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Techniques and Spells

Most techniques can be used both in melee battle and on the field. For field techs, the range of a tech is how far you can put the target square, and the effect is how many squares are affected by the technique. (Your own square is always included in the effect.) For example, a range/effect of 2/2 means you can send the square two squares in any of the four directions from you, and it will affect a cross pattern of a center square plus one in any direction. (Range of 0 means you can only target yourself, and effect of 1 means the technique only affects the target square.) "Target" means the target in melee battle, and Range/Effect refers to the field use. If it can't be used on the field, this shows N/A. Note that even if the melee Target is One, if it's used on the field it'll automatically affect all characters/enemies in the target unit.

Recall that generally field attacks cannot hurt allies or heal the enemy. The exceptions are: some Mini-Devil Dances, using heal spells against Death-elemental enemies, or using (e.g.) fire attacks against fire-elemental enemies (it'll be healed). Also using HP drain attacks against Death-elemental enemies will work backwards (you'll be hurt and they'll be healed). Note that HP Drain attacks are treated the same as healing attacks as far as affecting terrain (e.g. turning Poison Swamps into Swamps).

The EXP Multiplier shown is explained in Stats.

The Associated Stat refers to the dragon associated with the party. See Stats for more details on specific stats. If that stat is less than level 1 for the dragon, the associated technique/spell will not be shown and will be unavailable for use. Dragon Techs are used by the dragons themselves so obviously the stat is for that dragon. If the stat has a * next to it, that means that the character can ALWAYS use that magic (at level 1) even if the associated stat for his dragon is at 0 (unless the dragon is a Uni Uni/Black Dragon or Unknown Form/Behemoth, in which case even the base techs can't be used; they're replaced with other techs). Note that all "Uni" techniques have a high possibility that the "Failure" tech will be done instead (it does nothing, and has a multiplier of 1). See Dragons for more info.

Enemies can use a variety of techniques, including Summons, Black Magic, White Magic, Swordtech, Dance Spells, and Dragon Techs. They can also use a bunch of their own Enemy Spells. However, the Dance spells are slightly different when done by enemies.

ALL poison-elemental damage has a chance of poisoning its target.

Red Magic has one spell from White Magic and one from Black Magic. I.e. if two Summoners and a White Mage want to cast White Drug, it'll add the level of three characters. (Only the technique matters, not its category.)

Swordtech (Cross Knight)
Pulse (Knight)
Smash (Heavy Armor)
Inspire (Royal Guard)
Tower (Light Armor)
White Magic (Priest)
Black Magic (Wizard)
Red Magic (Summoner/Dragnar)
Summon (Summoner/Dragnar)
Dust (Lancer)
Ninjutsu (Assassin)
Devil Dance (Mini-Devil)
Reggae/Fright Dance (Mini-Devil)
Dragon Techs
Enemy Techs

Swordtech (Cross Knight)

Flame Hit6All5/2Fire2Physical fire damage.
Ice Hit6All5/2Ice2Physical water damage.
Thunder Hit6All5/2Thunder2Physical thunder damage.
Poison Hit6All5/2Poison2Physical poison damage.
Drug Hit6All5/2Life2Physical Life-elemental damage and drains HP from targets.
Earth Hit7All5/2Earth2Physical earth damage.
Saint Hit10All5/2Holy3Physical holy damage.
Dark Hit10All5/2Dark3Physical dark damage.
Uni Hit6All5/2Loy.2Physical neutral damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)
? Hit6All5/2Trans.2Physical neutral damage. (Unknown Form/Behemoth only.)

Pulse (Knight)

Flame Pulse5OneN/AFire2Physical flame damage.
Ice Pulse5OneN/AIce2Physical water damage.
Thunder Pulse5OneN/AThunder2Physical thunder damage.
Poison Pulse5OneN/APoison2Physical poison damage.
Drug Pulse5OneN/ALife2Physical life-elemental damage and drains HP from target.
Earth Pulse6OneN/AEarth2Physical earth damage.
Saint Pulse9OneN/AHoly3Physical holy damage.
Dark Pulse9OneN/ADark3Physical dark damage.
Uni Pulse5OneN/ALoy.2Physical neutral damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)
? Pulse5OneN/ATrans.2Physical neutral damage. (Unknown Form/Behemoth only.)

