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Side Quests

If you can't find what you want here, try the Secrets section. The Seed Planting and Tower of Druaga side quests have their own pages.

A big thanks to Fritz Fraundorf for the info on: Warehouses, Tag, Race, and Najasee's game in Moreau.

The Coliseum
Blue Dragon/Cooking
Tag In Cherik
Race In Neuestadt
Kitties' Games In Moreau
Trivia Quiz In Armeida
Blackjack In Neuestadt
Secret Lens Shop

The Coliseum

Items: Grow Fruit, Flare Sword, Swirling Flame, Savory, Sage, Bellebane, Lavender, Red Savory, Red Sage, Red Bellebane, Red Lavender, Combo Command, Channeling, Sardonyx, Ruby, Moonstone, Emerald, Diamond, Silver Cape, Mystic Symbol, (Elixir, Oberol G, Antidote Charm) unlimited

The Coliseum in Neuestadt is home to some great prizes and some fairly wimpy enemies. There are two time frames you can enter (not counting the first time when you just fight Bruiser). The first is right after the Aethersphere forms, and the second is after finishing Belcrant.

The basic idea is simple: Stahn will go one-on-one with eight enemies, and if he beats them all he'll get a prize. For the first four times you play, each time you beat it you'll get a different prize. After that, you'll get the same prize: an Elixir and an Oberol G. Unlike other games in this series, you have all your items and spells at your disposal, so beating enemies is pretty damn easy. One last thing: if you don't have Bruiser in your party, you'll always fight him at the end of the string of battles (he's a pushover) and if you win, you'll have a choice whether to take him into your party or not.

First Time Frame:
Enemies: Imp, Clay Golem, S.Giant, Blood Slime, Zombie, Blood Wolf, Evilstar, Ice Golem
The only people who might give you trouble are the Golems; you may want to use long-distance attacks like Missile Sword against them.
Prizes: Grow Fruit, Flare Sword, Swirling Flame, herb set (Savory, Sage, Bellebane, Lavender, and red versions of the same).

Second Time Frame:
Enemies: Trent, Basilisk, Gas Cloud, Grizzly, Killer Owl, Red Roper, Baldios, Wybern
Don't equip any fire-Elemental (that includes Dymlos) or Dark-Elemental weapons against these people and you should be basically okay. Use Spin Slash or Vortex against Wybern; it has a ton of HP, so the battle will be long, but not hard.
Prizes: Combo Command, Channeling, jewel set (Sardonyx, Ruby, Moonstone, Emerald, Diamond), Silver Cape

After beating the Coliseum five times on the second time frame, a new option will open up: Ghost Hunt. This one's also pretty simple; it's like Whack The Mole. Just run around and press Circle to swing your sword and hit the ghosts. You have to get perfect to get a prize. Rememeber to follow after the ghosts in order: don't get the nearest ghost first, because a farther ghost might disappear in the time you take to kill it. Kill them in the order that they appear. The first time you win you'll get a Mystic Symbol; after that you'll get an Antidote Charm.

Blue Dragon/Cooking

Items: Gourmet A, Gourmet B, Gourmet C, Gourmet D, Blue Dragon

Once the Aethersphere has formed, you can go on a side quest to get a half-decent Aura Disc, Blue Dragon. It's long but fun. (Note that you can't complete this quest until you get the Draconis.) First, after beating Cloudius, look in the seat Baruk was in to pick up an Egg (it's a rare item, not a food item). Now go to Lienea and enter Stahn's house; Lilith will decide to hatch it. Leave the town and come back in; do this three or four times. Now return to Stahn's house and the egg should be ready to hatch. That's the first part of the quest. Now comes the fun part.

First, you need to collect all the ingredients for four gourmet dishes. The vast majority of them can be bought. You'll have to go around to several cities to get all the ingredients.

