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No good game is complete without a few secrets, and Silhouette Mirage has quite a few for you to find.

Soft Reset

To end the current game and return to the Title Screen, pause and press Select, Start, L1, R1, L2, and R2 simultaneously.  You will lose all progress made since the last time you saved.

Quick Cash

A good place to earn cash is shortly after climbing the first ramp in stage 1-2.  Here, the Specters you fight will re-appear if you destroy them and then go some distance off screen, then return.  If you get injured, you can always do a Triple-Jump up to the hidden shop on the right and buy some Mana.

Level 6 Parasites

Of the seven Parasites available to you, you can get six of them at their highest level before the final stage.  They are each in a hidden shop throughout the stages, and to find them on the menu you must scroll up through four or five menus selling the usual low-level weapons, Mana, and Fatima.  It's always the last one on the list, so if you just tap Up repeatedly until the menu stops scrolling you won't have to worry about missing it.

In level 1-2, atop the first cliff with several Specters, do a triple-jump from the second ledge up to a high cliff, then walk over to the right to find the hidden shop.
In level 1-3, triple-jump to the left over the pit where Bug awaits to find the hidden shop.
In level 3-1, hang out on the left edge at the top of the dome so that you don't fall in when you defeat all the enemies.  Once the dome collapses, go left to the other edge of the area to find the shop.
In level 3-2, take the lower path after the first big wheel.  Stay on the lowest of the three tiers, then when you come to a drop off in the floor, stop there and drop through the floor to find a third section.   Take the uppermost tier here, and at the end of the section, take the upper fork.  The shop is up there.
In level 4-3, Just before fighting Faust.  The shop is below you as you enter the area.  Drop through the floor and you'll be able to see it.
Envia In level 5-2.  Enter the right head of Prinsdam in 5-1, then dash up the curved wall to the left of the robot spider to find the shop atop a ledge.

The Reaper

After the first battle with Megido, if you have not yet used one of your continues, you will drop into a hidden dimension.  Answer the questions that follow.

Have you ever felt fear when facing an enemy: No
Have you ever reached the limit of your power:  No
Do you have confidence that you will never be defeated: Yes

If you've answered them all correctly, the Reaper will appear and challenge you to a battle.  Your reward for beating him is one of the five Paths (more on this below).

You cannot get here if you've used a continue, even in a previous play-through, so you may want to play through the game once or twice to get the hang of things, then start a new save to take on the Reaper.  If you use a continue during the battle with the Reaper, you'll still get credit for the path, so don't worry about that.

Control Zohar

During the credits, you will see Zohar and a Polly Peeper or Specter running around.  You can control Zohar during the credits, and use him to beat up on the hapless Pollies and Specters.  Useless, but fun.  You can view a list of his controls below.

Lunar 2 Preview

Working Designs managed to sneak this in when they translated the game.  To see a preview of Lunar 2, hold L1 as you turn on the console, and continue holding the button until the video plays.

Locked Options

To unlock the "hidden" options on the Options screen, you must unlock all five paths. You can see how many of the five you've unlocked on the "Status" screen, but unfortunately it doesn't tell you exactly which paths you've finished.  Here's a list of all five paths.

1. Defeat the Reaper, then finish the game.  If you take one of the other paths you haven't completed yet after defeating Reaper, you will finish two of the five paths at once.
2. Defeat Zohar in the Core battle, fight Za-Zohar, and choose to restore Edo.
3. Defeat Zohar in the Core battle, fight Za-Zohar, then abandon Edo.
4. Let time run out in the Core battle, fight Serah, and choose to restore Edo.
5. Let time run out in the Core battle, fight Serah, then abandon Edo.

Your reward is the following options, and the hidden mini-game "Super Core Fighter."

Difficulty: Can select from "Baby" "Wussy" "Normal" "Stud" or "Super Stud."  Naturally, Baby is the easiest, while Super Stud is the hardest.  The game is on Stud difficulty by default.
Shop items: Can select from "Normal" or "Loaded."  Loaded gives you 9999 Credits, and every shop you find has all of the Parasites available at each level.
Stage select: This lets you start at any stage you choose when you select "New Game" at the title screen.  However, you will only have a Level 1 Surosa and 0 Credits when you begin. Best used with the "Loaded" Shop Items option.
S.E. Test: You can play back all of the game's sound effects, voice samples and music.  See the "Sound Test" section for more information.

If you highlight Options on the title screen and press Start, these options will appear in the menu as well.

