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Fighters' Skills

10 Hit Combo
Cost: 18 TP
Learned: Level ? (Lilith)
Basically a souped-up Dragon Blade which ends off with a Thunder Punch. Could be very nice indeed.

Beast Blade
Cost: 3 TP
Learned: Start (Mary)
A decent tech for the start/middle of the game. Mary slashes once forwards and once backwards. Nice range.

Demon Attack
Cost: 44 TP
Learned: Level 41 (Leon)
Leon does a very powerful single attack which can paralyze the enemy. Chances are you won't have Leon long enough to get this attack. ^^;

Double Blade
Cost: 5 TP
Learned: Level 10 (Mary)
Mary will slash twice. Good starting tech, but that's it.

Dragon Blade
Cost: 10 TP
Learned: Level 31 (Stahn), Level 19 (Leon)
An awesome technique. The fighter slides forward, slashing four times. You can barrel right through enemy lines with this. The only downside is that not only can't it hit flying enemies, if you try to hit them, you'll just kind of slide around for a bit, being completely vulnerable from behind. Don't use it on flying enemies, but otherwise it's one of Stahn's best techniques.

Fierce Missile
Cost: 10 TP
Learned: Level 15 (Mary)
Same as Power Missile and Missile Sword, but stronger.

Flying Dragon/Snipe Roar (Leon/Rutee)
Cost: 12 TP
Learned: Level 27 (Leon), Level 26 (Rutee)
It's a different name, but the same technique. The fighter will shoot forward with his/her weapon extended, then jump backwards in a slash. It does some nice damage and slashes through enemy defences well (not a lot of hits, though). Rutee can usually do more damage with spells for the same cost, but it's good to use if she gets surrounded by enemies and can't cast spells.

Cost: 16 TP
Learned: Level 24 (Stahn), Level 22 (Mary), Level ? (Lilith)
Not such a great attack. The fighter goes up to an enemy, hits it 2 or 3 times with his/her hand (damage is way lower, but it's non-Elemental, so it hits any enemy) , then pauses and sends out a lion head, which can hurt enemies behind the target, and knock them backwards. I only really found this useful in the Tower of Druaga or on the Aethersphere, when fighting enemies which absorbed everything else.

Kick Attack
Cost: 5 TP
Learned: Level 3 (Stahn), Start (Leon), Level ? (Lilith)
The fighter jumps up in an arc and hits the enemy twice with his body and once with his weapon. Good for the start of the game. Takes a while to set up and can leave you vulnerable, though. The two body hits are non-Elemental.

Light Spear
Cost: 20 TP
Learned: Level 41 (Stahn)
A nice technique. Stahn sort of lashes out a whole bunch of times, going from a very low angle to a very high one. The best time to use this is when you have an enemy cornered at the edge of the screen (you can get over 10 hits with this!) The downside is that flying enemies will only get hit once or twice (I wish the arc went backwards!), and the huge TP cost. Still a nice tech to have around.

Lillith Slash
Cost: 8 TP
Learned: Level ? (Lilith)
Another multi-hit attack. Middling in terms of impressiveness; better than Thunder Punch but worse than her other two special techs.

Cost: 14 TP
Learned: Level 28 (Mary), Level 26 (Garr)
Not so great. The fighter leaps up in the air, teleports, and comes down on the enemy for one strong slash. Yes, you don't have to fight through other enemies to get there, but it's not really worth it.

Missile Sword
Cost: 2 TP
Learned: Level 2 (Stahn), Start (Leon)
The fighter shoots a spark along the ground. Quite weak, but good at getting enemies far away; plus, you can rattle them off rapidly. Its horrible attack power makes it all but useless very quickly. It's non-Elemental, if you're interested.

Power Missile
Cost: 3 TP
Learned: Level 6 (Mary)
Same as Missile Sword, but stronger.

Spin Slash
Cost: 6 TP
Learned: Level 9 (Stahn)
One of Stahn's best techniques. He whirls in the air in a wide arc with his sword held out in front of him. You can get six or seven hits from this. It's great for airborne enemies, and also good for getting over weaker enemies in the way of an enemy you really want to hit. I kept this till the very end of the game.

