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Every item has a Price which never changes. By default, an item is sold for double its Price. If a Magic Rouge is used before entering the shop, it will be sold for 180% its Price; if a Charm Bottle was used, it will be sold for 160% its Price.

In the "Used By" column, each letter is the first letter of that character's name (e.g. S for Stahn, R for Rutee, etc.) except that X stands for Lilith (since L is Leon).

Melee Weapons

Item Format

PictureItem NamePrice: 00Who can equip?
Item StatsLocation(s) of the item.

Melee Weapons

Arc WindPrice: 12,445GMS
SL 250, TH 310, HIT 10, WIND1 found in Josaia.
AtwightPrice: N/AGLPRS
Raises stats with experience. Water-Elemental; also has healing spells.Received in Janos.
Bahamut's TearPrice: 124,375MS
SL 570, TH 500, HIT 101 found in the cave in Junkland.
Bastard SwordPrice: 400GLMS
SL 80, TH 80, HIT 3Bought in Kalviola, Sheeden and Terazzi.
Battle AxePrice: 300MS
SL 70, TH 25, HIT 10Bought in Cherik, Kalviola, Junkland, and Neuestadt.
Burning SwordPrice: N/AGLMS
SL 390, TH 390, HIT 10, FIRE1 found in Mikheil.
ChaltierPrice: N/AGLPRS
Raises stats with experience. Earth-Elemental.Leon starts with it.
ClementePrice: N/AGLPRS
Raises stats with experience. Lightning-Elemental; spells are a variety of Elementals.Found in the Undersea Ruins.
ClubPrice: 140MPS
SL 24, TH 24, HIT 101 found in Darilsheid Castle.
Stolen/dropped from Caveman.
Crescent AxePrice: 580MS
SL 135, TH 100, HIT 0, LIGHTBought in Moreau and Terazzi.
DestroyerPrice: 15,000GLMS
SL 340, TH 305, HIT 10Bought in Radisrol.
Doom BladePrice: 162,500GLMS
SL 520, TH 520, HIT 10, DARKNESS1 found in the Junkland cave.
Drabin AxePrice: 11,165MS
SL 370, TH 150, HIT 0Location unknown.
Dragon SwordPrice: 15,500GLMS
SL 400, TH 620, HIT 30, EARTHFound on Floor 18 of the Tower of Druaga.
Duel SwordPrice: 32,750GLMS
SL 425, TH 425, HIT 101 found in Belcrant.
DymlosPrice: N/AGLPRS
Raises stats with experience. Fire-Elemental.Found in the Draconis.
ExcaliberPrice: N/AMLS
SL 820, TH 820, HIT 50, LIGHT1 found on Floor 45 of the Tower of Druaga.
FenfacePrice: 1,472GLMS
SL 240, TH 190, HIT 15, WATER1 found in Darilsheid Castle.
Fine SaberPrice: 240GLMS
SL 40, TH 20, HIT 0Bought in Cherik, Kalviola, and Junkland.
Flare SwordPrice: 16,290GLMRS
SL 350, TH 390, HIT 20, FIRE1 found in Helraios.
1 received by beating the Coliseum (second prize in first time frame).
HalberdPrice: 612MS
SL 145, TH 150, HIT 5Bought in Terazzi.
Hand AxePrice: 80MS
SL 30, TH 17, HIT 5Bought in Harmentz and Darilsheid.
Hard AxePrice: 16,000MS
SL 100, TH 70, HIT 10, LIGHTNINGLocation unknown.
Ice SwordPrice: 31,400GLMS
SL 740, TH 740, HIT 10, WATER1 found on Floor 31 of the Tower of Druaga (second time round).
IgtenosPrice: N/ANo one
Unusable Swordian.Garr starts with it at the start of Part 2.
IgtenosPrice: N/AGLPRS
Raises stats with experience. Wind-Elemental.Received in Helraios.
Knight's SaberPrice: 200GLMS
SL 35, TH 18, HIT 10, FIRE1 found in Straylize Temple.
Laser BladePrice: 100,005GLMRS
SL 440, TH 440, HIT 100, LIGHT1 found in Helraios.
Long SwordPrice: 20GLMS
SL 15, TH 15, HIT 0Bought in Janos, Harmentz, Darilsheid, and Armeida.
Lucky BladePrice: 6,000GLMRS
SL 100, TH 100, HIT 10, EV+10, LUCK+801 found in Cloudius.
Moon SwordPrice: 28,300GLMS
SL 680, TH 680, HIT 10, LIGHTFound on Floor 13 of the Tower of Druaga (second time round).
Mythril AxePrice: 1,000MS
SL 200, TH 170, HIT 10, LIGHTBought in Heidelberg and Cresta.
Mythril SwordPrice: 860GLMS
SL 185, TH 185, HIT 5Bought in Heidelberg, Cresta, and Moreau (as ?SWORD).
RanseurPrice: 600GMS
SL 155, TH 190, HIT 0Bought in Frostheim.
RapierPrice: 45GLMRS
SL 9, TH 13, HIT 20Bought in Harmentz, Darilsheid, and Armeida.
SaberPrice: 60GLMS
SL 25, TH 16, HIT 0Bought in Harmentz, Darilsheid, Cherik, Kalviola, and Junkland.
SheedenPrice: N/AGLMS
SL 210, TH 150, HIT 100, EARTH1 found in Terazzi warehouse.
Steal from Tiberius.
Short SwordPrice: 10GLMRS
SL 8, TH 8, HIT 30Bought in Janos, Darilsheid, Harmentz, and Armeida.
Silver MacePrice: 290MPS
SL 60, TH 60, HIT 10Bought in Cherik and Neuestadt.
Slayer SwordPrice: 5,000GLMS
SL 300, TH 300, HIT 30, EARTH1 found in Ignasea.
St. HalberdPrice: 45,000GMS
SL 330, TH 300, HIT 10, LIGHTBought in Radisrol.
St. RapierPrice: 100,000GMRS
SL 100, TH 550, HIT 20, LIGHTLocation unknown.
Star MacePrice: 8,000MPS
SL 680, TH 680, HIT 10Found on Floor 42 of the Tower of Druaga.
Strike AxePrice: 7,500MS
SL 250, TH 200, HIT 10, LIGHTNING1 found in the Abandoned Factory.
Strong HalberdPrice: 4,050MS
SL 230, TH 230, HIT 61 found in Darilsheid Castle (in part 2).
VeldanPrice: 175GLMRS
SL 20, TH 42, HIT 20Bought in Cherik, Kalviola, and Junkland.
Vorpal SwordPrice: N/AGLMS
SL 480, TH 480, HIT 10, WIND1 found in Swordian R&D Lab.
White SwordPrice: N/AGLMS
SL 620, TH 600, HIT 30, LIGHTFound on Floor 5 of the Tower of Druaga.
Winged SpearPrice: 1,540GMS
SL 170, TH 210, HIT 0, WIND1 found in the Heidelberg cave.


