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Seed Planting

Late in the game, you can open up a side quest involving seed planting. There are a total of seven types of seed you can plant, but you can only buy three of them. The Pom Seed can be bought from Otto in Darilsheid for 50 gald each; the Estima and Lanakear Seeds can be bought for 10,000 gald each in the Seed Shop, which is hidden on a beach in the northwest corner of Calvalese (there's a small indentation there). The others must be gotten by planting the Lanakear Seed.

To start the quest, buy as many Lanakear Seeds as you can, then head to Lienea. Go straight up and talk to Aunt Maggie, standing in the plant patch. She'll offer to rent you a piece of land for 2000 gald. She'll then ask you to choose a seed from your inventory, then choose which fertilizer you want. Leave the town and come back; talk to her again and you have to choose a fertilizer again (for 1000 gald). Leave and come back in, and choose a third fertilizer for 1000 gald. Finally, leave, come back in, and examine the plant in the lower right of the field to get an item. Yep, the item cost 14000 gald and about one minute of time.

The Dolgenia, Estima, and Pom Seeds are useless. The really good stuff is from the Oriola and Charak Seeds. First use a Lanakear Seed (3,2,3) to get a Phen Seed. Plant the Phen Seed 1,3,1 to get an Oriola Seed, or 2,2,2 to get a Charak Seed. That means that any item from these two things cost a total of 22,000 gald and about three minutes of time, so make sure it's worth it!

Most of the items are crap (and sometimes the plant will just drop dead!) Items that can't be bought in stores are in italics; items that you really want to get are in Bold Italics. The information for this page was provided by Jens Osumek.

The left column tells you which fertilizers to choose to get the desired item. The fertilizers are:
1: Red Super Gro
2: Blue Kwik Gro
3: Yellow Miracle Gro
4: White Sure Gro
For example, to get a Miracle Gel from a Pom Seed, you'd choose 4 (White), then 2 (Blue), then 4 (White).

Pom SeedLanakear SeedEstima SeedPhen SeedOriola SeedCharak SeedDolgenia Seed
1,1,1DeadDeadDeadDeadWormy AppleRubyDead
1,1,2Green GelGreen GelPersimmonPrawnRoastGarnetTuna
1,1,3Orange GelStrawberryChestnutMelange GelSavoryDeadDead
1,1,4Green GelVegetablesPersimmonLemon GelBlueberryGrow FruitDead
1,2,1Green GelGreen GelChestnutPrawnSofty KreemDeadTuna
1,2,2AppleLemon GelSquidPine GelBeefDeadDead
1,2,3Wormy AppleAppleSea BassMelange GelBreadGolden SeedDead
1,2,4Mackerel PikeGreen GelSquidPrawnBreamDeadTuna
1,3,1Wormy AppleAppleSea BassOriola SeedMackerel PikeDeadDead
1,3,2SilvervineGreen GelStrawberryLemon GelEggThunder SpiritDead
1,3,3Wormy AppleAppleSweeteePrawnLemonDeadTuna
1,3,4StrawberryVegetablesStrawberryPine GelWrasseDeadDead
1,4,1AppleFlare BottleSweeteePrawnSilvervineGrow FruitDead
1,4,2Melange GelLemon GelAcerolaMelange GelVegetablesDeadTuna
1,4,3Long SwordVegetablesSmeltLemon GelBananaChannelingDead
2,1,1Green GelPruneSmeltMangosteenMackerelDeadGrape
2,1,2SquidMelange GelCodPine GelLemonWind PowerDead
2,1,3BreadPruneBarracudaMelange GelCheeseDeadDead
2,1,4Orange GelMelange GelCodMangosteenRed SnapperGrow FruitGrape
2,2,1SilvervinePruneBarracudaLemon GelWhite SmeltDeadDead
2,2,2DeadDeadDeadCharak SeedBrieAquamarineDead
2,2,3Short SwordPruneChickenMangosteenPersimmonMoonstoneGrape
2,2,4Orange GelMelange GelBeast MeatPine GelBonitoDeadDead
2,3,1SilvervineAcerolaChickenMelange GelChestnutSardonyxDead
2,3,3Lemon GelLife BottleBlueberryLemon GelSquidDeadDead
2,3,4SilvervinePruneDolgenia SeedPine GelGrapeDeadDead
2,4,1Pine GelGreen GelPineappleMangosteenSea BassTech RingGrape
2,4,2LemonPruneLife BottleMelange GelEelDeadDead
2,4,3White SmeltAcerolaSweeteeLemon GelStrawberryDeadPhen Seed
2,4,4SilvervinePruneLemon GelMangosteenTunaSapphireGrape
Pom SeedLanakear SeedEstima SeedPhen SeedOriola SeedCharak SeedDolgenia Seed
3,1,1Green GelWrassePine GelMelonSweeteeDeadDead
3,1,2ChestnutOrange GelPine GelPine GelCutie MittenGrow FruitDead
3,1,3Rotten OrangeWrasseSweeteeMelange GelLavenderDeadMelon
3,1,4Liqueur BottleSweeteePine GelMelonMangosteenDark PowerDead
3,2,1Rotten OrangeMiracle GelSweeteeLemon GelBonito FlakesDeadDead
3,2,2Life BottleWrasseAcerolaPine GelMelonDeadMelon
3,2,3Mackerel PikePhen SeedStrawberryMelonFitz ShakeDeadDead
3,2,4LemonOrange GelPersimmonMelange GelLucky CapEmeraldDead
3,3,1Rotten OrangeOrange GelStrawberryLemon GelAcerolaDeadMelon
3,3,2LemonWrasseLemon GelMelonJuicy BeefDeadDead
3,3,3DeadDeadDeadPine GelSquid JerkyTopazDead
3,3,4Life BottleSweeteeLemon GelMelonCrabDeadMelon
3,4,1Rotten OrangeWrasseMackerel PikeMelange GelSmeltDeadPhen Seed
3,4,2Rune BottleOrange GelBananaLemon GelDorianGrow FruitDead
3,4,3EelWrasseLemon GelMelonCodDeadMelon
3,4,4Orange GelGreen GelRotten OrangePine GelCrab SoupTech RingDead
4,1,1Green GelEggChestnutSea BreamBarracudaDeadDead
4,1,2Sour MilkLemon GelStrawberryMelange GelJamDeadSea Bream
4,1,3Orange GelEggGreen GelLemon GelFitz BurgerDeadDead
4,1,4CheeseBeast MeatWhite SmeltSea BreamTender RoastTurquoiseDead
4,2,1Sour MilkEggSquidPine GelFitz FriesDeadPhen Seed
4,2,2BananaBeast MeatAcerolaSea BreamBlowfishDeadSea Bream
4,2,3VegetablesPine GelBeast MeatMelange GelBeast MeatDeadDead
4,2,4Miracle GelEggPineappleLemon GelBellebaneTerraSea Bream
4,3,1CheesePine GelPineappleSea BreamSour MilkDeadDead
4,3,2Sour MilkEggStrawberryPine GelMackerel PikeDeadDead
4,3,3CheeseBeast MeatCharm BottleMelange GelChickenGrow FruitSea Bream
4,3,4Antidote CharmCharm BottleVegetablesSea BreamSea BreamDeadDead
4,4,1Panacea BottleLife BottleChickenLemon GelPineappleBlizzardDead
4,4,2Sour MilkLiqueur BottleLanakear SeedPine GelPrawnDeadSea Bream
4,4,3CheeseBeast MeatAppleSea BreamRoastDeadDead
4,4,4DeadDeadDeadDeadElven CapeDiamondDead