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Tower of Druaga

Introduction, Entering The Tower
Rules Of The Tower
Battle Strategies
Enemy List
Floor-By-Floor Treasure List

Introduction, Entering The Tower

The Tower of Druaga is a special dungeon in the game. It's based on an old Namco arcade/NES game of the same name. (Notice how Tower of Druaga and Tales of Destiny have the same initials? ^^;) There are tons of great treasures, but lots of really tough enemies in there. To gain entrance to the tower, you need three rods. The GC (Green Crystal) Rod is located in Cloudius (if you missed it and finished Belcrant, you're screwed). The RC (Red Crystal) Rod is located in the Swordian R&D Lab. To get the BC (Blue Crystal) Rod, after getting the giant Lens from Walt, go to the room just south of him and examine the tall closet to get the Old Cane. Use Identify or a Rune Bottle to turn it into the BC Rod.

Now go to Janos (west and south of Darilsheid). From the forest north of Janos, hang a right and follow the path till you reach the temple from the start of the game. Save, then keep going north. If Mary's in your party, she'll give you a bit of an intro. Now examine the three spots to plunk down the three rods, and the door will open.

Rules Of The Tower

The Tower of Druaga is unlike any other place in the game, and has its own special rules which you have to get used to. Here's a rundown.

  • There are no random battles in the dungeon. Enemies wander around, and touching one of them will start a battle with four of that enemy, with a few exceptions.
  • There are no save points in the dungeon.
  • You cannot run from any battles in the tower.
  • There are no back attacks or pincer attacks in the battles.
  • You can break down any wall (besides for the outer ones) by pressing Circle next to it.
  • The tower is made of 60 floors. To go up a floor, you have to collect a key, then use it to open a door and go up the staircase. If you have the key, just going near the door will open it; press Circle on the staircase to use it.
  • Layout of each floor is randomly generated (locations of walls, the key, door, and treasure chests). Constant, though, is 81 pillars (9 x 9), plus outer walls, making a maximum of 10 x 10 walls.
  • Almost every floor has one treasure chest which will appear when you perform certain actions. There are no hints for most of these chests, so we used PSM magazine. 8-)
  • You cannot go back down a floor. You can exit the tower at any time by using a Winged Boots, but you'll have to start back at Floor 1 if you do so.

Battle Strategies

  • Before entering the tower, your characters should be (at bare minimum) level 42-3.
  • Your last two characters should be two of the following three: Chelsea, Mary, and Bruiser. I prefer Chelsea and Mary. (They can be at slightly lower levels, but give them Diamonds and/or the Black Onyx.)
  • Make sure Stahn has the Flame Vortex and Assassin Sacred Skills. You can get the first in the Swordian R&D Lab, and the second in Darilsheid.
  • If you have Mary, you should probably buy her a Golden Frypan, which you can get in Neuestadt for 50,000 gald.
  • Do the Seed Planting side quest, and get two Terras, a Wind Power, and a few Diamonds. An extra Cutie Mitten is also nice.
  • Make sure you have a Mystic Symbol. The easiest way to do this is beating the Coliseum five times, then doing the Ghost Hunt; another way is winning at blackjack in Moreau.
  • Go into Dycroft and collect some Star equipment.
  • OK, now you're basically ready for battle.
  • Your battle party should always have either Philia or Rutee with Atwight, at the very back. Give her a Mystic Symbol; this is important! Also give her the Wind Power disc. Have her use Nurse constantly in battle (do it manually). Put your fighter (or both fighters) in front of Stahn, and put Chelsea (if you have her) right behind him.
  • Put everyone else's tactics on Power and turn off the weak/bad ones. Go all out on techs; use Orange and Pine Gels to restore TP.
  • If your level is below 45, I recommend leaving the tower after every 15 or so floors, just in case you die, so you don't have to do everything over again. Once you get to level 50 or so, the fights become quite a bit easier. Going up the floors themeselves are pretty easy; at worst, you can take 30 seconds per floor. Enemies are pretty easy to avoid, as a rule.
  • Some enemies shoot out shots or flames. These projectiles only do damage of 2% of your maximum HP. Try to avoid them, but don't run away from a shot and into an enemy, because they'll do way more than that amount of damage! It's better just to take the shot.
  • There are several different types of enemies, so here's a rundown.
  • Mages and Mage Ghosts: They each have two spells to cast, a very weak and very strong one. They also shoot out projectiles which hit anyone coming towards them, plus they can teleport around. At the start of every battle, press R1 twice to make Stahn target the third mage, then immediately have him do a Flame Vortex. Have your healer cast Storm immediately as well. Right after Stahn lands, either have him do another Flame Vortex or a Dragon Blade. Hopefully your other fighters can soften them up enough to allow you to beat some of them, and then the fight simplifies.
  • Slimes: Have Stahn do Dragon Blades. If you're lucky, you can knock the Slimes out of any spells they might be casting. Speed is of the essence here; the Slimes can split and you can find yourself fighting 7 or 8 of them instead of 4! The Red Slimes are actually some of the hardest, because their Fireball will knock Stahn back a lot.
  • Knights: Use Dragon Blade until a Knight jumps at Stahn and lands behind him; then do a Flame Vortex.
  • Ropers: Keep away if possible; have Mary use Fierce or Ultima Missile, and have Chelsea do Force Arrow or Speed Arrow. Spells might also work if you can pull them off.
  • Dragons: You only fight one of them at a time. Elemental weapons do not work, so give Stahn the Bahamut's Tear axe and Mary the Golden Frypan, and keep doing Dragon Blade. If you don't have either of them, your best bet is to use Kick Attack or Force on it, since they're non-Elemental skills.
  • Will O'Wisps: Do Dragon Blades or Spin Attack.
  • Lizard Men: Do Dragon Blades, but keep healing if you get caught by the fire breath. They're immune to flame, so de-equip Dymlos if you have him.
  • Good luck!

