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Know Thy Enemies

Name Image Description How much Gold does it give? Location(s)
Basketworm A deadly caterpillar with venomous fangs that...oh who am I kidding? This bug is a pushover. 20 Side-scrolling dungeons
Bat Your standard scary-movie bat that swoops at you and comes back for more. 30 Despa Valley, Haidee Forest, Bottom-up scrolling dungeons
The next step in the bat lineage. Light blue bats have a little stronger bite. 50 Rolick Desert, Warlic Lake, Haidee Forest
These bats are so mad, they turned red! 200 Bachular Graveyard
Have you ever seen a white bat? Exactly, they aren't real. OK they are, I lied. Second strongest bat. 300 Fosbus Swamp
Pink bats are loved by all girlies. Very annoying for Kelesis, however. Strongest of all the bats. 200 Crawky Forest, Haidee Forest
Bee What would you do to a small, insignificant insect swarming over you, while shooting small pellets at your head? Stabbeth until you can stabbeth no more! 100 Despa Valley, Rolick Desert
Revenge of the insignificant insects! They are back, bigger and badder than ever. 200 Bachular Graveyard, Crawky Forest, Haidee Forest
Crow Never thought a friendly bird like the crow could fly so fast at your head did ya? All disbelievers can go... eat crow. 40 Despa Valley, Haidee Forest
Does an undead crow look blue? They sure are more scary than the original crows. 90 Bachular Graveyard
Red crows are just plain nasty. Get that Legendary Sword quickly to make fast cat food. The strongest of crows. 210 Bachular Graveyard, Fosbus Swamp, Crawky Forest, Haidee Forest
Death Lord The Grim Reaper, only invisible. Before you get the magic mirror, Death Lords will be impervious to any attack. Just avoid them until you can see them. N/A Crawky Forest, Haidee Forest.
The visible version of the Grim Reaper, they fly in circular motions, side to side. Hard to kill, even with the legendary sword. 500 Crawky Forest, Haidee Forest.
Fire Spirit Flying fireballs that try to push you out of dungeons. 40 Side-scrolling dungeons
Flea Giant fleas bounce up and down impeding your progress. Watch out for the dog they fell off of. 30 Side-scrolling dungeons
Fly Remember the movie The Fly? Well, they won't rip off your head or anything. Its just too bad there isn't a gigantic Legendary Fly-Swatter. 0 Bottom-up scrolling dungeons
Frog Gigantic frogs that like to hop across the screen. 40 Rolick Desert, Fosbus Swamp
A stronger version of the frog, but still quite easy to kill. Good for building up gold, however. 200 Bachular Graveyard, Fosbus Swamp
Giant Bat As if the smaller bats weren't enough, the giant bats fly from side to side, spewing out smaller bats. When they are defeated, they drop health pellets. 0 Bottom-up scrolling dungeons
Giant Bat Offspring Aw, aren't they cute? No, stab them. They only appear while the giant bat is spewing them out. A couple of strikes will do them in. No reward, however. 0 Bottom-up scrolling dungeons
Giant Snake Huge snakes that spit out snakelets and fire spirits. They give health pellets after they die. 0 Side-scrolling dungeons
Jellyfish These jellyfish don't actually reside in the water as you might think, but crawl toward their prey on land. Oh yeah, and they can take a beating too. 300 Warlic Lake
A stronger version of the jellyfish. I wouldn't recommend tackling these guys until you get the Legendary Sword. Even then they take a few hits. 400 Crawky Forest
Koranda Koranda look kind of like Randar and look way too happy to attack you. They are pretty tough, even with the Legendary Sword. Koranda move slowly, but once they catch you, they hang on. 350 Haidee Forest
Mole Moles burrow under the ground and pop up to attack. Hit them with your sword when they pop up. One of the easier enemies in the game. 60 Rolick Desert, Haidee Forest
A little stronger than the standard mole, but still no contest. 120 Warlic Lake
Monty mole from Super Mario World? Not a chance. Same rules apply, get a better sword to kill them with. 200 Crawky Forest, Haidee Forest
Pigmy Skeleton These little guys need a chill pill. Watch out when they start grouping. They like to molest you. 120 Bachular Graveyard
Stronger and harder to kill than the standard pigmys. Best way to kill them is to stand in the trees with the wing boots. 330 Warlic Lake and Crawky Forest
Porcupig Boar-like creatures that charge at you as soon as they have a straight path. 30 Rolick Desert
Oink. 100 Warlic Lake
The strongest of the oinks. 180 Crawky Forest
Potato Bug Your girlfriend wouldn't approve of killing such cute little creatures. What she doesn't know won't hurt her. 100 Fosbus Swamp
Stronger than the standard potato bugs, but still pretty easy. Good for gold collection, but watch out because Rio gets mad if you "pick on them" too much. 240 Fosbus Swamp, Warlic Lake, Crawky Forest.
Rat Rats that look more like mice. Great for gold collection. Just stand in the water and slice away. 200 Warlic Lake, Crawky Forest
Stronger than the standard rats, but same rules apply. 400 Crawky Forest
Shark Fin Shark fins look like they could be dangerous, if there was an actual shark attached to them. Instead, they just swim back and forth and are easy to dodge and kill. 150 Warlic Lake
Snake One of the first enemies you will encounter in the Valley. Not too difficult, but while walking above them, watch for their jumps. 10 Despa Valley
Same old, same old. Just blue. 40 Despa Valley, Rolick Desert, Bachular Graveyard
Gettin' scary! Better get a stronger sword soon! 180 Rolick Desert, Bachular Graveyard
OMG it's Whitesnake. No... not the band. Just a tough foe. 220 Fosbus Swamp
Snakelet Snakelets don't move about unless spewed by giant snakes. Pretty easy kill. 10 Side-scrolling dungeons
Spider Spiders hang from the ceilings of dungeons and drop down on you to attack. Not very tough - about one sword strike should finish them off. 100 Side-scrolling dungeons
Stone Knight Tough, armored soldiers that walk slowly and throw swords at you. They take a few hits to defeat. 100 Bachular Graveyard
These guys have upgraded to the red armor, much stronger... 200 Warlic Lake
The paladins of the stone knights. Only try to kill them if you have the Legendary Sword. 300 Crawky Forest
Tick Ticks look more like butterflies when they fly at Kelesis in dungeons. One sword strike will take them out. 60 Bottom-up scrolling dungeons
Troll Trolls throw axes frequently while moving back and forth. 120 Warlic Lake
Don't panic! It's just one of your every day standard blue trolls. 330 Crawky Forest
Be afraid... be very afraid. It's ok, you can stab with your eyes closed. 440 Haidee Forest
Vortex Vortex fly in a circle then veer off in a straight line. Dangerous when many of them are around, until you discover the Legendary Sword. 220 Rolick Desert, Warlic Lake, Haidee Forest
Stronger than the original Vortex and even with the Legendary Sword, still take a couple of hits to kill. Try to attack at a distance. 400 Haidee Forest
Water Spirit Slow moving insects that throw pellets at you if you linger in one area too long. 80 Rolick Desert
You guessed it. Stronger than the blue water spirits. 180 Fosbus Swamp
These spider-like creatures will crawl all over the place. Not too much of a threat, even being the strongest of their species. 280 Crawky Forest, Haidee Forest

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