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Herein lies all extras, flaws, and known bugs that Golvellius has to offer.

Sound Test Image
You can try out all of the great sounds of the game by holding your directional pad (or joystick) to the upper left corner and holding both A and B buttons down at the same time as Kelesis walks into the cave in the opening sequence.

Bug Image
Wait a that a TV in the middle of the forest? If you approach you will find that it is just another NPC cave with a graphical glitch. You can find this screen on the Eastern edge of Haidee Forest.

Flaw in Crawky Map Image
Someone must have been a little tired while creating the maps. Take a look at the middle of Crawky Forest in the Maps section. The picture at the right shows a closeup of one screen area that was drawn in the wrong place. It looks like the farthest NE corner of Crawky Forest was used twice (once in the NE and once in the middle). You can see how the river stops and starts again past this square. The trees are cut in a perfect line and the mountains end in a perfect line as well. The Japanese version of the game contains the correct map piece in this section.

Valley Sword Resets Game? Image
Apparently the game will crash and/or reset if you do the following:
1. Purchase Remedia's Shield, then go back and purchase the weaker Aruzasu's Shield
2. Attempt to purchase the Valley Sword after Step 1.

This has been confirmed by at least 1 player using the actual SMS cart. If anyone else experiences this phenomenon, please contact me.

Invincibility Ring/Invisibility Ring Image
The small red ring you find in Fosbus Swamp is referred to as the "Invisibility Ring" 3 different times in-game. Yet the manual refers to this ring as the "Invincibility Ring." The ring has nothing to do with Kelesis turning invisible or invincible and only serves you by giving him the ability to crush stones with his sword. In the original MSX version of the game, the ring was translated as the "Vanish Ring" because it helped Kelesis "vanish" rocks. My guess would be that the translators turned "vanish" into "invisibility.

Demon Names Image
All of the Demons except Fosbus and Golvellius have different names in-game than they do in the instruction manual. The in-game names seem to fit closer with the enemies in the original MSX Golvellius.

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