Enemy List

  • Green Slime: Stands around doing nothing. 2908 HP.
  • Black Slime: Same as Green Slime but moves faster. 3228 HP.
  • Blue Knight: Walks around. 3400 HP.
  • Mage: Purple. Will appear briefly, shoot out a spell (which does damage of 2% of your maximum HP) and disappear again. 2410 HP, uses Wind Arrow and Cyclone.
  • Black Knight: Same as Blue Knight but moves faster. 3728 HP.
  • Sorcerer: Green. Same as Mage, but its shots turn into pillars of flame which stay around for a little while. 2728 HP, uses Fire Wall and Explode.
  • Red Slime: Will also shoot spells out as it wanders around. 3548 HP, uses Fireball and Fire Storm.
  • Mage Ghost: Orange. Can pass through walls; shoots regular spells. It can only turn around (or turn left or right) when it hits a wall. 2508 HP, uses Wind Arrow and Air Slash.
  • Druid: White. Same as Mage, but its shots can break down walls. 3048 HP, uses Lightning and Holy Wrath.
  • Druid Ghost: Purple. Same as Mage Ghost, but its shots can break walls. 2828 HP, uses Thunder Blade and Holy Wrath.
  • Blue Slime: Its shots can break down walls. 3905 HP, uses Ice Needle and Icicle.
  • Mirror Knight: Light blue. Same as Blue Knight but moves faster. 3464 HP.
  • Quox: Moves around very slowly; if you're nearby, it'll go towards you and break down any walls in its way. Immune to Elemental weapons. 4568 HP.
  • Wizard: Orange. Same as Mage, but its shots can go *through* walls. 3368 HP, uses Fireball and Explode.
  • W.Ghost: White. Same as Mage Ghost, but its shots can go through walls. 3148 HP, uses Wind Arrow and Maelstrom.
  • Will O'Wisp (blue): Wanders around. 4000 HP, uses Thunder Blade.
  • Will O'Wisp (red): Same as blue version but uses Fear Flare.
  • Green Roper: Wanders around. 4048 HP, can grab a character near it.
  • Hyper Knight: Yellow. Same as Blue Knight but stronger and smarter. 4368 HP.
  • DG Slime: Its shots can go through walls. 4188 HP, uses Wind Arrow and Air Slash.
  • Silver Dragon: Same as Quox but stronger. 4888 HP.
  • Lizard Man: Wanders around. Immune to fire damage. 4688 HP.
  • Red Roper: Same as Green Roper but stronger. 4368 HP.
  • Red Knight: Same as Blue Knight but stronger. 5108 HP.
  • Black Dragon: Same as Quox but stronger. 5308 HP.
  • DY Slime: Wanders around. 4608 HP, uses Stone Blast and Demon's Lance.
  • Blue Roper: Same as Green Roper but stronger. 4688 HP.

