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The Main Cast

Shyna Nera Shyna

Shyna is the "Messenger of Justice," created to reactivate the Edo system and restore peace to the world when it falls into chaos.  However, those who fight against her often know her as the "Messenger of Destruction," much to her annoyance.  She is one of the few beings in the world with both the Silhouette and Mirage attributes.
"Messenger of Justice! JUSTICE!  J-U-S-T-I-C-E!  Why can't ANYONE in this world get that right?!!


The program within Shyna, which helps her in her quest to restore Edo to functionality.  It helps her out by giving advice to defeat enemies and escape other sticky situations.
"This system communicates directly with your mind through mental holography."
"Possibility exists that external forces are aware of your arrival and mission, and have prepared accordingly. Exercise extreme caution."


The strongest of all the Mirages.  Hal is an extraordinarily powerful being, both in ability and in the respect he commands from his followers.  He creates the Guardian Angels to destroy Shyna, and is not above betrayal and manipulation to further his own goals.
"Ah, my brain-dead Dynamis... Your target is the little one with the funny hat. Chase and delete her."


The strongest of the Silhouettes.  He is also Hal's brother, though their relationship isn't exactly a happy one.  He wishes for Shyna to complete her mission, though he is not above testing her ability from time to time.
"Time to test your mettle!"


One of Hal's minions, charged with defeating Shyna before she can reach Edo.  When he is betrayed by Hal, he helps Shyna reach Edo with his teleportation abilities.
"If you'll let me, I can help you find your way in this confusing place, yes.  Besides, I have nothing to lose now, emm?"

Polly Peepers

The obedient soldiers of the Mirage army.  They are generally weak, but have a variety of attacks and usually attack in groups.


The soldiers of the Silhouette army.  They're also none too powerful, but will follow Megido's orders to the end.

Zohar Metatron / Zohar Sandalphon

Zohar is another being with both the Silhouette and Mirage attributes, and switches between them at will, becoming a male form when Silhouette attribute (Metatron) and female in Mirage form (Sandalphon).  Regardless of current form, Zohar is arrogant, mean, and has a major inferiority complex. Zohar was created by Hal, but has a strong dislike for his creator and grudgingly follows his orders to destroy Shyna.
(Metatron) "I wonder how many seconds you'll last this time!"
(Sandalphon) "Ahaha!  Go easy on me!"

Guardian Angels

Powerful lifeforms created by Hal during his research of the two attributes but later reconstructed as weapons of war.  He's currently deployed them in an attempt to destroy Shyna.


The first of Hal's Guardian Angels, built to be a powerful war weapon. Dynamis is a being with the body of a fish and the head of a doll who also happens to think that she is a florist.  She utilizes both attributes in battle.
"Whee!!! I'm a cute florist! I sell pretty flowers! Pretty, pretty!"
"Mash!  Mash!  Mash!"


Another of Hal's Guardian Angels, he confronts Shyna in Shehaqim.  Malak is actually the tip of the tongue of a chameleon-like creature, and his purpose is to absorb attribute power to power the chameleon's attacks.
"Curse you, Messenger!  Curse you and the hat you flew in on!"


The smartest of the three Guardian Angels, Geluve acts as Hal's military Chief of Staff.  She, as with the other Guardian Angels, uses both attributes.
"I have waited patiently for this moment to take my revenge."
"I will not lose to a waif like you!"

Minor Characters

Hare Wares

The owner of the shops Shyna finds throughout the world.  He will sell Shyna Parasites and power-ups, and even throw in a bonus with each purchase!


A Silhouette being in Hal's employ, who makes a preemptive strike on the Shelter to try and take the Messenger of Destruction by surprise.
"Let's get it on, baaa-by!"


A member of the Samurai Security Patrol, he seeks to maintain the order in Raqia, though it seems someone has also ordered him to defeat the Messenger.

"Your location is exactly as the 10-80 described, though your height was over-reported."
"You shall become the rust on my sword!"


A Silhouette in the employ of Hal.  Lacking in the brains department, but he has more than enough brawn to go around.
"Goliath Silhouette, but slave for Mirages at same time! Me clever! Heh heh heh!"
"Goliath is strong like ox!"


Pablo is an admirer of Megido who lives alone in a large castle.  He looks pretty harmless, but as they say, looks can be deceiving.

"Mr. Megido is the strongest of all the Silhouettes.  He's really scary... and really cool, too!"


A millionaire in Media City, under orders from Hal to stop Shyna.  Also the host of a popular cooking show.
"I intend to broadcast your demise on my ratings-smash cooking show, 'Stock Sniffers!'"


A washed-up game show host, Sara is under orders from Delia to stop Shyna.  She has quite a gambling addiction, but has found a way to utilize this in the midst of combat with a giant slot machine.
"Let's make this a good one!"


A powerful, world-traveling being who draws Shyna into his home dimension and does battle with her in his search for a worthy opponent.

"It's been so long since I've encountered one with your skill and confidence.  I must TASTE your power!"