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There are many different types of terrain in Bahamut Lagoon, and the terrain can be changed or manipulated by using techniques/spells of a particular elemental on it. Note that this can go both ways: both you and your enemies can use this to your advantage, although generally the enemies are too stupid to do so except by accident. Another note: you can change a terrain even if another unit (character/enemy) is on top of it. To see what terrain a particular square is, just hit A on it (if it's unoccupied).

Aerial units (which include all dragon units) can land on and go through all types of terrain; ground-based units must walk through the terrain manually. Aerial units can't drown, but they can be damaged by burning forests, poison swamps, etc.

AntlionDon't worry, it won't attack you, but it will impede your progress. To get rid of it, just hit its center with an Ice tech. Featured in chapter 15.
Auto-CannonThese little buggers will automatically hit your entire party for 20-30% damage if you rest your unit within three squares right in front of them. Particularly annoying because your dragons decide where to land randomly and can easily land right in front of them. Destroy them with a Thunder tech.
BridgeAny unit can cross these, but beware! A Thunder tech can easily destroy it! There are two kinds; the one shown in this pic is self-standing, so if you destroy one square the rest will stay up. Any other type of bridge will be completely destroyed if you hit any part of it. If a unit is standing on a bridge over water and it's destroyed, just be sure to freeze the water to save your unit from drowning. If it's over sky, though, that unit instantly dies! Can be useful against enemies, that! 8-)
Burning ForestA forest that's been set on fire. Any unit standing on it will be damaged with Fire-elemental damage at the start of their phase. (This means that if you're wearing a Flame Vest etc., you'll be healed instead of hurt.) To calm the flames, use an Ice tech on it. (The forest will be gone once you do that.)
Crumbled WallThis wall is unsteady. A good Earth tech on any part of it will destroy it and let you go through.
FloodgateThis features in Chapter 9. Standing in the middle of it will cause it to be destroyed, flooding the nearby basin and damaging all units inside it for 62.5% of their max HP.
ForestGround-based units trying to walk through will be slowed down substantially. As well, it's quite flammable! A Fire spell hitting a forest will set it on fire and change it to Burning Forest.
GroundYour generic ground. All units can walk through it and land on it with no problems, and it can't be changed in any way.
GunpowderCan work for you or against you. The damage caused by any spell that hits it will be raised by 10 levels! (This means that if you use (e.g.) Thunder Gale on an enemy that's *next* to it, but the technique still hits the gunpowder, it'll still gain the extra 10 levels.) The Gunpowder will then be destroyed as well. Featured in chapter 6.
IceA frozen river; it's the same as Ground in that everyone can walk on it, but if a Fire spell is used, the ice will melt and drop any units on it into the water!
IncubatorThese are featured in chapter 13. You can't walk on them, but you can destroy them with a Thunder tech. Either an enemy will come out or you'll get a free item. Check the walkthrough! 8-)
LavaSimilar to Burning Forest, units standing on lava will get flame damage at the start of their phase, and it can be turned into Rock (plain ground) by using an Ice tech on it. It'll turn back to Lava by using a Fire tech on it.
MountainYour generic mountain. Ground-based units can't go on it or through it (actually, I think if your move range is over 10 you can move one square at a time through it), but aerial units don't mind, naturally. However, use a Thunder tech on it to change it to easily-passable Wasteland!
Poison BagYou can't walk on it, but if you hit it with any attack technique or spell, it'll turn the eight squares adjacent to it into a Poison Swamp! Be careful! Featured in chapter 12.
Poison SwampSimilar to a Swamp except that it also causes poison damage to any unit standing on it, as well as having a chance of causing Poison status. (If a unit is Poison-elemental, it'll absorb the damage.) Using any Heal-elemental tech on it (this includes the Mini-Devil's Power Dance, Drug Dust, Refresh, or Chakra) will change it into a normal Swamp.
RiverYour generic water. Normally ground-based units can't walk into this, but they can be dumped there if their bridge is destroyed or their ice is melted. Ground units can't move in water (though they can use field techs), and if they stay there for three rounds, they drown! (I.e. die for good!) Use Ice techs on river to turn it into Ice and buoy any drowning units.
Security SystemFeatured in chapter 20. These guys will hit you with a fire attack for 400-500 damage if you stand within three squares in the direction they're facing. (The two little dots indicate the direction they're facing. To be clear, the first pic on the left side of this paragraph indicates one facing up, the next one faces down, and the third one faces left.) Destroy them with a Thunder skill.
Self-Closing WallFeatured in chapter 12. Every second round (that is, round of Player Phase and Enemy Phase), the wall will open and close. When it's closed, any unit inside it will be trapped and can't move (they can still use field techs, though).
SkyNo ground-based units can land on this. If they're dropped into it from a bridge, they instantly die!
SpikesAs you might think, they ain't nice. Any unit that stands on them gets what appears to be a random amount of damage taken off. And there's no way to get rid of them.
Stone StatueThese guys will shoot out Mega-Beams if a character unit stands within 3 spaces in front of them, taking off 1/3 of the party's HP. Destroy them with Thunder skills. Featured in chapters 10 and 23.
Stone Statue(2)This type of Stone Statue won't hurt you, but it can turn into a Radamantis if hit by Lucrec's Energy Charge! Use Thunder to destroy them before they can do so. Featured in chapter 25.
StructureThe arches in Walls are also structures. Any unit standing on a structure will get 8% of their max HP recovered at the start of their phase. Structures can be easily destroyed using Thunder techs. Destroying those round structures may randomly result in a Presenter being generated.
SwampThis impedes your progress; ground-based units can only move one square per turn through it. If you use a Poison tech on it, you turn it to a Poison Swamp.
SwitchIn chapters 20 and 23, step on these to trigger Trap Floors. They can't be destroyed in any way. When you step off them the Trap Floors will close.
Trap FloorIn chapters 20 and 23, stepping on a switch will turn these innocuous ground squares into Sky! That means that any unit standing on it (unless it's an aerial unit) will be instantly destroyed. Stepping off the switch will return these squares back to Ground.
Treasure ChestThese guys can't be destroyed. When a player unit steps on them, after his turn ends, he'll either a) get an item, or b) get a trap tripped! Traps include 200-300 damage as well as poison, or putting you to sleep.
WallThis impedes the progress of ground-based units, but a simple Thunder tech will destroy the squares of wall it touches. The arches in the middle of Walls are considered Structures and so you can walk through them.

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