Smash (Heavy Armor)

Flame Smash4OneN/AFire2Physical fire damage.
Ice Smash4OneN/AIce2Physical water damage.
Thunder Smash4OneN/AThunder2Physical thunder damage.
Poison Smash4OneN/APoison2Physical poison damage.
Drug Smash4OneN/ALife2Physical life-elemental damage and drains HP from target.
Earth Smash5OneN/AEarth2Physical earth damage.
Saint Smash8OneN/AHoly3Physical holy damage.
Dark Smash8OneN/ADark3Physical dark damage.
Uni Smash4OneN/ALoy.2Physical neutral damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)
? Smash4OneN/ATrans.2Physical neutral damage. (Unknown Form/Behemoth only.)

Inspire (Royal Guard)

Inspire4One1/2Thunder*2Physical thunder damage.
Uni Inspire4One1/2Loy.2Physical neutral damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)
? Inspire4One1/2Trans.2Physical neutral damage. (Unknown Form/Behemoth only.)

Tower (Light Armor)

Flame Tower7AllN/AFire2Physical fire damage.
Ice Tower7AllN/AIce2Physical water damage.
Thunder Tower7AllN/AThunder2Physical thunder damage.
Poison Tower7AllN/APoison2Physical poison damage.
Drug Tower7AllN/ALife2Physical life-elemental damage and drains HP from targets.
Earth Tower8AllN/AEarth2Physical earth damage.
Saint Tower10AllN/AHoly3Physical holy damage.
Dark Tower10AllN/ADark3Physical dark damage.
Uni Tower7AllN/ALoy.2Physical neutral damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)
? Tower7AllN/ATrans.2Physical neutral damage. (Unknown Form/Behemoth only.)

White Magic (Priest)

White Drug10One/All5/2Life*2Heals HP.
Cleanup10One5/2Life*2Heals all status ailments.
Sleep12One5/1Life*2Attempts to put target to sleep.
Exorcism15One5/1Poison2Attempts to instantly kill target.
Return Life22One5/1Life2If the target is dead, recovers with at least half HP.
Starfall21All5/2Earth2Magical earth damage.
Big Burst24All5/3Holy3Magical holy damage.
Infinity24One5/3Dark3Magical dark damage.
Uni Magic10All5/2Loy.2Magical neutral damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)
Mystery Magic22All5/2Trans.2Heal allies. (Unknown Form/Behemoth only.)

Black Magic (Wizard)

Flame Gaze10One/All5/2Fire*2Magical fire damage.
Ice Magic10One/All5/2Ice*2Magical water damage.
Thunder Gale10One/All5/2Thunder*2Magical thunder damage.
Bionics14All5/2Poison2Magical poison damage.
Energy Drain15One5/1Life2Magical life-elemental damage and drains HP from target.
Earthquake18All5/2Earth2Magical earth damage.
Armageddon22All5/3Holy3Magical holy damage.
Halley Gazer22All5/3Dark3Magical dark damage.
Uni Magic10All5/2Loy.2Magical neutral damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)
Mystery Magic18All5/2Trans.2Magical neutral damage. (Unknown Form/Behemoth only.)

Red Magic (Summoner/Dragnar)

White Drug10One/All5/2Life*2Heals HP.
Flame Gaze10One/All5/2Fire2Magical fire damage.
Bingo9One5/2Life*2Raises attack power for targets.
Uni Magic10All5/2Loy.3Magical neutral damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)
Mystery Magic16All5/2Trans.2Magical neutral damage. (Unknown Form/Behemoth only.)

Summon (Summoner/Dragnar)

Summons are learned as the story progresses; before certain points in the story they cannot be used. They cannot be used if the party's dragon is an Unknown/Behemoth. The Uni Uni/Black Dragon Summons can only be used if the corresponding normal Summon can be used.

