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The section name may be a bit vague, but this is for the secrets of the game. From the magic, bugs, or "Easter eggs", to just general hints, I'll have this updated.

Secret Spells

There are two known secret spells in the game. The first, ChopChop, can be acquired at the Wildcat Cafe. To get it, just follow these simple steps. First, you don't have to do what the first signs says, but do what the rest say. Meaning, keep your weapons. Then after you defeat the Chef, forgive him. He'll teach you a new spell. I suggest giving this to Katt, mainly because it uses 0 AP and is VERY useful for those pesky enemies that take 1 or 2 HP per hit. Also, make sure you go there BEFORE Jean returns to SimaFort.

The second spell is called BoomBada. You get it if you play all the right notes in the Shrine of Namada. 

Barubary Guide

The two ways to fight him are with just the Hero, or with the rest of your party. When you select to use the Hero alone, he has 4000 HP. When you use everyone, he has 5000. I suggest using everyone, as you have 3 times as much power, and he only has 1000 more HP. You should have Katt combined with her best Shamans and use Keep whenever possible. The Hero should cast G. Dragon, while your other two members (preferebly Belu and Nina) cast their strongest magics. You should drop him in no time.

Steady Cash Flow

It's rumored that you can get infinite money, but outside of using a Game Genie, there's no way. But you can get close to it. For a small fee, buy Three Cond. Up's and one Shrimp. Take them to the cook at TownShip and have him cook the three up. You will receive Gold Bars, which can be sold for quite a pretty penny. Do it repeatedly and you'll have enough cash for life. 

A Flying TownShip?!

As strange as it may sound, yes. When you're in the basement of Evrai, don't kill the old man when you fight the Eyes, because he's the first key to it. Go to Guntz, where there is a secret room in the far back building. Bring a girl named Echichi to TownShip's well, where Ganer will power it up.

Secret Weapons & Armor

There are actually several special weapons and armor, each holding a special power (they're also listed in the Weapons/Armor Section of the Shrine).
BrassSt - Casts "Cure 1"
CrimsnCl - Casts "Sap"
DemonSH - Casts "Drain"
DragnSD - Casts "Flame"
EmpireSD - Casts "S. Boom"
FireRG - Casts "Spark"
HolySH - Casts "Shield"
HushRG - Casts "Hush"
ImortlRG - Casts "Renew"
KingOfDR - Casts "DefUp"
MedusaSH - Casts "AtkUp"
MotherRB - Casts "Cure"
NoTwinRp - Casts "Angel"
ShadowDR - Casts "Idle"
StormRG - Casts "Thunder"
TigerSD - Casts "Cure 2"
ThunderST - Casts "S.Boom
WorthRG - Casts "Death"

TownShip Recruits

There are a nearly uncountable amount of combinations you can make. I'll list who you can get, what they do, and where to find them.

Cooking Secrets

There are various combinations for cooking, but most will just get you charcoal. Here's a list of the GOOD stuff you can get.
3 HelpBl = 1 Extract
2 Worm = 1 Urchin
2 Extract = 1 Lfpl
2 Extract + 1 Urchin + 1 Worm = 2Lfpl
2 CureAl + 1 HelpBl + 1 Lfpl = Dinker
Dinker + 2 Charcoal = Biscuit
2 CureAl + 1 HelpBl + 1 F. Spice = LukCndy
1 Lfpl + 1 CureAl + 1 Antdt = Frizbee
3 Dinker +1 Shrimp = 2 Goldbar
4 Frizbee = Biscuit
2 Medicate = PwrFood
2 Charcoal = Herb
4 Charcoal = HelpBl
4 F. Spice = Mizo Soup

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