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Getting The Secret Characters
The Five Princess's ???'s
Sound Test
Tomato's Checklist
Zora's Son's Real Name

Getting The Secret Characters

There are three secret characters you don't get normally during the game. Here's how to get them!

Mist: Your third and last Light Armor can be found in chapter 14. (She was with you in the Prologue, you may remember, but disappeared after that). Start by talking to everyone on the main screen of Godland (i.e. outside), including Yoyo. Now enter the top right house to see a scene with Donfan. Exit and talk to the woman by the tree again. After another short scene, enter the top left house; the man will let you pass and talk to Mist, who'll join you! She'll also give you a message; see Tomato's Checklist.

Sajin and Zeroshin: The two Assassins can be found in chapter 15. Inside the Liberation headquarters at the lower right, you can see them hiding behind barrels if you look closely. Talk to the upper one to get them both to join. If you choose the "options", don't worry, they won't actually kill Matelite or Yoyo, but they'll make a funny attempt at some point in the game. They can kill the crew member, though! 8p

The Five Princess's ???'s

There are exactly five items called Princess's ??? found in the game. They're necessary to get a Behemoth (see Common Dragon Forms); if you miss any of them, you can't get your Behemoth till Ex-Play. In my opinion a Behemoth isn't all that great in the first place, but to each his own. ^^; Here's where you can find these five items:

  1. At the start of chapter 6, after the initial scene in Yoyo's room, enter Yoyo's bed as soon as you can. Face down and hit A to get it.
  2. In chapter 12, choose Matelite to go on the spy mission (actually Taicho will go when you do this). Then before battle, talk to Taicho in the screen where you feed your dragons. After the battle you'll get an extra scene; in here, as soon as you can, enter Yoyo's bed, face down, and hit A to get the item.
  3. Chapter 18: Again, as soon as you can, enter Yoyo's bed to find the item.
  4. Chapter 19: After the battle's over and you've chosen the two dragon parents for Puppy, talk to either shopkeeper to get it along with a bunch of other items.
  5. Chapter 22: Once you tell Hornet to go to Granbelos, talk to Rush, then follow him to the men's quarters. Talk to him again (it doesn't matter what you choose) to get the fifth and last Princess's ??? item!

Sound Test

To access the hidden sound test programmed by Neil (it's not in the original cartridge, only if you're using DeJap's translation patch) hold down L and R (not the keyboard keys, but whatever you assigned the L and R SNES keys to) and reset the game. In ZSNES this is easy; while holding L and R, hit Escape, then choose Reset Game from the Game menu. I don't have a copy of SNES9x or any other emulator, so I can't tell you how to do it with those. ^^; The names of the tracks are taken right from the soundtrack, so some of the names of characters and places are inconsistent with DeJap's own translation.

Tomato's Checklist

On his website, Tomato, the translator of Bahamut Lagoon, left a checklist of easter eggs to find. Let's go through them, shall we? 8-)

  • A message from Dark Force: This one's in chapter 15. Examine the barrel at the far lower right to get a Dark Force robe and a message from Dark Force the hacker: "F*** you, Square!" 8p
  • A message from Tomato: After beating the chapter 20 battle, go south and examine the door to get Tomato's message.
  • A message about Neil Corlett: When you get Mist (see Secret Characters above) she'll talk about a dream about Neil. 8-) This is where we find out about the sound test above, as well.
  • An enemy from Final Fantasy 3 (US)/FF6j: This is the Presenter. It appears randomly when you destroy those small round structures using thunder techs; it also frequently appears as a normal enemy in the Granbelos Fortress side quest. It's very weak but gives great items after defeating it. In FF3, the Presenter was a monster-in-a-box in Daryl's Tomb.
  • A dragon from FF3us/FF6j: Referring to Hidon, Puppy's Dark form. Hidon was an optional boss in FF3 (Strago's subquest involving Ebot's Rock). Although he isn't exactly a dragon in there... then again, he doesn't look much like a dragon here either. 8p Several of Salmando's forms are also identical to enemies from FF3j (the Dirt Dragon and one of those bull-type enemies on the World of Ruin map).
  • A reference to an enemy from FF5: Probably the D.Chimera, a monster in Karnak in FF5.
  • A George Washington reference: In Chapter 21, talk to Melodia and she will ask you if you like her. One of the options is 'I cannot tell a lie,' a famous quote attributed to George Washington. Thanks to Nathan Baker for point this out for me.
  • All Earthbound references: I strike out again - I don't know much about Earthbound either. One I did catch was that one of the dragon forms is called Giygas, the name of the final enemy from Earthbound.
  • WHAT UP WITH BAHUMAT: This is part of Tomato's message (above) in chapter 20.
  • Dragon love juice (ewwww): In chapter 19 when you choose the dragons to be Puppy's parents, if you choose Molten as a parent and talk to Palpaleos who was formerly behind Molten (do this before talking to the dragonkeeper and mating the dragons), Palpaleos will tell you you've got dragon love juice all over you. O_o
  • A guy trying to re-enact Taicho's scene at Celine's grave: Again in chapter 15, in one of the houses (the one where you can steal 3000 PR from two different barrels). Examine the gravestone to see the scene with "Teline". 8-) You have to have bought all four "Resistance News" items from the guy at the top left before you can see it.
  • All instances of Sendak being a little too friendly with Byuu: I ain't even gonna try this one.
  • Truce in the girls' bedroom: In chapter 21, after talking to Yoyo on the bridge (just before you can talk to Hornet to commence battle) enter the women's quarters to find Truce there; apparently he's lost. 8-)

Zora's Son's Real Name

The character is called Zora's Son throughout the game, but obviously he has a real name. You can find it out by talking to him in chapter 24. It's "Orelus", the same name as the world Bahamut Lagoon takes place in. He's either embarrassed or proud about it (depending on what you say to him there)...although I'd probably say embarrassed, because the game keeps calling him "Zora's Son" till the end of the game anyway. 8p This isn't exactly a secret, but Cala suggested I include it, so here it is. 8p