Floor-By-Floor Treasure List

If you teleport out of the tower before finishing it, some items you've already gotten will still be there to be collected; others can only be gotten once. Those which can be gotten again will have a (re-collectable) after the treasure name. Note that you don't HAVE to get every treasure chest. A bunch of them are fairly useless.

After you beat the Tower once, you can go back in and try again; some of the floors have different items. Again, you DO NOT have to get all the chests; in fact, the second time round, you should only want to pick up ten or so of them. The rest of the floors you can just breeze through.

The methods given will usually make a chest appear somewhere in the level; it may be offscreen, so it might not be immediately visible if you did it correctly or not. Once the chest appears, you can do whatever you want (e.g. if the method was to not fight for 30 seconds, once the chest appears, it won't disappear if you get into a fight).

I've personally checked out all these methods; the only three I haven't been able to get to work are Floors 21, 44, and 53.

A great thanks to Fritz Fraundorf, who wrote the FAQ with the treasure information. This section is directly based on his writing. He, in turn, thanks PSM magazine, where he got it from. 8-)

Floor 1
Treasure: Winged Boots (re-collectable)
Enemies: Green Slime
Method: The chest is already visible; pick it up and leave.

Floor 2
Treasure: Dash Ring (lets you dash manually in Semi-Manual mode) (re-collectable)
Enemies: Green Slime, Black Slime
Method: Kill two Black Slimes.

Floor 3
Treasure: Life Bottle (re-collectable)
Enemies: Blue Knight, Green Slime
Method: Kill a Blue Knight followed by a Green Slime before you pick up the key.

Floor 4
Treasure: Paralysis Charm (re-collectable)
Enemies: Black Slime, Mage
Method: Go to the door (without getting the key) and press Circle on it.

Floor 5
Treasure: White Sword (re-collectable). I gave it to Mary.
Enemies: Mage, Green Slime
Method: Kill two Mages.

Floor 6
Treasure: Lantern (allows you to see warehouse solutions)
Enemies: Black Knight, Sorcerer
Method: Go to the lower right corner, then head north, breaking all the walls in your way. Then go to the lower left corner and go up to the upper left corner in the same way. Make sure you started at the very bottom and walked the entire distance to the top in a straight line.

Floor 7
Treasure: Reverse Doll (revives you once in battle, then breaks), Channeling (second time round)
Enemies: Red Slime, Blue Knight
Method: Pick up the existing chest for an Energy Bullet. Then go to the item menu screen, go to the Energy Bullet, and press Triangle to discard it.

Floor 8
Treasure: Lavender (re-collectable)
Enemies: Black Slime, Mage
Method: Get hit by a Mage's beam from the right side and from the left side (order doesn't matter).

Floor 9
Treasure: Dark Seal (experience x 1.5, but disables skills. Give to Rutee or Philia if you want.) (re-collectable)
Enemies: Mage Ghost, Sorcerer, Druid
Method: Run up to the second row of tiles from the top and break every wall to the south.

Floor 10
Treasure: Warrior Symbol (attack + 10%)
Enemies: Red Slime, Black Knight
Method: Kill all the Red Slimes without fighting a knight or getting hit by any of the Slime's beams.

Floor 11
Treasure: Strengthen disc, Tech Ring (second time round)
Enemies: Mage
Method: Go to the bottom row of the floor and stand there for 10 seconds.

Floor 12
Treasure: Battlesuit
Enemies: Mage Ghost, Druid, Black Slime
Method: Get the key and open the door, but don't go up the stairs. Wait near the stairs until a Druid appears directly on the stairs (you have to be a little bit away from them). When he does, press Circle on the stairs to fight him.

Floor 13
Treasure: Red Shield (weaker than the Star Shield, but looks nicer), Moon Sword (second time round)
Enemies: Sorcerer, Blue Slime
Method: Before picking up the key, go to the door and press Circle on it. Then kill everyone.

Floor 14
Treasure: ?JEWEL = Moonstone (re-collectable)
Enemies: Druid Ghost, Red Slime, Wizard
Method: Don't enter any fights for at least 30 seconds.

Floor 15
Treasure: ?JEWEL = Emerald (re-collectable)
Enemies: Quox, Blue Knight, Black Knight, Slime
Method: Kill the Blue Knight first, before picking up the key.

Floor 16
Treasure: Hellfire
Enemies: Mage, Mirror Knight
Method: Kill the Mirror Knight then bump into the wall on the left.