Auto BowPrice: 10CG
ATK 10, HIT 10Garr starts with it.
Berserker BowPrice: 120,000CG
ATK 450, HIT 95, FIREFound on Floor 57 of the Tower of Druaga.
Composite BowPrice: 925CG
ATK 120, HIT 10, DEF+5Bought in Frostheim.
Stolen/dropped by Archer in Heidelberg Castle.
Crescent BowPrice: 37,000CG
ATK 250, HIT 10, LIGHT1 found in Cloudius.
CrossbowPrice: 1,760CG
ATK 200, HIT 10, LIGHT1 found in Darilsheid Castle.
Elven BowPrice: 15,750CG
ATK 240, HIT 200, EARTH1 found in Rodeon.
Hunter's BowPrice: 1,080CG
ATK 160, HIT 101 found in the Heidelberg Clock Tower.
Soul SteelPrice: 70,000CG
ATK 360, HIT 60, DARKNESS1 found in Dycroft.


Aqua RodPrice: 50,000PX
ATK 395, HIT 10, WATERLocation unknown.
BC RodPrice: N/APX
ATK 1, HIT 10, DEF+10, WATERIdentify the Old Cane item to get this.
Found on Floor 58 of the Tower of Druaga.
Deck BrushPrice: 1CGKLMPRSX
ATK 1, HIT 10, DEF+5, EVA+20Found on the Draconis at the end of part 1.
Flare RodPrice: 50,000PX
ATK 1, HIT 10, DEF+10, WIND1 found in the Junkland cave.
Gale StaffPrice: 50,000PX
ATK 500, HIT 10, FIRE1 found in the Abandoned Warehouse.
GC RodPrice: N/APX
ATK 200, HIT 10, WIND1 found in Cloudius.
Found on Floor 38 of the Tower of Druaga.
Gem RodPrice: 120PX
ATK 18, HIT 10Bought in Harmentz and Darilsheid.
Plain RodPrice: 2PX
ATK 5, HIT 10Bought in Janos.
Quartz RodPrice: 50,000PX
ATK 110, HIT 10Bought in Moreau and Terazzi.
RC RodPrice: N/APX
ATK 1, HIT 10, DEF+10, FIRE1 found in Swordian R&D Lab.
Found on Floor 48 of the Tower of Druaga.
Rue StaffPrice: 200PX
ATK 18, HIT 10, FIRE1 found in Undersea Ruins.
Thunder ScepterPrice: 50,000PX
ATK 280, HIT 10, LIGHTNING1 found in Ignasea.


BiwaPrice: 722K
ATK 120, DEF+5Location unknown.
Electric GuitarPrice: 75,000K
ATK 580, DEF+20Location unknown.
GuitarPrice: 12,000K
ATK 270, DEF+101 found in Deimos.
LutePrice: 1,280K
ATK 190, DEF+8Karyl starts with this.
MandolinPrice: 625K
ATK 100, DEF+5Bought in Moreau.
ShamisenPrice: 18,260K
ATK 470, DEF+151 found in Dycroft.


Battle KnucklePrice: 25,000B
ATK 800, HIT 0, DEF+20, LIGHTNING1 found on Floor 26 of the Tower of Druaga.
Bear ClawPrice: 6,000B
ATK 320, HIT 0, DEF+5, AGL +81 found in Josaia.
Dragon FangPrice: B
ATK 600 HIT 0 AGL +151 found in Trash Mountain.
Flare ClawPrice: 7,400B
ATK 440, HIT 0, DEF 10, FIRE1 found in Helraios.
Iron KnucklePrice: 1,560B
ATK 250, HIT 10, DEF+51 found in Darilsheid Castle.
KnucklePrice: 750B
ATK 200, HIT 10Bruiser starts with this.


Golden FrypanPrice: 25,000MX
ATK 400, HIT 100Bought from a vendor in Neuestadt harbor after getting the Draconis.
Silver LadlePrice: 2,500MX
ATK 300, HIT 100Location unknown.