Neuestadt: Acerola, Apple, Bonito, Bread, Prune, Sea Bass, Strawberry, Sweetee. Also buy a W.Apple and use a Rune Bottle or Philia's Identify skill on it to turn it into a Jam.
Cherik: Banana, Dorian, Pineapple, Vegetables. Also buy a Cheese and use a Rune Bottle/Identify to turn it into a Brie.
Moreau: Beast Meat, Egg, Grape, M.Pike, Prawn, Sea Bream, Tuna
Frostheim: Crab, Crab Soup, Herring
Cyril (walk west of Frostheim, past the forest, or south of Heidelberg): Blueberry, Melon
There are two more ingredients you need. The Mangosteen can only be gotten via Seed Planting; plant a Lanakear Seed (3,2,3) to get a Phen Seed, then plant that (2,1,1) to get a Mangosteen. (Yep, very expensive.) Finally, you can get the Mackerel via Seed Planting as well, but it's easier to just steal them from Orguses or Winged Eyes in the cave south of Sheeden.

Once you have all the ingredients, you have to seek out the four chefs. One is in Baruk's house in Cherik, just right of the entrance. One is Mary in Cyril. One is in the Sheeden manor (at the top left of the first floor) and the last is in Darilsheid Castle, in the kitchen. Talk to them and they'll cook you their gourmet dish.

Once you have all four gourmet dishes, go back to Lienea and talk to the Blue Dragon now flying around the town. Give him all four Gourmet dishes and he'll grow up and give you the Blue Dragon disc. Congrats!


Rare Items: Elixir (x3), R.Savory, R.Lavender, R.Bellebane, Hourglass, Efreet, Sylph, Wendiene, Rabbit's Foot, Gnome, Grow Fruit, Blessing, Sheeden, Bolt, Tech Ring, Thinking Cap, Luna, (Miracle Gel, Winged Boots, Pom Seed) unlimited

Each of the port cities has at least one warehouse in it. The warehouses are actually puzzles. Move the crates around slowly and you'll hear some clicking noises; that means that the crate has hit a "hot spot". There can be up to 8 hot spots and up to two solutions per warehouse. To make things easier, you can get the Lantern item on the sixth floor of the Tower of Druaga; this shows where all the hot spots are so you don't have to look around so much. Or, you can check below. 8-) Some solutions let you collect items each time, while others only let you get the item once.


Left Warehouse
Solution 1: Move the topmost crate right one space.
ITEM: Orange Gel, Life Bottle, Melange Gel

Solution 2: Put one crate two spaces to the left of the pillar, and the other crate two spaces to the right of the pillar.
ITEM: Elixir (first time), nothing

Middle Warehouse
Solution 1: Push the two crates against the north wall, in the space in between the large piles of brown boxes.
ITEM: Life Bottle, Green Gel

Solution 2: Put one crate down and right one space from the pillar on the left, and the other crate down and left one space from the pillar on the right:

P      P   P = Pillar
 C    C    C = Crate
ITEM: R. Savory (first time), Green Gel

Right Warehouse
Solution 1: Put one crate below the white bag, and one to its left.
ITEM: Miracle Gel

Solution 2: Push the crates down from the above position until the crate on the left is down and right one square from the pillar, and the other crate is down and right one square from that:

P     P = Pillar
 C    C = Crate
ITEM: Hourglass (first time), nothing


Left Warehouse
Solution 1: Push the rightmost crate up one space.
ITEM: Life Bottle

Solution 2: Arrange the crates in a diagonal line so that they form a three-square hole between them and the boxes in the upper left. It's kinda hard to describe, so here's an illustration:

**  C     * = Brown boxes
** C      C = Moveable crate
ITEM: Elixir (first time), nothing

Right Warehouse
Solution 1: Put the three crates in a vertical line in the lower- right corner.
ITEM: Charm Bottle

Solution 2: A picture is worth a thousand words, so here's a picture:

     **  ****
VV   **  ****
V    C  C  **     V = Vase or barrel
                  * = Brown boxes
VV       ****     C = Moveable crate
VV      C****
ITEM: Efreet (first time), nothing


Left Warehouse
Solution 1: Push the rightmost crate left one space.
ITEM: Life Bottle

Solution 2: Put one of the crates two spaces to the right of the pillar. Put the next crate two spaces to the right of the first crate, and the third crate two spaces to the right of the second one.
ITEM: Elixir (first time), Life Bottle