Valitora19All5/3Thunder*2Magical non-elemental damage; after chapter 6.
Leviathan20All5/3Water*2Magical water damage; after chapter 11.
Garuda21All5/5Life*2Magical non-elemental damage; after chapter 14.
Jormungand25All5/2Earth*2Magical earth damage; after chapter 16.
Hyperion30All5/3Poison*2Magical non-elemental damage; after chapter 20.
Bahamut33All5/5Fire*3Magical fire damage; after chapter 21.
Alexander35All5/6Fire*3Magical Dark damage; at start of Ex-Play game.
Vali19All5/3Thunder2Magical neutral damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)
Levvy20All5/3Water2Magical water damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)
Garu21All5/5Life2Magical neutral damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)
Jormy25All5/2Earth2Magical earth damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)
Hypie30All5/3Poison2Magical neutral damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)
Bahamie33All5/5Fire2Magical fire damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)
Alex35All5/6Fire2Magical neutral damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)

Dust (Lancer)

Flame Dust1All2/1Fire1Physical fire damage.
Ice Dust1All2/1Ice1Physical water damage.
Thunder Dust1All2/1Thunder1Physical thunder damage.
Poison Dust1All2/1Poison1Physical poison damage.
Drug Dust1All2/1Life1Physical life-elemental damage and drains HP from targets.
Earth Dust5All2/1Earth1Physical earth damage.
Saint Dust10All2/1Holy2Physical holy damage.
Dark Dust10All2/1Dark2Physical dark damage.
Uni Dust1All2/1Loy.1Physical neutral damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)
? Dust1All2/1Trans.1Physical neutral damage. (Unknown Form/Behemoth only.)

Ninjutsu (Assassin)

Burn3All0/3Fire2Physical fire damage.
Blizzard3All0/3Ice2Physical water damage.
Raiden3All0/3Thunder2Physical thunder damage.
Assassinate5One0/3Life2Attempts to kill target.
Trick2All0/5Poison2Attempts to put targets to sleep.
Landmine5All1/2Earth2Physical earth damage.
Chakra10All0/3Holy3Heals HP for targets.
Unsheathe10All0/4Dark3Attempts to kill targets.
Uni Ninjutsu3All0/2Loy.2Physical neutral damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)
Imitate3All0/2Trans.2Physical neutral damage. (Unknown Form/Behemoth only.)

Dances (Mini-Devil)

The Dances will be executed randomly when Devil Dance/Fright Dance/Reggae Dance is chosen. On the field they more or less always affect a radius of 0/4. Dance uses no MP. The level of any type of Dance raises with a dragon's Mind, but can be used at level 1 even if the dragon's Mind is at level 0. There are three types of Dance. Regular Dance has differences depending on what level the Mini-Devil is at (certain spells can only be executed at certain levels). The other two, Reggae Dance (if the associated dragon is an Unknown/Behemoth) and Fright Dance (for Uni Uni/Black Dragon), have no difference with levels.

Devil Dance

All spells have effect/range of 0/4.

NameTargetMult.Levels (Field)Levels (Battle)Comments
AquastormAll1N/A10Ice-elemental attack.
Breath WingAll1N/A10Non-elemental attack.
Damage AllAll28-9N/APoison-elemental attack on both allies and enemies.
Earth ShakeAll1N/A10Earth-elemental attack.
Fire BreathAll1N/A10Fire-elemental attack.
FlamethrowerAll11-101-9Fire-elemental attack.
Gastric JuiceOne1N/A4-9Life-elemental; drains HP from an enemy.
Heal AllN/A210N/AHeals HP of both enemies and allies.
Heal Enemy PartyAll2N/A4-10Heals HP of enemies. (BAD!)
MegavoltOne1N/A2-3Thunder-elemental attack.
MP DamageAll28-106-10Reduces MP of enemies.
Mr. GunfireAll11-101-9Thunder-elemental attack.
NightmareOne15-102-10Takes off 50% of current HP of target(s).
Nightmare 99One1N/A6-9Takes off 75% of current HP of target.
Poison PowderAll1N/A10Poison-elemental attack.
Power DanceAll21-101-9Heals party's HP.
RollAll1N/A10Earth-elemental attack.
Seductive SmileAll14-72-7Attempts to put enemies to sleep.
SporeAll18-104-9Poison-elemental attack.
Super Secret AttackAll1N/A10Thunder-elemental attack.
Toxic InkAll1N/A10Non-elemental damage.
Winter VisitAll11-101-9Ice-elemental attack.

