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The Final Battle: Maou Golvellius! Walkthrough

Now you must find Golvellius. The Wise Woman told you about the dead tree with two rocks under it. You will need to venture back to Crawky Forest, 3 screens up from Crawky's lair. Strike the rock on the right side of the tree a few times to reveal the final dungeon.
The same rules apply from the previous side scroller dungeons. When you encounter the giant snake, it will toss circles of fire spirits at you. Place Kelesis where you see him in the picture on the right and stab away at the snake. The giant snakes should fall much faster now that you have the Legendary Sword.
When you reach this screen, the platform will be on the ceiling. Strike the statue you see Kelesis striking in the picture to lower the platform and continue onward.
The last snake you encounter is ultra-hyper. It will spit tons of tiny snakes at you. Try to hold the D-Pad Right down while stabbing at the snake when it comes down from its jumps.
Golvellius is pretty tough (as all evil final bosses are expected to be!). Some of his hits can take up to two Life Containers!
Keep a distance while he speeds up and slows down. Attack him with your sword when he slows down and stay out from under him because he breaths a line of fire occasionally. After he starts to move again, run away until he slows. Repeat until he is defeated.
Enjoy the ending...

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