Right Warehouse
Solution 1: Put one crate in front of the back door. Put the other two crates to the left and right of it.
ITEM: Winged Boots

Solution 2: Arrange the three crates around the pillar on the right, but one space away from the pillar, like this:

C P C      P = Pillar
           C = Crate
ITEM: Sylph (first time), Winged Boots


Left Warehouse
Line up the four crates along the east side of the big white pile of stuff.
ITEM: Pom Seed

Solution 2: From Solution 1, move the top crate down one space and right one space, the next crate down one space and right two spaces, the next down one space and right three spaces, and the bottom one down one space and right four spaces.
ITEM: Wendiene (first time), nothing

Right Warehouse
Solution 1: There's two stacks of barrels here, one with the barrels standing upright (the lower one) and the other sideways. Push one of the crates up against the middle row of the upright pile of barrels. Put the next crate to the right one of the first crate, and the other two crates up and to the right and down and to the right from the second one. Again, that's pretty complicated, so here's a diagram:

BB   C     B = Upright barrels
BBBCC      C = Crates
BB   C
ITEM: R. Lavender

Solution 2: Once again, arrange the crates near the barrels, but push the leftmost crate up one space, and the middle crate down one space and left one so that the crates form a square:

BB C C     B = Upright barrels
BBB        C = Crates
ITEM: R. Bellebane


Only Warehouse
Move the two bottom crates so that the four crates are surrounding the brown boxes:

****C      * = Brown boxes
****C      B = Barrels
**CC       C = Crates
ITEM: R. Foot (first time), nothing

Solution 2: See the lone barrel against the top wall? Put one crate two spaces to the right of it. Then put the next crate two spaces to the right of it, etc.
ITEM: Gnome (first time), nothing


Far Left Warehouse
Solution 1: Surround the two barrels at the top with the four crates.
ITEM: Nothing (?)

Solution 2: There's three sets of white boxes. Ignore the two on the left wall, and look at the one on the right. Push one of the crates against its upper-left corner, so that it is lined up with one of the pillars on the north wall, and also lined up with the barrel on the left wall. Now put the next crate two spaces down and one space left. Put the third crate another two spaces down and one space left from the second crate, etc.
ITEM: Grow Fruit (first time), nothing

Middle Warehouse
Solution 1: This one's pretty tricky. All of the crates go in between the big mess of white boxes and the big mess of brown boxes. A diagram:

    C   |     C = Crate
  C     |     | = Wall
WW   CBB|     B = Brown boxes
WW C  BB|     W = White boxes
WW   oBB|     o = Hole in floor
WW    BB|
ITEM: Blessing

Solution 2: Very similar to the above solution, but a little bit different... look carefully.

   C    |     C = Crate
     C  |     | = Wall
WWC   BB|     B = Brown boxes
WW  C BB|     W = White boxes
WW   oBB|     o = Hole in floor
WW    BB|
ITEM: Sheeden


Left Warehouse
Solution 1: Arrange the four crates in a vertical line to the right of the white boxes.
ITEM: Lemon Gel

Solution 2: Do the same as above, but put the top and bottom crates two extra spaces to the right, and the middle two one extra space to the right (making a "C" shape).
ITEM: Bolt (first time), nothing

Solution 3:


ITEM: Luna (requires 21.?? seconds or less)

Right Warehouse
Solution 1: Put one of the crates against the brown boxes to the right, such that the crate is sitting in the shadow of the beam overhead. Now put the other crates in a diagonal line down and to the left from the first one, like this:

ITEM: Tech Ring (first time), nothing

Solution 2: Put crate 2 in the same position as above, then flip the line so that it looks like this:


ITEM: Thinking Cap (first time), nothing

Solution 3: The bottom halves of solutions 1 and 2.