Reggae/Fright Dance

All spells have effect/range of 0/4 besides for Complete Heal All and Frog All, which affect every single unit on the battlefield (including dragons). The "Appears" column indicates whether the spell appears in Reggae Dance (Unknown/Behemoth), Fright Dance (Uni Uni/Black Dragon), or both; and whether it can be used in battle, field, or both.

BagdemAll1Both (Both)Non-elemental attack.
Complete Heal AllN/A2Fright (Field)Heals all HP and MP for every unit on the field (this is the only way to heal dragons' MP!).
Damage AllN/A2Both (Field)Poison-elemental attack on both allies and enemies.
Frog AllN/A2Fright (Field)Takes off 25% of current HP of every single unit on the battlefield.
GigashockAll1Reggae (Both)Non-elemental attack.
Heal AllN/A2Both (Field)Heals HP for both allies and enemies.
Heal Enemy PartyAll2Both (Both)Heals enemies' HP.
MP DamageAll2Both (Both)Reduces enemies' MP.
RagnarokAll1Both (*)Non-elemental attack. *Can be used in the field only for Reggae, but both field and battle for Fright.
Super Secret AttackAll1Both (Both)Thunder-elemental attack.

Dragon Techs

Bite0OneN/AStrength1Physical damage.
Body Blow0OneN/AVitality1Physical damage.
Claw0OneN/ADexterity1Physical damage.
Sonic Boom0OneN/AMind1Physical damage.
Hellfire10All5/2Fire2Magical fire damage.
Ice Breath10All5/2Ice2Magical water damage.
Electron10All5/2Thunder2Magical thunder damage.
Poison Gas12All5/2Poison2Magical poison damage.
Refresh13All5/2Life2Heals HP of targets.
Terra Break14All5/2Earth2Magical earth damage.
Solar Flare25All5/3Holy3Magical holy damage (Salmando only).
Burst Gale23All5/3Holy3Magical holy damage (Icedrake only).
Thunder Wave24All5/3Holy3Magical holy damage (Molten only).
Big Carnival26All5/3Holy3Magical holy damage (Thunderh only).
Death's Undead24All5/3Holy3Magical holy damage (Twinhead only).
Fatal Blade33All5/3Holy3Attempts to kill targets (Munimuni only).
Nightmare 10027One5/3Holy3Magical holy damage; takes off 3/8 of current HP (Puppy only).
Raging Flames24All5/3Dark3Magical dark damage (Salmando only).
Dark Light22All5/3Dark3Magical dark damage (Icedrake only).
Sky's Rage26All5/3Dark3Magical dark damage (Molten only).
Melee 9919AllN/ADark3Magical dark damage; takes off 1/3 of maximum HP (Thunderh only).
Fly Swarm26All5/3Dark3Magical dark damage (Twinhead only).
Dark Blade29All5/3Dark3Magical dark damage; takes off 3/8 of current HP (Munimuni only).
Grand Train29All5/3Dark3Magical dark damage (Puppy only).
Uni Breath12All5/2Loy.2Neutral damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)
Attack0OneN/ALoy.2Neutral physical damage. (Uni Uni/Black Dragon only.)
Dark Power28AllN/ALoy.3Neutral damage. (Black Dragon only)
Transform0AllN/ATrans.3Attempts to transform into a random Dark or Holy form of any dragon and use the Dark or Holy technique. (Unknown Form/Behemoth only.)

