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Princess Rena
Princess Rena was captured by Golvellius while in the Valley of Doom searching for the herb that can cure her father. Now the wandering hero Kelesis must save her!
The hero! As Kelesis, you must rescue Princess Rena! Golvellius has hidden her somewhere in the Valley of Doom. But beware...the valley is long and wide...and filled with surprises.

Know Thy Friends

Name Image Info
Dina For two Life Potions, Dina will give you 150 gold.
Not worth it when you consider that you can kill one enemy and obtain the same amount.
Enny If your Life Meter is running low, Enny will restore it for a price.
For every Life Container, Enny will charge you 50 gold pieces.
Only give her gold if you are dangerously low on life potions and/or if you cannot find/get to Randar.
Randar For the minor sum of 150 pieces of gold, Randar will restore your Life Meter and all of your Life Potions.
What a deal! When you are in need, Randar is a good friend indeed.
Rio Rio is full of interesting hints and occasional bits of humor.
Winkle Winkle has the ability to see into the future and give you a Password.
When she does, write it down and use it to get back into the game if you die or decide to come back and play later!
Wise Woman The Wise Woman will have special items that you need to complete the game!
These items include all the crystals, herbs, bibles, shields, swords, pendants, rings and extra Life Potions.
She does charge quite a hefty price for some items, so be prepared to do some monster killing for extra gold.

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