Thunder Punch
Cost: 3 TP
Learned: Level ? (Lilith)
A regular starting tech: Lilith smacks the enemy and shocks him, then jumps in the air and comes down on him. Bad attack power but decent.

Thunder Sword
Cost: 44 TP
Learned: Level ? (Lilith)
Devastating. Lilith does a 10 Hit Combo, then jumps up and does an Ultra Kronos-like laser beam which goes a full screen length. Now I wish I *could* have used her in the regular game!

Tiger Blade
Cost: 8 TP
Learned: Level 13 (Stahn), Level 12 (Leon)
Not such a great technique. The fighter brings his weapon up and then down; it can hit a maximum of three times. Phase it out when you get better ones.

Ultima Missile
Cost: 16 TP
Learned: Level 34 (Mary)
The strongest Missile Sword-type attack, which has greater vertical range, can hit multiple times, and paralyze its target.

Void Sword
Cost: 34 TP
Learned: Level 42 (Garr)
Garr shoots out a bunch of energy blades to attack the enemy. Good for a bunch of hits for either a single enemy or a group, and Garr's only really great tech.

Cost: 10 TP
Learned: Level 18 (Stahn), Level 20 (Garr)
A nice attack for fighting groups. Target the middle enemy in the group, then go! The fighter will spin around, then jump upwards, harming every enemy around him. The downside is that it takes a while till he gets back to the ground, and by then the enemy is usually ready for him.

Wind Blade
Cost: 3 TP
Learned: Level 11 (Garr)
Similar to Missile Sword.

Cost: 36 TP
Learned: Level 41 (Mary)
Mary will slash a bunch of times, then jump up and come down on the enemy. A nice attack which usually kills any normal enemy outright; the problem (like with all "ultimate" attacks) is that if she does kill it, she's stuck having to finish the tech even though there's no one there.

Sacred Skills (Stahn)

To learn these skills, Stahn must have Dymlos equipped, have learned certain abilities, and both he and Dymlos must be at a certain level. Then you have to read a stone tablet and correctly answer the questions (they're just the names of the required techniques). To pull off the Sacred Skills in battle, Stahn must have Dymlos equipped. The given levels are estimates; please tell me if you've gotten the techs at a lower level.

Assassin (Sacred Text 7)
Cost: 45 TP
Location: Seinegald Castle courtyard
Prerequisites: Dragon Blade, Fiery Wave (Fire Wall + Missile Sword), Stahn L. 48, Dymlos L.45
Stahn will execute a whole bunch of attacks, finishing with a Fiery Wave. Good when fighting bosses, but pathetic against groups of enemies, because if he misses he'll just sit there finishing the tech for several seconds.

Dragon Toss (Sacred Text 3)
Cost: 10 TP
Location: Lienea
Prerequisites: Fire Storm, Kick Attack, Stahn L.33, Dymlos L.34
Stahn will move upwards in a 45 degree angle and throw down any enemies he comes across. OK for flying enemies, but useless otherwise.

Fiery Wave (Sacred Text 5)
Cost: 12 TP
Location: Heidelberg Cave
Prerequisites: Fire Wall, Missile Sword, Stahn L.25, Dymlos L.23
A nice attack. Stahn will swing his sword and let loose a burst of flame skywards. It doesn't have a lot of horizontal range, but it's great for vertical attacks, plus you can pull them off rapidly and get quite a few hits, as well. Try juggling enemies!

Flame Vortex (Sacred Text 4)
Cost: 30 TP
Location: Swordian R&D Lab
Prerequisites: Explode, Vortex, Stahn L.40, Dymlos L.42
An excellent ability. Stahn will execute a Vortex, then come back down and shoot out an Explode spell. Invaluable in the Tower of Druaga.

Hellfire (Sacred Text 6)
Cost: 25 TP
Location: Cloudius
Prerequisites: Flare Tornado, Force, Stahn L.38, Dymlos L.38
Stahn will execute a Force to gather enemies together, then let loose with a Flare Tornado. Keeps enemies occupied, but strangely doesn't do a whole lot of damage.

