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Area 7: Haidee Forest Walkthrough

Before venturing further into Haidee Forest, make sure you have at least 25,000 gold. Once you obtain the gold, venture one screen to the right of the entrance to the forest. To reach the rock on the right side of the screen, you will have to move one screen south and come back up on the other side. Strike the rock a few times to get the hole to appear. Crawl in and buy the Magic Mirror for 25,000 gold.
Your next objective is to go back to Crawky Forest and fight white rats until you gain 70,000 gold. After you have the gold, walk back to the entrance to Haidee Forest and make your way 2 screens right and 4 screens up. You will have to get there in a roundabout way so just follow the path you find in the maps section. Once you reach the screen pictured on the right, kill 4 Death Lords to reveal the hole in the upper-left corner. Crush the stone blocking the way and crawl in to buy the Ascent Boots.
Traveling is now MUCH easier with the Ascent Boots. You can now walk over nearly everything (including trees!). Hidden holes, like the one pictured on the left, are only accessible with the Ascent Boots. Venture around to find 2 Life Potions (19 total) and 3 bibles (100,000 gold max). See the maps section for locations and pricing. Also make sure you are stocked with both purple and green mea because you will need them in the battles ahead.
Now that you have the Ascent Boots, journey back to Bachular Graveyard. There is a shortcut on the Eastern wall of the mountains in Haidee Forest that brings you right back into the graveyard. Walk along the river back to the black abyss screen you see pictured on the right. Remember this? Now you can cross the black abyss and strike the skull in the center of the island a couple times to reveal a hole. Crawl in and buy Ramurasu' Pendant for 25,000 gold. Any damage you take is now reduced by half!
Journey back to Haidee Forest and head to the farthest South and a bit west to the screen you see here. Crush the stone to reveal a hole. The Wise Woman will give you the last Emerald Ring.
You can bring the Emerald Ring back to the hole you see pictured here. It is located one screen right and two screens up from the original entrance to Haidee Forest.
After giving the Wise Woman the ring, she will reveal what she knows of where Golvellius is hiding.
Now that you have all 19 Life Potions, 100,000 gold max and both mea herbs, head toward the southern lake contained within Haidee Forest, onto the island pictured on the right. Crush the bottom-right stone to reveal the entrance to Haidee's lair. Be careful of the Koranda running around. They like to group attack and reduce your power quickly.
The last bottom-up scroller is tough and you may have to do it a few times to finally get all the way through. At the first part, stay to the left as you see pictured here because the right side holds a dead end.
Once you reach the area pictured on the right, quickly run through the small gap over to the right side of the screen, or you will find yourself at a dead end. You will also need to make another sharp turn to the left after this, so be ready.
After the previous twists and turns, make sure you keep Kelesis close to the top of the screen. The enemies in these bottom-up scrolling dungeons aren't difficult anymore because you have the strongest sword and the Ramurasu Pendant. Your main focus is keeping Kelesis from getting forced to the bottom of the screen. You will need to be toward the top of the screen when you encounter the right turn you see pictured here. It takes a little maneuvering to get around this spot, but you should have enough time.
Haidee isn't too difficult for being the second to last boss. As soon as the battle begins, just start rapidly stabbing the demon as many times as possible. The blue "dandruff" that gets thrown at Kelesis from Haidee's hair doesn't hurt too much when they hit. Once the demon starts running after Kelesis, run away until it slows and starts shaking its hair again. Stab quickly until Haidee is defeated.
Upon Haidee's defeat, venture to the farthest Northeastern part of the forest to the screen you see pictured on the left. Crawl in the hole and you will find the 7th and final crystal for 40,000 gold. Easy money now that you have 100,000 to spend and no more items to gather!
Here is what your inventory should look like before the final confrontation with Golvellius. The status screen only shows 18 Life Potions, however the overworld screen will still say 19.

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