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In paranthesis near the characters name is the level they learn it at. If there is no paranthesis, that means they already know it when they join you.

8.0 14 Rand (L24) G. Shaker, A. Sludge, Ganga, Mamot Earthquake, no Damage to Flying Enemies
Ag-Down 5 Nina (L9), Spar, Bleu Guardian, Stooly Lowers Enemy Agility
Ag-Up 4 Spar, Bleu Pima Raises Agility
Amnesia --- No One Aruhamel Causes Party to Forget Spells
Anfini 0 The Hero (In Infinity) None Only Castable Against DeathEvn
Angel 12 Nina (L26), Jean (L30) None Damage on Spirits and the Undead
Atk-Up 6 Spar (L36), Bleu C. Bear, Cyclops, G. Lizard, Dadelous, Ganet, Kimoto, Soldier, Titong Raises Attack Power
Bolt-X 30 Katt (L15), Nina (L36), Bleu (L39) Barubary, Fastman Incredibly Lightning Attack
Bomb 6 Sten (L10), Nina (L56), Bleu None Wind Damage Attack
Boombada 20 Learned in Namanda None Deals Damage to Enemies
ChoChop 0 Learned at Wildcat Cafe None Slices n' Dices Enemies
Cold 4 Nina, Spar M. Mummy, Pharaoh Ice Damage
Cure 1 4 Bow (L2), Hero (L7), Rand Harpy, Jacky, M. Knight, Nimufu, Ogre, S.Golem, Stinger, Witch Restores 40 HP
Cure 2 7 Bow (L16), Rand (L17), Spar (L26) Aruhamel, Banbhand, Danielle, Footman(2), Ganet, Gargoyle, M.C.Tusk, V.Head Restores 100 HP
Cure 3 20 Bow (L33), Rand (L35) Jailer Restores 120 HP to Whole Party
Cure 4 14 Bow (L37), Rand (L37),  D. Crsdr, DPaladin, Gonghead(2), Pepshun  Restores Party Members HP Completely
Cure-X 50 Bow (L40) None Restores Whole Party's HP Completely
CurePsn 4 Bow (L3), Rand None Cures Poison
Death 8 Nina (L28), Jean (L32), Bleu D.Brnger, Deathevn, G.Rider, Humus, K.Sludge, Necroman Deals Death to Enemies
Def-Down 5 Nina (L15), Spar, Bleu Assasin, Babaruku, Basilisk, BigHand, Guardian, K.Goblin, Stooly Lowers Defense
Def-Up 5 Now (L6), Spar (L14), Bleu Catfish, Kimoto, Trout Raises Defense
Def-Up X 10 Bow (L26), Spar (L32) Atlas, D.Crsdr, Needle, Paladin Raises Party's Defense
Drain 0 Nina (L17), Spar (L22), Bleu D.Spirit, Soulflik, Zombie Drains AP from opponent and transfers to caster
Exit 8 Nina (L12), Bleu, Spar (L18) None Exits Dungeons
Fireball 20 Katt (L11), Sten (L33), Bleu (L36), Nina (L55) Fastman, G.Idol, Ifeleet, Magicmas, N.Rider, S.Golem Fire Damage
FireDrgn All The Hero None Damage Multiplied by AP amount.
FirPuppy All The Hero None Damage Multiplied by AP amount.
Flame 12 Sten (L15), Nina (L20), Bleu Pollen Fire Damage to All Enemies
Freeze 10 Nina (L24), Spar (L28), Bleu Amonica, Anubus, Cancer, Carm, Gonghead(2), H.Crab, Maindstr, Pharaoh Ice Damage
G. Drgn All The Hero None Damage Multiplied by AP (Possible 999 Damage)
Hail 17 Katt (L13), Nina (L31), Bleu (L37) Carm, Fastman, Magicmas, N.Rider Ice Damage
Heal 8 Bow (L23), Rand (L31) None Removes Poison, Curse, Sleep, Rotting, & Zombie
Hush 5 Jean (L12), Spar,  Aruban, Babaruku, Cotris, DPaladin, Footman, Ganet, Guardian, Maindstr Spells Innaccesibble
IcePuppy All The Hero None Damage Multiplied by AP
IceDrgn All The Hero None Damage Multiplied by AP
Idle 6 Spar (L16), Jean (L20) None Puts Enemy to Sleep
Missle 26 Sten (L38), Bleu (L38), Nina (L57),  None Wind Damage
Pwr. Down 5 Nina (L10), Jean (L16), Spar, Bleu Conch, Guardian, Stooly, Willowsp Lowers Enemies Attack
Renew  10 Bow (L20), Rand (L27), Jean (L34) None Revives a Party Member
Renew-X 20 Bow (L36) None Revives Party Member and Restores Status
S. Boom 11 Nina (L13), Bleu Dinabehm, Fastman, RoadSlug Thunder Damage
Sap 5 Spar (L21), Bleu D.Spirit, Lyverma, Necroman, Racegude, Tri.eye, Zombie Drains Enemy HP and adds to Caster
Shield 6 Spar (L30) D.Crsdr, Needle, Paladin Raises Wisdom
Smoke 6 The Hero (L19) None Decreases Random Battle Encounter
Spark  4 Nina, Sten Docaden, Jailer, M.Golem, M.Mummy, Nimufu, Pollen, R.Slug, Sniphead, Witch Fire Damage
T. Drgn All The Hero None Damage Multiplied by AP
T. Puppy All The Hero None Damage Multiplied by AP
Thunder 6 Nina, Rand (L9) DinaFung, Nimufu, RoadSlug, Suiky, Witch Thunder Damage
TimeWarp 0 The Hero (L2) None Changes Day/Night cycle
Tornado 5 Nina Crodworm, Sireen Wind Damage
Typhoon 14 Nina (L22) Amom, Barucuda, Crodworm, Magicmas, N.Rider Wind Damage
Warp 8 Jean (L14), Spar (L19), Bleu None Automatically Warps to any Town

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