Phoenix (Sacred Text 8)
Cost: 60 TP
Location: Entrance to the forest to Straylize Temple
Prerequisites: "Giant" Disc, Spin Flare (Fireball + Spin Slash), Stahn L.54, Dymlos L.50
The ultimate tech. Stahn will grow in size and become a phoenix. The first stage of the tech damages any enemy in the immediate area with fire damage, and the second stage damages ALL enemies, wherever they are, for huge damage. The only bad thing about this is the huge TP cost, but otherwise it's a great skill for use with groups of enemies.

Spin Flare (Sacred Text 1)
Cost: 8 TP
Location: Cave To Moreau
Prerequisites: Fireball, Spin Slash, Stahn L.20, Dymlos L.22
Stahn will jump up and come down on an enemy, hitting several times. Damage is only moderate, though. Good for the start of the game.

Throw Sword (Sacred Text 2)
Cost: 10 TP
Location: Armeida (Cress and Arche's quiz)
Prerequisites: None
Fairly useless. Stahn will jump up and throw his flaming sword on an enemy. You have to pick up the sword again if you want to use it! Medium damage.

Archers' Skills

Arrow Storm
Cost: 10 TP
Learned: Level 33 (Garr), Level 31 (Chelsea)
The archer will shoot about ten arrows at once. Unfortunately, the AI for this tech is horrible, and most of the arrows will go above the target's head! If you can get it to work it's great, otherwise it's a waste of TP.

Force Arrow
Cost: 40 TP
Learned: Level 43 (Chelsea)
The best arrow tech. Chelsea charges up, then smashes an arrow into the nearest enemy. The arrow then splits into about ten sections which fly out, then back into the enemy (they can damage other nearby enemies, too). Speed Arrow is better for groups, but this is great for single enemies.

Cost: 5 TP
Learned: Start (Garr), ? (Chelsea)
The archer shoots a strong arrow straight, which can go through multiple enemies. Takes a bit to set up. Good for the start of the game.

Shock Arrow
Cost: 8 TP
Learned: Level 16 (Chelsea)
Like Power, but way stronger. It also executes a quick Lightning spell when it hits the enemy.

Cost: 7 TP
Learned: Level 11 (Garr), Level 7 (Chelsea)
The archer shoots a bunch of arrows quickly. The arrows seem to do less damage than usual, as does the technique overall. It's good to keep enemy mages from casting spells, and for surprising enemies so the fighters can get to them.

Speed Arrow
Cost: 14 TP
Learned: Level 23 (Chelsea)
A very nice tech. Chelsea jumps up in the air and fires five or six arrows in a downward arc (they go back up afterwards). The arrow goes through most enemies, so each arrow can hit multiple times to rack up some nice damage.

Rutee's Skills

Bloody Rose
Cost: 32 TP
Learned: Level 42
A multiple-slash attack like Mary's ZAN!. Rutee's far more useful as a magic user, though... in addition to the problem of having to wait until the tech finishes, the damage is a lot lower than most fighters.

Cost: 10 TP
Learned: Level 19
Escapes immediately from all escapable battles (i.e. not boss fights). Rutee won't use this unless you tell her to.

Search Gald
Cost: 2 TP
Learned: Level 5
Rutee will look for gald on the ground. Since I almost never find money to be a problem in ToD, just turn this off.

Snipe Air
Cost: 3 TP
Learned: Level 8
Rutee will jump up and come down at a 45 degree angle, slashing through any enemies in her way. Okay for the start of the game, but the damage isn't great.

Snipe Roar
See "Flying Dragon" under Fighter's Skills.

Cost: 7 TP
Learned: Level 13
Turn it off for normal battles, but use it manually during boss fights! Rutee will go for the enemy (whether she's successful or not, it counts as a "hit" and if the enemy was casting a spell it'll be knocked out of it). Usually she'll fall down, but if you hear an extra voice clip that means she was successful. (If you're close enough you'll also see her jump up with a bag in her hand.) A successful steal means you'll get an extra item after battle. For regular enemies, this extra item is just that enemy's "drop rarely" item, but for bosses it's usually a great rare item!

