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**UPDATE 07/08/01**

Special thanks to Jon Leung ( for sending in a helpful Shaman chart, which is displayed at the bottom of the page.

The Shamans of Breath of Fire 2 add great depth to the game. Finding and combining them with your characters would refine their skills, abilities, and sometimes even looks. My only question is, who made these names up? 

Sana - Sana is the first Shaman you find, and her elemental power is that of fire. You receive her after you get Ray's (of the Eva Church) blessing, when you return to Capitan.

Spoo - Spoo holds the power of Wind and is found in the Sky Tower. You need to get her before you can go further.

Seny - The holiest of holy, Seny has the power of, yes, you guessed it, Holy. You'll pick her up after the Saint Eva Church scenario, where you should return to Bando and go into the first cell.

Seso - Seso posses the ability of Water. You get her in the Witch Tower, after defeating the Witch.

Solo - The power of Earth is held by this Shaman, and getting it can be rather tough. First, before you go to the Saint Eva Church, give 20 donations at the shrine in Namanda. Return to Rand's hometown after the Church is destroyed.

Shin - Her power is that of Devil (the?). Just go to the left entrance of Infinity and you'll get her.

Before we go any further, I highly suggest you use Ben Siron's FAQ, as it has a very detailed Shaman guide. I'll still continue, however.

Below I'll list what Shamans you can combine with whom. Note that you cannot join the Hero Character with any Shamans.

Another thing, when I say "No Visual Changes", that doesn't mean that there are no changes at all. Each Shaman adds to a persons stats, depending on their elemental worth. Fire adds to a characters strength, water to wisdom, wind to agility, earth to stamina, and the Devil raises the characters AP.

Katt - Seso or Sana/Shin turns her into a giant (and sexy) cat. Her special is changed to "Keep", in which it keeps her still for one turn, only to release a Slam attack the next. Her strength seems to have been increased greatly, as well.

Nina - Spoo/Seny turns her into a giant Angel. Her special is changed to "Bnsh" in which it forces enemies to flee (no EXP for it, though).
Sana/Spoo or Shin gives her a red suit.
Sana or Seso/Seny gives no visual changes.
Seso/Spoo gives her a red suit.
Seso/Shin once again, gives her no visual changes.
Seny - Combine her with just Seny and you will get a green outfit and %50 ability boost.

Bow - Seny/Shin turns him into a giant Robot-type thing with an arm turned into a Megaman type buster. His command is changed to Spry which attacks all enemies.
Any combination of Sana, Seso, Spoo, Solo, Seny increases his stats, but don't change his appearence.

Sten - Sana/Spoo turns him into a strange creature with no legs. His special command Sweh which gives you new enemies during battle.
Seso/Spoo or Seny doesn't give him any visual changes.
Sana/Seny gives him a yellow outfit.

Jean - Seso or Spoo/Seny turns him into a giant fish. His special is changed into Chop, an instant death ability.
Seso/Spoo has no visual changes.

Spar - Seso/Spoo seems to change his (or was it a her to begin with) sex to a small girl. His special command is now Spor, a Breath attack.
Sana/Shin turns him into a strange vine-like creature.
Solo/Seny switches his form to that of a small seed with legs. Its special is Seed, which has the same effect as "Keep" would.

Rand - Seny/Solo turns him into a strange turtle-like creature.
Seso/Spoo has no visual effects.
Spoo/Seny, like before, has no visual effects.
Sana, Seso, Spoo, and Seny alone change his stats, but not his appearence.
Sana/Spoo, Sana/Seny, Seso/Spoo, Seso/Seny, Spoo/Seny, and Solo/Seny also produce stats but have no physical changes to him.


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