Floor 17
Treasure: Reverse Doll
Enemies: Druid, Mage Ghost, Blue Slime
Method: Kill the Druids and Blue Slimes, but don't fight the Mage Ghosts.

Floor 18
Treasure: Dragon Sword (I like White Sword better)
Enemies: Sorcerer, Druid Ghost, Black Slime
Method: Walk clockwise along the outer wall, smashing all the walls in your way and fighting through any enemies (or you can try and wait and see if they move out of your path). If the door is against the outer wall, start next to it and finish at the other side.

Floor 19
Treasure: Thinking Cap (re-collectable)
Enemies: Quox, Druid Ghost, Red Slime
Method: Kill the Quox (remember to equip the Bahamut's Tear), then pick up the key and open the door but don't go to the next floor yet. The chest will appear.

Floor 20
Treasure: Elixir (re-collectable)
Enemies: Black Knight, Druid
Method: Pick up the key and open the door without entering any fights.

Floor 21
Treasure: Resist Ring
Enemies: W.Ghost, Will O'Wisp (blue), Mirror Knight
Method: Stand still for 10 seconds, then move and stand still for another 10 seconds, without entering into any fights. [Note: I have never personally gotten this one to work.]

Floor 22
Treasure: Dark Seal (re-collectable), SP420470 (second time round)
Enemies: Quox, Sorcerer, Green Slime
Method: Go close to the Quox until it starts following you. Lead it up to the top left corner. Stand there and let it come to you, then kill it (equip the Bahamut's Tear).

Floor 23
Treasure: Thunder
Enemies: Wizard, Blue Slime
Method: Kill a Wizard, then a Blue Slime, then another Wizard.

Floor 24
Treasure: Blessing
Enemies: Mage, Mage Ghost, Will O'Wisp (blue)
Method: Don't move; let an enemy come to you and kill it.

Floor 25
Treasure: None!
Enemies: Red Slime, Wizard, Green Roper

Floor 26
Enemies: Quox, Druid, Hyper Knight
Treasure 1: Hyper Gauntlet (only for Stahn)
Method 1: Run and pick up the key, then start a fight with a druid, all within 30 seconds. (You don't have to beat them within 30 seconds, just start the fight.)
Treasure 2: Battle Knuckle (for Bruiser. You can't get both items the same time through.) (re-collectable)
Method 2: Kill the Hyper Knight and the Quox, then let a Druid shoot you.

Floor 27
Treasure: ?JEWEL = Ruby (re-collectable)
Enemies: Blue Knight, Mirror Knight, Will O'Wisp (blue)
Method: Break any 10 walls.

Floor 28
Treasure: Elven Cape (re-collectable)
Enemies: Green Roper, Druid, DG Slime
Method: Collect the key and open the door to reveal the staircase, then wait for a Green Roper to move onto the staircase and press Circle to fight it (similar to floor 12, but easier to get to work).

Floor 29
Treasure: Combo Command
Enemies: W.Ghost, Black Slime, Will O'Wisp (blue)
Method: Bump into the top wall, then the right wall, the bottom wall, and finally the left wall. Make sure you actually touched the walls.

Floor 30
Treasure: Blue Talisman (re-collectable)
Enemies: Quox, Sorcerer, Hyper Knight, Green Roper
Method: Don't move. Let three enemies come to you (remember to equip the Bahamut's Tear if the Quox gets there!). This can take quite a while, so be patient.

Floor 31
Treasure: Mind Ring, Ice Sword (second time round)
Enemies: Blue Slime, Will O'Wisp (blue), Wizard
Method: Kill all the Blue Slimes and Wizards.

Floor 32
Treasure: Demon Arrow
Enemies: Quox, Black Knight, DG Slime
Method: Find the Quox and get it to chase you. Get it to break five walls; make sure not to kill it by mistake! This isn't too tough.

Floor 33
Treasure: Blue Shield (best in the game; only for Stahn) OR Wood Shield
Enemies: Druid Ghost, Mage, W.Ghost, Red Slime, Silver Dragon
Method: Get hit by shots from enemies until Stahn's HP is below 10% of its max. (It's not enough for the HP value to turn red; that's at 25% of max.) Try not to get into fights, because it's tough to win AND keep Stahn's HP low. Remember to use Heal on the three other party members! If you did it right, a Blue Shield will appear; if not, you'll get a Wood Shield.