      C    C
    C        C

ITEM: M.Symbol (requires 13.?? seconds or less)

Tag In Cherik

Items: Efreet, (Melange Gel, Miracle Gel) unlimited

In the town of Cherik, you'll come across a couple of kids hanging out by the well. If you talk to one of them, he challenges you to a game to Tag. The goal here is to run around town and avoid being tagged for as long as possible, while two kids chase you. Although you're free to move around the whole town, the best strategy is just to run counterclockwise around the well. Wait for the two girls to almost catch up to you, then start running again. Don't just run around mindlessly or you'll probably end up hitting one of the kids on accident. If you do bump into a kid, quickly run to the side; sometimes you can get away without being tagged. Also, there's sometimes a third kid (a gold-haired boy) wandering around; watch out for him too.

When you're finally tagged, the elder's grandson will award you 1 gald per second you avoided being tagged (i.e., if you lasted 13 seconds, you'd get 13 gald). This is pretty insignificant, but you're also awarded extra prizes if you last long enough:

  • 0-19 seconds: No prize
  • 20-49 seconds: Melange Gel
  • 50-99 seconds: Miracle Gel
  • 100+ seconds: Efreet

Try to rack up a bunch of Melange and especially Miracle Gels (the Miracle Gels restore 60% of a character's HP and TP, and you can't get them anywhere else for a while). If you manage to last for over 100 seconds (easier said than done), the elder's grandson will reward you with the Efreet ring. When used in battle, it will summon an efreet to do over 1500 (!) points of fire damage to the enemies, but can only be used once -- so save it for when you really need it. And once you get the ring, you can't play tag anymore, so stock up on Miracle Gels first.

Race In Neuestadt

Items: Sage, Magical Rouge, Thief's Cape, Elixir, Gnome, Charm Bottle

In the upper-right corner of Neuestadt (in the first part of the game), you'll find a group of people gathered around the fastest kid in Neustadt. Talk to the referee (in gray) and you're given the chance to challenge the kid to a race. First, let the brown-clad kid demonstrate the race course; you'll need to memorize it.

At the starting line, start holding down the Circle button so you can get ready to run. Try to guess when the race is going to start and start running. If you false start, it's no big deal; you just start the countdown over. You want to get a good start.

Basically, what you want to do is run on the *inside* of the course. The kid runs out on the outside, and running on the inside will give you the edge you need to pass him (since you both run at the same speed). That means you should stick to the bottom across the first bridge and behind the first house. When you get to the underpass, run on the bottom side as well. By the time you reach the main street, you should be ahead of the kid. Now move into the top side of the street, so that you're directly in front of the kid. As soon as you reach the central plaza, turn north and run up the stairs. The kid will get a huge speed boost here that you can't match, but if you're standing directly ahead of him, he won't be able to pass you. Then quickly touch the finish line and turn around for the second lap.

If you manage to beat the kid, you'll be awarded one of three prizes (your choice): Sage, Magical Rouge, or Thief's Cape. After taking one of the prizes, just go back and talk to the referee again to race again, until you've gotten all three prizes (be the first on your block to collect them all!). Once you've gotten all three prizes, however, you cannot race any more as the kid refuses to run against you. If you talk to the baroness, she will award Stahn the title of "Mach Speed Boy" ^_^.

During the second half of the game, you can go back to Neuestadt and challenge Mach Boy to another race. It's pretty much the same as before, except for one change: when you're heading down the second set of stairs (after the first house), Mach Boy will get an extra speed boost, just like he does near the end of a lap. To combat this speed boost, you need to quickly get ahead of Mach Boy at the start of the race and stay directly in front of him. As long as you're blocking him like this, he can't pass you (he's too stupid to run around you ^_^). It's actually possible to not block MB on his first speed burst, but catch up to him on the rest of the lap and still win. As with the previous round, when you beat Mach Boy you can choose one of three prizes: Elixir, Gnome, or Charm Bottle. Of course, you can race Mach Boy additional times to earn the other two prizes. Once you've collected all the prizes, Stahn will reclaim his title of "Mach Speed Boy" and the kid will refuse to race you.

Kitties' Games In Moreau

Items: Elixir, (Green Gel, Melange Gel, W.Boots, Oberol G, ???) unlimited

After Moreau is liberated, you'll notice a third cat wandering around the park in the north side of town. Talk to him and you can play a game (for free!). This is one of those classic taking-away-objects puzzles; you and Najasee take turns taking 1 to 3 rocks out of the pile until none remain, and the person who takes the last rock loses.