Philia's Skills

Bomb Rain
Cost: 12 TP
Learned: Level 32
Philia will throw a bunch of bombs in the air. Quite a bit more effective than her first two attacks, and takes less time to set up than spells, but attack power is still really bad. Good for surprise, but that's about it.

Cost: 33 TP
Learned: Level 25
Same effect as a Holy Bottle: enemy encounters are reduced for a while. This can be great, as Philia can restore her TP for this move within two battles. Very nice for those long dungeons. You can't use it in battle.

Force Field
Cost: 12 TP
Learned: Level 12
Philia will never use this unless you tell her to. She'll set up a kind of force field which keeps enemies at bay. Mostly useless due to a) the amount of time it takes to set up; b) the fact that many enemies can teleport past it; and c) the TP cost. Keep away from this one.

Cost: 18 TP
Learned: Level 39
Same effect as a Rune Bottle: Philia can identify the unknown items like ?SWORD, as well as a few miscellaneous items like W.Apple and the Old Cane. This can't be used in battle.

Cost: 2 TP
Learned: Start
Same effect as Spectacles; Philia will take a look at enemies' HP, TP, and attributes. She'll never use it unless you tell her to.

Philia Bomb
Cost: 3 TP
Learned: Level 7
Philia will throw a little sparkly thing at the enemy. Its attack power is horrible, but it's good to get an enemy off its guard. Once she learns spells, though, keep her at those.

Cost: 40 TP
Learned: Level 47
Same effect as Hourglass. An awesome technique, it stops time for several seconds during battle. If you have a lot of TP-healing Gels, keep her using it during tough fights! Philia will never use this unless you tell her to.

Twin Bomb
Cost: 6 TP
Learned: Level 18
A double Philia Bomb. Does more damage and has a wider range. If an enemy's against the wall, this can hit a surprising amount of times! Still, spells are better.

Karyl's Skills

Golden Voice (Score G)
Where Found: Take Karyl to his house in Sheeden and go upstairs; talk to Sakuraba to get it.
Samba's upgrade. Takes longer to pull off, but it's way more effective and hits all enemies on screen. This is it, baby!

Lullabye (Score E)
Cost: 12 TP
Where Found: Belcrant
Karyl shoots out some notes which might put enemies to sleep. It works a very small amount of the time, so it's not really worth it.

March (Score C)
Cost: 6 TP
Where Found: Deimos
Raises evade rate of the party. Better than Symphony, but I'd stick to Samba.

Rumba (Score D)
Cost: 9 TP
Where Found: Helraios
Paralyzes one enemy. Doesn't work very often, so I'd still stick with Samba.

Samba (Score B)
Cost: 7 TP
Where Found: Moreau Castle
Attacks the enemy with musical notes. Can do a maximum of about six or seven hits. This was the move I used the most as Karyl.

Symphony (Score A)
Cost: 5 TP
Where Found: Start
Raises hit rate of party. Turn this off most of the time; it's only good for those enemies with huge evade stats.

Waltz (Score F)
Cost: 18 TP
Where Found: Trash Mountain
Restores HP for the entire party. This is quite useful.

Bruiser's Skills

1-2 Combo
Cost: 5 TP
Learned: Start
A combo attack which can hit quite a few times. The only downside (a small one) is if it misses, Bruiser's fairly vulnerable.

Cost: 42 TP
Learned: Level ?
Bruiser goes up to the enemy, time stops, and he lets loose with a HUGE energy blast which hits over 20 times, usually, and can go for nearby targets as well. Rockin'!

Hip Attack
Cost: 12 TP
Learned: Level 34
Bruiser will smack the enemy a few times, then rise into the air and come down on it. Decent but can leave him vulnerable.

Cost: 10 TP
Learned: Level 27
Another multi-hit attack; this one has Lightning-Elemental parts as well. Can hit a group of enemies fairly well.

Upper Cut
Cost: 7 TP
Learned: Start
Great for hitting those flying enemies! Bruiser does a regular comboing attack, then leaps into the air with his fist up.

Volt Thrust
Cost: 3 TP
Learned: Start
A strong single attack, Lightning-Elemental. Connects often. Turn it off when you're around enemies that absorb Lightning; otherwise, it's a nice technique.