Floor 34
Treasure: ?JEWEL = Sapphire (re-collectable)
Enemies: Will O'Wisp (blue), Mirror Knight, Wizard
Method: Kill a specific Mirror Knight. (It's random, so you might have to kill one or both.)

Floor 35
Treasure: ?JEWEL = Topaz (re-collectable)
Enemies: Green Roper, DG Slime, Druid
Method: Similar to the last floor, but with Green Ropers.

Floor 36
Treasure: Princess Cape (everyone can equip it, not just women)
Enemies: Silver Dragon, Sorcerer, Lizard Man
Method: Kill all four Sorcerers without being hit by their beams or the fire pillars they leave behind.

Floor 37
Treasure: Megalith (AWESOME!) first time; Dark Bottle subsequent times
Enemies: Hyper Knight, Druid Ghost, Red Roper
Method: Do NOT break any walls. Go straight to the key and open the door (yes, you can always do this on this level), then break a wall.

Floor 38
Treasure: GC Rod (you MUST get this to beat the tower)
Enemies: Will O'Wisp (blue), Silver Dragon, Wizard
Method: Kill two Will O'Wisps in a row (without fighting other enemies in between).

Floor 39
Treasure: Silver Cape
Enemies: Red Knight, Will O'Wisp (red), Mage Ghost, Blue Slime
Method: Break five walls in the southern half of the floor and two walls in the northern half.

Floor 40
Treasure: Demon Seal (too risky to use here) (re-collectable)
Enemeis: Green Roper, Mage, Lizard Man
Method: Kill all the Lizard Men and Mages, then kill the two Green Ropers.

Floor 41
Treasure: Stone (protects from Tractor Beam spells - useless here) (re-collectable)
Enemies: Will O'Wisp (red), Quox, Wizard
Method: Kill the Quox.

Floor 42
Treasure: Star Mace (stronger than the White Sword! Give to Mary!) (re-collectable)
Enemies: Will O'Wisp (both), Silver Dragon, W.Ghost
Method: Kill a RED Will O'Wisp, then get the key, then kill another red Will O'Wisp, without fighting any other enemies in between.

Floor 43
Treasure: Mystic Symbol
Enemies: DY Slime, DG Slime, Blue Slime, Red Slime, Black Slime, Green Slime
Method: Defeat the enemies in reverse order of difficulty: DY, DG, Blue, Red, Black, Green.

Floor 44
Treasure: Magical Ribbon
Enemies: Red Knight, Mage, Sorcerer, Druid, Wizard
Method: Don't fight the Red Knight, and beat the enemies in this order: Wizard (orange), Sorcerer (green), Druid (white), and Mage (purple). [Note: I have never actually gotten this to work.]

Floor 45
Treasure: Excaliber (give to Mary; Stahn is better with Sacred Skills) OR Long Sword first time, Miracle Gel subsequent times
Enemies: Red Knight, Black Knight, Blue Knight, Hyper Knight, Mirror Knight, Lizard Man
Method: Don't fight the Red Knight, and ignore the chest that's there. Defeat the others in this order: Lizard Man, Hyper (yellow), Mirror (light blue), Black, Blue. A new chest will appear. Pick it up and the screen will flash. Now go back to the first chest and pick it up to get the Excaliber (or Miracle Gel, if you have one already). If you didn't do it right, the chest will have a Long Sword.

Floor 46
Treasure: Aqua Cape, SW500490 (second time round)
Enemies: DY Slime, Green Roper, Druid Ghost, Black Dragon
Method: Touch any corner, then touch another corner, etc. for all four corners. Now return to the first corner and touch it again.

Floor 47
Treasure: Rabbit's Foot (re-collectable)
Enemies: Red Roper, Will O'Wisp (both)
Method: Defeat a Red Roper.

Floor 48
Treasure: RC Rod (you MUST get this to finish the tower!)
Enemies: Quox, Druid Ghost, DG Slime
Method: Go to each corner and wait there for 10 seconds. Brave out the fights if they happen. If the chest doesn't appear, keep trying and make sure you're touching the very end of both walls.

Floor 49
Treasure: Magical Rouge (re-collectable)
Enemies: Hyper Knight, Lizard Man, Wizard
Method: Don't get the key; go to the door and press Circle on it. Now kill a Wizard.

Floor 50
Treasure: Emerald Ring
Enemies: Blue Roper, Black Dragon, Wizard, Blue Slime
Method: Without fighting any enemies, go to the north wall, then the south wall, then the east wall, and finally the west wall.

