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Area 6: Crawky Forest Walkthrough

Before you enter Crawky Forest, make sure you get at least 40,000 gold for Remedia's Shield. At this point you will probably be sick of killing blue rats, but it is still the best place to collect gold at this point. Just stand on the pond and kill the rats as they appear.
The first screen you come to, as you enter Crawky Forest, contains Remedia's Shield. You will have to walk one screen left and follow the path back to the entrance screen again to reach the stone at the bottom left corner. Crush the stone and crawl in the hole to buy the shield. Now you don't have to worry about any non-boss thrown objects (axes, swords, pellets, etc.). Also, MUSIC CHANGE!
You may want to go back and collect as much gold as possible because many of the potions and bibles in this area run 10,000 gold each. You will find 3 Life Potions and 3 Bibles (72,000 gold max) in Crawky Forest. See maps section for locations and pricing. After you collect some gold, head west, then north. You will eventually end up at the screen you see on the left. Swing your sword at the end of the dock as shown and a hole will appear below. Crawl in to find another Wise Woman with an Emerald Ring.
If you backtrack to the entrance, walk two screens up and two screens left. Then enter the hole you see pictured on the right. You will give the Emerald Ring to another Wise Woman who will apologize because she cannot help you in return.
Your next amount of gold to collect is 50,000 - this time for the Legendary Sword. The best place to collect gold now is close to the northwest corner of Crawky Forest, pictured on the left. The white rats just take a few more strikes than the blue rats did, but they yield much more gold.
Once you've collected the 50,000 gold, move East and North to the screen pictured on the right. When you enter, there MUST be two white stone knights in the clearing for you to kill so that the hole appears. The other invisible flying objects are really Death Lords, but they are impervious to your attacks until you get the Magic Mirror in Haidee Forest. Crawl in the hole and buy the Legendary Sword. MUSIC CHANGE!
Once you have the Legendary Sword, 17 Life Potions, and 72,000 gold max, head East, then South and you will reach this screen. Crush the right stone and a hole will appear, revealing Crawky's dungeon.
Crawky's dungeon is another side scroller. Be careful which crow statues you strike, because some will block your movement forward and you will have to start at the beginning again. A rule of thumb is, if you can't move forward at all, THEN strike the crow statue. A more difficult giant snake (that has fire spirits circling around it) will attack you halfway through the dungeon. Do not jump while attacking it, or it will push you back too far. Stay low and stab when the fire spirits attack. Try to reach the snake each time it comes down from its jump with your sword.
Crawky moves around the room in a figure 8 pattern and shoots out numerous rings that bounce off the walls. The best way to defeat the demon is to wait near the bottom left corner of the room and strike when Crawky reaches the end of its lunge toward the bottom. Keep dodging the rings as best you can.
After Crawky's defeat, you will have to journey all the way back to the most northwestern screen in Crawky Forest to retrieve the 6th crystal for 30,000 gold.
Make sure you have an inventory screen that looks like this one before moving into the last area: Haidee Forest.
Head back to Crawky dungeon entrance and follow the river through the mountains one screen to the right and you will be in Haidee Forest.

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