The number of rocks in the pile changes every time, but there's still a strategy you can use to win every time. The trick is to make sure Najasee ends up with one of the "magic numbers" on his turn. The magic numbers are 1, 5, 9, 13, 17, 21, 25, and 28. Now, what to do depends on how many rocks are in the pile to begin with:

If the starting number of rocks in the pile is one of the magic numbers (like 21), then choose to GO SECOND. Najasee will pick up his rocks. On your turn, take away 1-3 rocks so that the number of rocks in the pile is another magic number (like 17). Najasee then picks. Then draw the right number of rocks to go to the next magic number, and keep repeating until you win. As long as you make sure Najasee always ends up with magic numbers, you can't lose.

If the number of rocks in the pile is *not* one of the magic numbers (say, 24), then choose to GO FIRST. Take away 1-3 rocks so that the number of rocks in the pile *is* one of the magic numbers (if it was 24, you'd take away 3 to make 21). Najasee will then pick. On your turn, again take away the right number of rocks so that you're on another magic number. Repeat until you win -- as long as you follow this strategy, you can't lose.

When you beat Najasee, he gives you an Elixir. Unfortunately, once you beat him, you can't play Najasee's game any more.

Once you have the Draconis, yet another cat, Najadee, will wander around. Talking to this one lets you play the Galaga-like ship game from Moreau. Depending on your score, you can get different prizes. You can't call reinforcements this time around, of course. It costs 100 gald a pop. I don't know exactly what triggers being able to play it; at one point the cat just said "Remember that ship game?" and didn't let me play, then later he did. O_o

Anyway: The object of the game is to Shoot All The Bad Guys and not get hit. You control the red ship; the two green ships will stay next to you at all times. Sometimes a cross will slap down onto your position; move away from it immediately! Moving foward won't do anything though, because the shot comes from that direction. Move sideways or backwards. Periodically a mine ship will go across the top of the screen dropping mines. If you want to make your life easier, be sure to destroy them, or they'll collect at the bottom of the screen.

Sometimes when you destroy an enemy ship, it'll drop a small glowing thing. If one of your three ships picks it up, it'll gain the ability to shoot twice in a row (very useful). If a ship that already has double shot picks it up, you'll get 1000 bonus points.

I'm very sucky at this game so I haven't found most of the prizes, but here's what I have gotten.

  • Under 100 points: SEAMAN Green Gel
  • 1000-2000 points: SERGEANT Melange Gel
  • 2000-3000 points: SERGEANT Lemon Gel
  • 3000-4000 points: OFFICER Pine Gel
  • 4000-5000 points: OFFICER W.Boots
  • 5000-10000 points: LIEUTENANT Oberol G

If anyone finds out more, please e-mail me.

Trivia Quiz in Armeida

Items: Sacred Text 2, Channeling

Once Armeida has been attacked, go back there and go in front of the inn. You'll meet Cress (aka Cless) and Arche, from Tales of Phantasia! Talk to Cless to begin the quiz. There are 50 multiple-choice questions. Getting 35 right will net you the Sacred Text 2, which lets you use the Throw Sword ability. Getting all 50 right gets you another Channeling. Once you've gotten them all right, you can't play again. Here are the answers.

0: 2 (Cress, Arche)13: 4 (Borderline)26: 3 (Lens)39: 4 (Search Lens)
1: 2 (Swordian)14: 3 (Samba)27: 4 (Next to Alba's Cabin)40: 2 (Armeida)
2: 1 (30%)15: 3 (Water)28: 1 (Neuestadt)41: 4 (15)
3: 4 (Mutsumi Inomata)16: 4 (Aura Disc)29: 3 (Fast Food SP-BURGER)42: 2 (Fish)
4: 3 (Gil)17: 2 (They're Mine!)30: 4 (Old Cane)43: 4 (Gilchrist)
5: 3 (Red Bellebane)18: 1 (23)31: 3 (Atwight)44: 1 (1980)
6: 4 (Solvalou)19: 3 (Lienea)32: 1 (Sheeden)45: 3 (Phoooey!)
7: 2 (Missile Sword)20: 4 (Black Onyx)33: 1 (Restores HP and TP completely)46: 2 (Branch manager for Oberon Corp.)
8: 2 (Straylize Temple)21: 2 (Softy Kreem)34: 3 (Archery skills)47: 4 (Calvalese)
9: 1 (Gaplus)22: 2 (22)35: 3 (Passport)48: 3 (Harmentz)
10: 3 (Draconis)23: 1 (Mishima)36: 1 (Produce products based on Lens)49: 4 (Clemente)
11: 2 (Eruption)24: 4 (60%)37: 4 (Fygar)50: 3 (Aeth'er Wars)
12: 1 (Combo Command)25: 2 (Zodiacal order)38: 1 (1997)