Enemy Techs

Aquastorm12All6/2Ice-elemental damage.
Assault0OneN/APhysical damage.
Assault Spear0OneN/APhysical damage.
Bagdem19All9/2Non-elemental damage.
Beak0OneN/APhysical damage.
Bingo 99 Hit0OneN/APhysical damage.
Black Hole0OneN/ADark-elemental damage(?).
Bloodsucker0OneN/ADrains HP from target.
Bomb6OneN/AFire-elemental damage.
Breath Wing0All2/1Non-elemental physical damage.
Burning Earth6All7/2Fire-elemental damage.
Catapult0One7/1Physical damage.
Clean Hit0OneN/APhysical damage.
Crush0OneN/APhysical damage.
Daikon Chop0OneN/APhysical damage.
Dark Breath5All7/2Poison-elemental damage.
Death Pike0OneN/APhysical damage.
Diffuse Beam6AllN/ANon-elemental damage(?).
Earth Shake10All5/3Earth-elemental damage.
Energy Charge0N/AFull/0Turns a Stone Statue into a Radamantis.
Excalibur0OneN/APhysical damage.
Excellence6AllN/ANon-elemental damage.
Explosive Cry0OneN/APhysical damage.
Fire Breath8All5/1Magical fire damage.
Gastric Juice0OneN/ADrains HP from target.
Gigashock21All8/2Magical neutral damage.
Gran Magic8OneN/ADark-elemental magical damage(?).
Hand Grenade8AllN/AFire-elemental damage.
Heat Rod0OneN/ANon-elemental physical damage(?).
Heaven's Judgement0OneN/AMagical holy damage(?).
Heaven's Rage?All12/2Holy-elemental magical damage(?).
Heeheehee0OneN/APhysical poison damage.
Hole Valley0OneN/ANon-elemental damage.
Inferno8All10/2Fire-elemental damage.
Ink0AllN/ANon-elemental damage(?).
Javelin Throw9All5/1Physical damage.
Kaiser Blade0OneN/APhysical damage.
Magma Storm10All7/2Fire-elemental magical damage.
Make Friendly2One6/0Turns target into a rabbit.
Make Guard0N/A2/0Creates a party of (Dark Stalker x3).
Megavolt0OneN/AThunder-elemental damage.
Nightmare14One5/0Attempts to take off 50% of current HP (Death-affinity).
Nightmare 9910One6/1Attempts to take off 75% of current HP in-battle, and about 1/3 of it on the field (Death-affinity).
Nova0OneN/ANon-elemental damage(?).
Petrify12One5/1Turns target to stone.
Poison Fang0OneN/APoison-elemental physical damage.
Poison Powder27All8/2Poison-elemental damage.
Power Shift10All6/1Non-elemental damage(?).
Quick28N/A6/0Gives ally unit an immediate attack even if its turn is already used up.
Ragnarok10All6/1Non-elemental damage.
Randomizer8All10/1Causes randomly stone, rabbit, sleep, poison, or death on targets.
Reinforcements0NoneN/ACreates two Savage Beasts in battle.
Roll0AllN/AEarth-elemental damage.
Scrasher5OneN/APhysical damage.
Seductive Smile8All5/0Puts targets to sleep.
Self-Destruct0OneN/AKills self to cause instant death on the target.
Shock Cannon0N/A8/2Physical damage.
Shockwave8All7/1Thunder-elemental damage(?).
Shriek0AllN/ANon-elemental damage(?).
Silent Voice8All5/0Turns targets to stone.
Spore11All3/1Poison damage.
Stone Glare0OneN/ATurns target to stone.
Surge Cannon0N/A12/3Physical damage.
Swing0OneN/APhysical damage.
Teleportress0N/A8/0Teleports a (Dark Stalker x3) party around the map.
Tempest9All7/2Non-elemental magical damage(?).
Tentacle0OneN/ADrains HP from target.
Tidal Wave0AllN/AIce-elemental damage.
Toxic Ink0AllN/ANon-elemental damage(?).
Typhoon8All6/1Ice-elemental damage(?).
Uhoho9One5/1Turns target into stone.
Undead Creation0NoneN/ACreates a Spinal and Deflesh in battle.
Venom0OneN/ANon-elemental damage(?).
Whip0OneN/APhysical damage.
Whiplash6OneN/APhysical damage.

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