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The Demons

Golvellius has sent seven of his fiercest demons to stop you. Before you do battle with Golvellius, you must defeat each demon and obtain all 7 Crystals from the Wise Woman. After the death of each demon, search the area for the Wise Woman who is selling the Crystal. You will find the demons in caves hidden throughout the valley floor. Some caves can be opened by defeating some of the wild beasts of the valley. Some will appear when certain objects are struck with your sword.

Name (Manual/Game) Image Strategy
Desba/Despa Despa continually throws large snowflakes at you while moving left and right at the back of the room. Dodge between the snowflakes and strike him 2-3 times with your sword, then back away and repeat this procedure.
Saipa/Rolick Saipa will curl up and spin very quickly at you. Dodge him while he is spinning and when he stops, get as many slashes in as possible before he begins spinning again.
Taruba/Bachular Taruba will spit 3 fireballs that stick in one position for a long time, hampering your movement. He also disappears and reappears at will. After he appears, run up and hit him as many times as possible before he disappears again. When the fireballs are first thrown at you, they don't do much damage, so keep slashing away at Taruba. Just avoid the fireballs after they are stuck to the floor.
Fosbus/Fosbus Fosbus throws skulls at you and when they hit the bottom of the screen, they split into 4 skulls and spread out. Try to avoid the skulls while slashing Fosbus with your sword. Each hit you take is a full Life Container, so be careful.
Waruso/Warlic Waruso splits into two and both entities charge at you at different times. This is a difficult battle because one hit takes a whole Life Container and you must be aware of both Waruso's at all times. Stay near the edge at all times (the bottom-left mostly) to avoid multiple hits. Attack Waruso when he stops his charge, before he pulls away. Always attack the second Waruso that charges, otherwise you will be hit by the second one while attacking the first. The battle lets up a bit once one of them is defeated. Continue to hit the remaining Waruso before he backpedals from his charges.
Jasba/Crawky Jasba shoots out numerous rings that bounce off the walls as it moves in a figure 8 around the room. The best way to beat Jasba is to wait in the bottom left corner and strike when it reaches the end of its lunge toward the bottom. Keep dodging the rings as best you can.
Heidi/Haidee Heidi isn't too difficult for being the second to last boss. As soon as the battle begins, just start rapidly stabbing her as much as possible, as the blue particles (dandruff?) that she throws at you with her hair don't hurt too much when they hit you. Once she starts running after you, run away until she slows and starts shaking her hair again. Now stab away.

Final Battle: Golvellius!

Golvellius is pretty tough, as all evil final bosses should be. Some of his hits can take up to two Life Containers! Be sure you have Purple and Green Mea and all 19 Life Containers before you take on Golvellius. Keep a distance while Golvellius speeds up and slows down. Attack him with your sword when he slows down and stay out from under him because he breaths a line of fire occasionally. After he starts to move again, run away until he slows. Repeat until he is dead. Enjoy the ending!

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