Blackjack In Neuestadt

Items: Mind Ring, (Miracle Gel) unlimited

Downstairs in the Neuestadt inn is a man who lets you play Blackjack for 100 gald a pop. The object is simple: if you get 21 points you win 200 gald plus a prize (Mind Ring first time, Miracle Gel every other time). If you get below 21 points you get your 100 gald back. If you get above 21 you lose your 100 gald. This is an easy way to get Miracle Gels if you take my advice below.

You can pick up to four cards. The card values for the first three sets of cards are random; each card can be one of up to seven values. The final set of cards has set values, but the actual card choices change depending on how many points you have when you get up to it. Here's what values the cards have.

First SetSecond SetThird Set
Sky: 1-4Sun: 11Cat: 2-5
Ocean: 7-12Moon: 1-2Bird: 3,4,8-12
Mountain: 8-9Stars: 5-9Monkey: 2-3

Fourth Set (based on current value)

Under 99-1415-18Over 18
King: 5Power: 8Emperor: 9Magician: 1
Empress: 3Priestess: 2Hanging Man: 12Justice: 11
Death: 13Tank: 7Lover: 6Emperor: 4

Note that there are two Emperor cards with different values.

It's possible to get 21 without picking a fourth card, but it's tough due to the random nature of the cards, and you might go over. Your best bet is to check how many points you have coming into the fourth set, and choose accordingly as follows:

1-7: doesn't matter, you'll get your 100 gald back whatever you do.
8: Choose Death.
9-12: Fold; no card will win.
13: Choose Power.
14: Choose Tank.
15: Choose Lover.
16-19: Fold; no card will win.
20: Choose Magician.

Secret Lens Shop

Items: Reverse Doll, Mist Orb, (Sage, Savory, Bellebane, Lavender, R. Sage, R. Savory, R. Bellebane, R. Lavender, Efreet, Sylph, Gnome, Wendienne) unlimited

Once you have the Draconis, pilot it to the small island shaped like a "3" west of Phandaria. Land there and walk around the northern forest; you'll eventually hit a hidden house. The man in here will buy your Lens, but only ALL your Lens. Once you say "Yes" to him, your Lens will disappear no matter what you do, so be careful. Depending on how many you have, you can do one of two things: a) pick one of four items; b) pick no items. The first time you choose b) in each category, you'll get a special accessory.

If you have under 100 Lens when you talk to him, you'll get a Green Gel. If you have 100-999 Lens, you can choose from a set of stat-raising herbs. If you're patient, this is a great way to rack up stats, because all you have to do is collect 100 Lens from fights, go to him and get a herb, use Philia's Identify to upgrade it, and repeat. If you choose nothing, you won't get a prize.

If you have 1000-2999 Lens, you'll get a choice of the red versions of the herbs. This is a waste, as I've said, because all you need is 100 Lens and Philia's Identify skill. However, if you choose no item, you'll get a Reverse Doll first time round.

If you have 3000 or above, you can choose from a summon item: Efreet, Gnome, Wendienne, or Sylph. This is the only place in the game you can "buy" them. Choose none of them, though, and you'll get a Mist Orb first time round (and this is the only place you can get that, too).

The best place to pick up Lens is the Swordian R&D Lab north of Armeida; you can get over 200 Lens per fight there!

I've heard rumors of other items being available here, but I've never been able to get them. If you find out about them, please E-mail me.