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Life and Spirit

Two bars are visible at the top of the screen, one for Life (red or blue in color, depending upon your attribute), and one for Spirit (green).  Life is, of course, a measure of how much damage you can take, while Spirit fuels your Parasite attacks and determines the size of your Crouch Dash and Reflect Attack shields. 

The Spirit bar is divided into three sections.  When your Spirit drops below the first third of the bar, your attacks will be weakened somewhat.  When at less than a third, your attacks will weaken to a greater degree, and when at zero you will lose your current Parasite to refill your Spirit bar.  There are two exceptions to this rule.

- If you have only one Parasite when your Mana hits zero, your Life will drop by 100 points, you will be given a Surosa and your spirit will be refilled.  After this happens, though, you won't get another free one when your Spirit hits zero - you'll continue using the one you got, with its power as if it were still in the last third of the power meter.

Life can be restored by finding Mana, which is sold in shops and sometimes dropped by enemies.
Spirit can be restored by finding Fatima, which is sold in shops and frequently dropped by enemies.  You will also get a 30-Spirit bonus with each purchase in the shop, and you can drain the enemy's Spirit by using a same-attribute attack on them.


The basis of the game.  All enemies and attacks in the game are either Silhouette, Mirage, or Normal attribute.  Shyna uses both Silhouette and Mirage attributes.  However, there is a slight twist - when she faces one direction, she is of one attribute, and the opposite attribute when she faces the other.  Thus, you'll have to use some strategy to make sure she's on the correct side of the enemy at the right time.  By default, she is Mirage when facing right, and Silhouette when facing left, but you can reverse this with her Attribute Change ability.


Blue in color, Silhouette-attribute attacks will drain the Spirit of other Silhouettes, and damage Mirage-attribute enemies.

Red in color, these drain the Spirit of Mirages and damage Silhouettes.

Normal attacks are green.  Normal-type enemies can only be harmed by other Normal attacks; Silhouette and Mirage attributes have no effect on them.  However, they are also susceptible to Shyna's Reflect Attack while it is of either attribute, so you can deflect the enemy's attacks back and damage them.  Normal attribute attacks that strike Silhouette or Mirage characters will reduce both Life and Spirit.

Basic Techniques

TechniqueImage Button Input Effect

Left or Right
Pretty self-explanatory.

Tap Left or Right twice
With this ability, you can dash up walls and even onto ceilings if there's a slope leading up to the wall or ceiling.  You'll also float over the ground if you go off a ramp of some kind, and up walls if there's a ramp connecting the wall and floor.

Hold Down and press X while standing still
Shyna will slide across the ground and pass through any enemies immediately in front of her.

Press down twice
This allows you to duck under some attacks.  You can crawl left and right, and even up walls if there's a slope connecting the floor and wall.  Press up twice to stand up again.
Crouch Dash

Do a Dash while crouching, or hold down L3 and press Left or Right while crouching
You will surround yourself with energy and dash forward.  As with a normal Crouch, you can go up walls and onto ceilings, and will do slight damage to enemies in your way. The energy barrier will be smaller if you are low on Spirit.

X button
Pretty self-explanatory.  You can double or triple-jump by pressing the Jump button again in mid-air.  This will allow you to get some extra height.  Holding Down and pressing X will cause you to drop through thin floors.
Reflect Attack

Circle button
Blocks attacks and deflects Normal shots and attacks of the same attribute; opposite-attribute attacks are unaffected.  The Reflector will be smaller in size if you are low on Spirit.  Reflected attacks become Normal attribute.

Square button
This will fire your currently-equipped Parasite  You will automatically aim at nearby enemies, but if you wish to aim elsewhere you can point upward or downward by pressing Up or Down on the control pad.
Pause and Scan

When the game is paused, Gehena will determine the attributes of any on-screen enemies.

L1 or R1
This switches your currently-equipped Parasite to one of the others you have available.

Advanced Techniques

Button Input

Attribute Change

Triangle or R3 button
This will swap Shyna's attributes, so if your Silhouette side was on the right and Mirage on the left, the Silhouette would now be on the left and vice versa for the Mirage.  This consumes 100 points of Spirit.
Parasite Bomb

Press L2 and R2 simultaneously, or move the right analog stick in a circle Shyna will float into the air and fire all of her Parasites at the enemy at once.  The attribute of the shots depends on the direction she faces before activating the attack.  Each has varying effects when fired via a Bomb; see the Parasites section for more info.  This action consumes 100 Spirit.
Grudge Grab

Circle (when close to the enemy)
Press Circle when close to the enemy to grab them.  From here, you can shoot them, or follow up with several other techniques.  This can also be used defensively; if you grab an enemy, you can use them to block other enemies' shots.
Cash Bash

Circle (when enemy is grabbed)
After grabbing an enemy, tap Circle repeatedly to punch them and make them drop any credits they may be carrying.  This attack does no damage.  Holding Circle briefly before releasing will cause you to shake more money free at once.

Any direction + Circle (when enemy is grabbed)
Hold Up, Down, Left or Right and press Circle after grabbing an enemy to throw them.  This will stun the enemy momentarily, but does no damage.
Samurai Sling

L2 or R2 (when enemy is grabbed)
Press L2 if you're standing on your opponent's left side, or R2 if you're on the right.  Shyna will hop over them and end up facing the enemy from the opposite side.