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Silhouette Mirage can be a deceptively tough game, but with a few tactics it will turn out a lot easier than it first appears.

- You get a 30-Spirit bonus when you make any purchase in a shop, so if your spirit is just under 2/3 you don't need to spend money on a Fatima; just purchase a Parasite or a Mana to put yourself over the top.

- Like Shyna, enemies will put up less of a fight when they're low on Spirit.  Their attacks will become less effective, or they may lose some of them entirely (indicated by a "X Spirit" message).  So if an enemy's giving you trouble try lowering his Spirit before going on the attack.

- Use the Cash Bash on as many enemies as possible, especially bosses (who are often quite rich).  Higher-level Parasites are expensive, and you'll want to have at least 300 Credits on-hand at all times.  After all, there's usually a shop before tough bosses, and there's no sense in rushing in with low Life and Spirit.  My preferred tactic against Polly Peepers and Specters is to fire Surosa shots to push them all into a corner while draining their Spirit.  From there, toss one to the other end of the screen, Cash Bash him, then blast him.  Repeat until they're all gone.

- Buy some of the Level 6 Parasites as soon as possible.  With them on your side, you'll blaze through the first few stages in no time and be well-armed for the later ones.  See the Secrets section for more information on the hidden shops.

- You have a limited number of Continues to complete all five paths with (nine, to be exact), so if you find yourself being taken immediately to the Game Over screen after dying you probably used them all in a previous play-through.

- When your Spirit hits zero, you'll lose your current parasite and gain 200 Spirit.  So, if you're running low, use one of your less-used Parasites first, so you can have some power to spend for your better ones.

- On that note, when you lose your last Parasite you'll get a Surosa and your Spirit will be refilled, but it will cost you 100 Life.  The level of the Surosa you get will depend upon your location in the game.  This won't happen if your last Surosa is of the same level of the one you'd get, so if you're fighting the final boss and have a Lv. 6 Surosa, you'll want to use the Surosa up first before using your other Parasites!

- There is a good place to gather cash early in the game, in Stage 1-2.  After the first two ramps you'll find an area with several Specters.  If you cash-bash and destroy all of these Specters, hop up to the ledge where the Lv 6 Surosa shop is, then jump back down, they will have reappeared.  Repeat the process until you have plenty of cash to spare.  This is an ideal way to get enough cash for Level 6 Priday, if you want it.

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