Char Resize: This allows you to change Shyna's size by holding R2 and pressing Up or Down on the control pad.  Up makes Shyna larger, down makes her smaller.  Kind of useless, but fun to play with.  You can sometimes get "stuck" if you make Shyna too small or too big, though.  If you get stuck, you may have to fiddle with your size to un-stick yourself, or do a soft reset in the worst cases.
Game Speed:   You can change between normal speed and Hyper, which speeds the game up significantly (and makes it quite funny to watch).

Super Core Fighter II

Once you've unlocked all five paths, the "Status" option will change to "Secret."  This mode is actually a mini-game - two players square off, one playing as Shyna and the other as Zohar.  The goal is for Shyna to KO Zohar or reduce him to less than 50 Life, while Zohar tries to KO Shyna or have over 50 Life when time runs out.  The winner is determined after two minutes.

Shyna, in addition to her normal abilities, has three Parasites: Surosa, Grattoni, and Cavitas, all at level 1.  She can utilize Grattoni to do quite a bit of damage, and Cavitas will follow Zohar even as he teleports and will almost always stun him.  The downside to using Shyna is that her Spirit cannot be refilled once it's emptied - shooting Zohar with a same-attribute attack will still cause him to absorb it.  Shyna also has an uphill battle to fight, as Zohar has 1000 life compared to her 300.

Zohar's advantage is that he flies, making him more mobile than Shyna, and that his Spirit cannot be drained by Shyna (but her attacks can easily refill his).  Zohar's attacks are quite powerful to boot, but he is difficult to control accurately.

See below for a list of Zohar's controls.

Zohar's Controls

Zohar Metatron

Up, Down, Left or Right
Zohar flies around rather than walking.
Speed up
Hold X while moving.
Zohar will fly faster while the X button is held down.
Tap any direction twice
Zohar teleports rather than dashing, which makes him a bit trickier to hit.
Forward Slash
Zohar slashes his sword in an arc in front of him.
Directional Slash
Any direction + Square
Zohar slashes in the direction held on the control pad.  Tapping Square after the initial slash will cause him to follow up with a combo.
Spinning Slash
Zohar will spin in place, damaging anything nearby.  Pressing a direction and Square while spinning will cause him to jet in the direction pressed.
Energy Wave
Forward + Circle
Zohar drops to the ground and slashes his sword, sending a wave of Silhouette-attribute energy in front of him.
Energy Blast
Down + Circle
Zohar will drop to the ground and stab downward, causing a wave of Silhouette-attribute energy to erupt around him.
Energy Slash
Up + Circle
Zohar slashes his sword, creating several beams of energy that fly toward the enemy.
Down-to-up, then press X*
Zohar will jump upward.  Most attacks will not harm him in mid-jump.  The button command must be input fairly quickly.
Attribute Change
Metatron will turn into Sandalphon, and vice versa.

Zohar Sandalphon

Up, Down, Left or Right
Zohar flies around rather than walking.
Speed up
Hold X while moving
Zohar will fly faster while the X button is held down.
Tap any direction twice
Zohar teleports rather than dashing, which makes her a bit tricker to hit.
Rapid fire
Hold any direction and tap Square repeatedly
Zohar will launch a flurry of shots from her gun in the direction you hold, and will continue firing as long as you tap the Square button.
Homing Shot
Hold any direction and press Circle
Zohar will aim in the direction you hold down and fire a beam that will home in on the enemy.
Dash Attack
Back-to-forward, then press Square*
Zohar will dash forward.  If she makes contact with an enemy during the dash, she will launch them into the air and fire an exploding shot after them.  A quick opponent can jump out of the way of the blast.
Lightning Stream
Down, Up, Square
Zohar will create a small ball, which is then connected to her via a lightning bolt of Mirage attribute.  The stream will damage any enemies it touches and lingers for several seconds, even after an Attribute Change.  Up to four can be on-screen at once.
Mirror Balls
Press L2
Zohar will toss out several small balls.  These will deflect Mirage-attribute attacks.  They will randomly change position and stay on-screen for several seconds, even if you change attributes.
Bounce Shot
L2 (after Mirror Balls)
Zohar will fire a small beam that will bounce between each of the Mirror Balls, damaging anyone it hits in between.
Down-to-up, then press X* Zohar will jump upward.  Most attacks will not harm her in mid-jump.  The button command must be input fairly quickly.
Attribute Change
Sandalphon turns into Metatron, and vice versa.

* This operates similarly to a "Hadoken" motion in a Street Fighter game.  You must press Back, then down, then Forward and Square simultaneously in one smooth motion to use the dash.  Similarly, you must press Down, then left or right, then up and X simultaneously to do the Jump.

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