Floor 51
Treasure: Volcano
Enemies: Sorcerer, Red Slime, Red Roper, Blue Roper, Green Roper
Method: Go to the south half of the floor and wander around for at least 30 seconds. Then go back up to the middle of the floor and the chest should be there.

Floor 52
Treasure: Golden Armor (best in the game, but only for Stahn) OR Cloak
Enemies: DG Slime, Mage Ghost, Silver Dragon, Black Dragon, Druid
Method: Break all the vertical walls (ones shaped like | ) and NONE of the horizontal walls (ones shaped like - ). If the enemies break all the horizontal walls before you can get all the vertical walls, you'll only get a Cloak. However, they're not consciously trying to do that, so it's not very tough to get it as long as you remember not to break the horizontal walls!

Floor 53
Treasure: Mercy
Enemies: Hyper Knight, Red Knight, Mirror Knight
Method: Head to the lower-left corner. Move up three rows, then right five columns. Break the wall to your south, then walk through where it was. [Note: I have never actually gotten this to work.]

Floor 54
Treasure: Moon Crystal
Enemies: Will O'Wisp (both), DY Slime, Blue Roper
Method: Just use a healing spell or item on Stahn; if he's at full HP, you'll have to get into a fight.

Floor 55
Treasure: None!
Enemies: Wizard, Lizard Man

Floor 56
Treasure: Empty chest (^^;) (re-collectable)
Enemies: Lizard Man, Will O'Wisp (both), Wizard
Method: Kill a Wizard.

Floor 57
Treasure: Berserker Bow (re-collectable)
Enemies: Lizard Man, Black Knight, Hyper Knight, Druid, Mirror Knight, False Ishtar
Method: Go to the door (without getting the key) and press Circle; this should cause a woman to appear in the level. Heal up and talk to her to fight False Ishtar. She has 15,000 HP, can turn you to stone (use P.Bottles or equip Stone Charms) and overall can be quite tough. She absorbs Holy Elemental, so de-equip Excaliber, White Sword, or Star Mace. Have Stahn use Dragon Blade, Chelsea use Force Arrow, and Mary use ZAN! You can also get Garr to use Void Sword. When you beat her, kill the Lizardman to make the chest appear.

Floor 58
Treasure: BC Rod (you MUST get this to beat the tower!)
Enemies: Red Knight, Quox, Lizard Man
Method: In Fritz's words: Now, I'm not totally sure exactly what you're supposed to do here... what PSM says just doesn't work, and David Johnson's method, although it worked for fine, isn't (by his own admission) 100% accurate. Anyway, here's what I think you're supposed to do here. First, while avoiding the enemies, hit Circle on the door. Now smash every single wall on the map (mindless destruction, woohoo!). Now, still avoiding enemies, go up to the top row of the map, against the north wall. Move over to the fifth column (the middle one). Walk directly south until you get to the south wall (if you have to detour because of enemies, go back and redo it). Finally, go kill one of the Red Knights. Hopefully, the chest will appear. [Note: This does work!]

Floor 59
Treasure: Passage to Floor 60; otherwise you get knocked back to floor 36 if you go up the steps.
Enemies: Hyper Knight, Wizard, Quox, Druaga
Method: Make sure you have all three Rods; if not, just get the key and go up the steps to get warped back to Level 36, and you can work your way back up here and get them again. Assuming you do have them: Kill a specific Hyper Knight and Wizard (you might have to beat a lot of them) to make a Quox appear. Kill it to make all the other enemies disappear and a new one to appear: Druaga! Heal up and fight him. If you don't have all three Rods, you can't hurt him, so you are screwed. Use the same basic tactics as with False Ishtar. If you really want, Rutee can steal a Faerie Ring off of him. He's not too tough (although he does have 25,000 HP). After you beat him, get the key and go up the steps.

Floor 60
Treasure: Destroyer disc, Faerie Ring (second time round)
Enemies: None
Method: Talk to Ishtar, then make sure you're not equipped with any of the Rods. Walk to the top middle of the screen and Stahn will place the GC Rod down; then to the bottom middle and he'll place the RC Rod; finally to the exact middle of the screen and he'll place the BC Rod down, and Ki will be released! Talk to her, then go back to BC Rod at the middle of the screen to get the Destroyer disc (or Faerie Ring) and be warped back to the temple. Congratulations!