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This page assumes you have a basic knowledge of hacking savestates. If not, check out How To Hack SNES Savestates. Thanks goes to Vash27 for the info on this page.

Your Piro amount is stored at 47E6.

Dragon Order List
Dragon Battle Stats
Dragon Innate Stats


All of a character's statistics are directly dependent on his/her level, so they can't change.

2D15: Byuu
2D55: Yoyo
2D95: Palpaleos
2DD5: Matelite
2E15: Sendak
2E55: Rush
2E95: Bikkebakke
2ED5: Truce
2F15: Taicho
2F55: Gunso
2F95: Barclay
2FD5: Donfan
3015: Zora's Son
3055: Reeve
3095: Frenze
30D5: Zeroshin
3115: Sajin
3155: Lukia
3195: Melodia
31D5: Frederica
3215: Nelbo
3255: Joy
3295: Mist
32D5: Jeanne
3315: Diana
3355: Anastasia
3395: Zora
33D5: Ectarina
3415: Wagahai
3455: Monyo
3495: Manyo
34D5: Munyo

Dragon Order List

The dragons are listed in the following order:

  1. Salmando
  2. Icedrake
  3. Thunderh
  4. Molten
  5. Twinhead
  6. Munimuni
  7. Puppy

Dragon Battle Stats

There are two sets of dragon stats stored in the savestate. For both sets I'll give you a starting point. To get to the next dragon, add 40 Hex. The order of dragons is listed above.

The first set is as follows (for Salmando):

3515: Level
3517: Appearance. Check Dragons for pictures of each appearance and their values. After D7, the rest of the pictures are either empty or various screwed-up versions of Salmando's normal form. The rest of the first set:
3518-1519: Current HP
351A-351B: Max HP
351C-351D: Current MP
351E-351F: Max MP

So if you wanted to get to Thunderh's appearance stat, you'd add (2x40) = 80 Hex to 3517, which gets you to 3597.

Dragon Innate Stats

The second set of stats is as follows (for Salmando). Add 20 (Hex) to get to the next dragon in the list (the order of dragons is listed above).

4809: Strength
480A: Vitality
480B: Dexterity
480C: Mind
480D: Fire
480E: Ice/Water
480F: Thunder
4810: Life
4811: Poison
4812: Fidelity
4813: Loyalty
4814: Wisdom
4815: Personality
4816: Transformation
4817: Intimacy

This time you add 20 Hex to get to the next dragon. So if you wanted to edit Munimuni's Personality, you'd add (5 x 20) = A0 Hex to 4815 = 48B5.


Item offsets are from 46E3 to 47E1. Each item digit is followed by the amount of that item (so 46E4 is the amount of the item in 46E3, then 46E5 is the next item digit and 46E6 is its amount, etc.) Item digits are as follows:

00: Nothing
01: Long Sword
02: Ice Brand
03: Spark Blade
04: Flame Tongue
05: Bastard Sword
06: Apocalypse
07: Excalibur
08: Scharnhorst
09: Gneisenau
0A: Dreadnaught
0B: Battle Axe
0C: Burning Axe
0D: Crescent
0E: Grand Slam
0F: Nulnim
10: Mega Buster
11: Destroyer
12: Iron Duke
13: Matelite Axe
14: Rapier
15: Siren
16: Cassandra
17: Guardian
18: Sigrun
19: Etandahl
1A: Vampinella
1B: Prinzeugen
1C: Halberd
1D: Coquetos
1E: Executer
1F: Harpoon
20: Auschwitz
21: Brunhag
22: Longinus
23: Invincible
24: Rod
25: Fire Rod
26: Freeze Rod
27: Thunder Rod
28: Drug Rod
29: Master Rod
2A: Assualt
2B: Crusader
2C: Empress Kahna
2D: Cutlass
2E: Calamitias
2F: Delta Dagger
30: Kugel Blitz
31: Dillinger
32: Plate Mail
33: Ice Armor
34: Diamond Armor
35: Flame Mail
36: Maximilian
37: Black Burn
38: Stealth Armor
39: Vegas Armor
3A: Armada Armor
3B: Chobham Armor
3C: Reconquista
3D: Pax Kahna
3E: Matelite Armor
3F: Black Prince
40: Imperator
41: Leather Armor
42: Ice Jacket
43: Flame Vest
44: Diamond Jacket
45: Brigandine
46: Sleipner
47: Battle Dress
48: Mach Vest
49: Martial Nay
4A: Powered Suit
4B: Energy Suit
4C: Silk Robe
4D: Gaia Robe
4E: Burning
4F: Nimbus Robe
50: Aurora
51: Thundara
52: Dark Force
53: Kaiser Rin
54: Royal Gown
55: Drug
56: High Drug
57: Royal Drug
58: Magic Gin
59: High Magic Gin
5A: Elixer
5B: Litancible
5C: Litancible SP
5D: Heal
5E: Heal SP
5F: Flame Grass
60: Ice Grass
61: Thunder Grass
62: Poison Grass
63: Life Grass
64: Earth Grass
65: Holy Grass
66: Dark Grass
67: Ship's Log
68: Prodigy Notebook
69: Difficult Book
6A: Genius Book
6B: Strategy Book
6C: Porno Mag
6D: XXX Porno Mag
6E: Poem Diary
6F: Sweet Wine
70: Handmade Cookie
71: Drawer Thing
72: Sweet Honey
73: Sweet Memory
74: Super Vodka
75: Bitter Memory
76: Botched Cookie
77: Dragon Dung
78: Bitter Wine
79: Poison Mushroom
7A: Gross Mushroom
7B: Rotten Mushroom
7C: Uniuji
7D: Princess's ???
7E: Gunso's ???
7F: Letter
80-FF: Nothing

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