (like taking a job he didn't want to.. ), but still hints at his past of thievery. He won't stay in your party for long, but will come back much later. If you take the time to level him up at the end, he becomes a VERY powerful defensive and curative magic user.
Rand works at the Coliseum at Coursair. He might look a little imposing, but he really is a nice guy. He grew up in a farm town and always dreamed of moving to the big city. Eventually he did, and that's where you meet up with him. His relationship with his mother isn't exactly what you'd expect, but things are finally... "worked out". He can be a valuable member of your party, as he can revive an unconcious friend (it doesn't ALWAYS work, mind you).
Katt is also introduced at the Coliseum, but not as you'd expect. You have to FIGHT this fiesty young feline (mrrreeoww.. ). The dastardly plot is revealed, and you aid her in her need (poison), and she eventually joins your group. She is your second most valuable character (I think). Her strength rivals that of the Hero's (and can surpass it if you level enough). Her magic ability isn't much in the begining, but she gets decent enough spells at the near end of the game.
Nina is probably going to be your best magician in your party. Her spells can decimate an opponent, and she has a high amount of AP to add. You meet her when her sister is kidnapped by the Joker Gang, and she keeps with you after that. She and her family seem to think it best that she stay out of her home kingdom, due to her black wings and an ancient proficy.
Sten... well, he seems to be a sort of a "charmer". Or at least, he wants to be. He isn't good enough to win the hearts of either Katt nor Nina, but soon dedicates his life to your cause. He can be a good fighter, and his spells are good in certain conditions, but he has a VERY low AP amount. His past is very complicated, and you figure it out mid way through the game.
You meet Jean along the way, but a spell has been cast on him by a "witch". What better way to break it? Why, a kiss, of course. It can be either Katt or Nina, either one works. He takes you back to his kingdome (what? a plot twist! The guy is a prince! But he doesn't turn BACK into a prince.. he stays a frog.. he IS a frog!). But something's up at the Kingdom, and your thrust head-first into the fiasco.
Spar is a very, very strange creature. You meet him in the begining of the game, but never actually get him in your party until mid-way through. He is called "The Grassman" at a local Circus, until you rescue him much later. It is then revealed that he could've escaped any time that he wanted to, but was waiting for you. He can be a good addition due to his "Nature" command. But, it can only be done in outside areas.
Bleu.. you remember her, don't you? She was a character from the first game, and now returns for the second. She is more like a "hidden" character here, as you don't have to acquire her. It's advised that you DO, however. She would be your second-best magician (I prefer Nina, but having BOTH of them makes for a monster party). She has a very high AP amount, and all the spells to go with it. Deadly.

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