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March, 6, 2005
Been about two years since the last update to this shrine, but since this page is pretty much complete, it not surprising. I changed the layout to the monster page to reflect the style used in Soul Blazer and Zelda II shrine. I also changed the update page look to my table style used in all my shrines. Will update again if anything new comes up. Seeya.

June, 1, 2003
Today is just a minor update telling you about the changes in coding in this shrine. There will be a few other changes that will not be mention, as they are minor. See ya.

April, 1, 2003
Happy April Fools day everyone, even so this is a day of tricky, this update isn't. For I have finished updating the Actraiser shrine. One thing, the level maps were dropped, as they are pretty pointless to include.

March, 23, 2003
It been about a year since the last update, but it doesn't mean this shrine is dead. Ignore my claim this shrine is done, it still has few new stuff being added. The SIM Building section is only a temp page right now, but the level system is slowly getting done. Also changing the images of various pages, so if a broken link appears, it will be fixed later on. Also fixing up grammar errors from before and other misc stuff.

April, 23, 2002
The Actraiser shrine is now offically complete, but changes will occur. New features is a better monsters section, updated boss section, and bland new walkthrough.

April, 10, 2002
Happy annivesary to RPGC everyone. In honor of it, I began to do a major update to the Actraiser shrine. I have a preview of what going to be updated with a new map section, the bland new act monster section, and a updated walkthrough. More to come later, bye.

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