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Once you have the kitchen and the full compliment of utensils you might as well use them, 'cause if you don't you just wasted more then $15,000. The dishes you create make good gifts and some girls, Karen, love dishes made in your kitchen.

Beverages  Junk food  Ordinary dishes


Dish: Ingredients: Utensils: Improvements:
Fruit Juice: Fruit(strawberries, grapes etc.) Mixer and Knife(optional) Sugar
Fruit Latte: Fruit & Milk Mixer and Knife(optional) Sugar
Hot Milk: Milk Pot Sugar
Mixed Juice: Fruit & Vegetables(cabbage, carrot etc.) Mixer & Knife(optional) Salt & Sugar
Mixed Latte: Milk, Fruit & Vegetables Mixer & Knife(optional) Salt & Sugar
Relaxation Tea: Relaxation Tea leaves Pot & Knife(optional) Sugar
Strawberry Milk: Milk & Strawberries Mixer Sugar
Tomato Juice: Tomatoes Mixer Salt
Vegetable Juice: Vegetables Mixer & Knife(optional) Salt
Vegetable Juice: Milk & Vegetables Mixer & Knife(optional) Salt

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Junk Food

Dish: Ingredients: Utensils: Improvements:
Apple Jam: Apples & Sugar Pot None
Apple Pie: Apples, Butter, Eggs, Flour & Sugar Knife, Oven, Pot & Rolling pin None
Cake: Butter, Flour, Eggs & Sugar Oven, Whisk & Knife(optional) Chocolate
Cheese Cake: Cheese, Eggs & Milk Oven, Pot & Whisk Honey & Strawberries
Cookies: Butter, Eggs, Flour & Sugar Oven & Rolling pin Chocolate
French Fries: Ketchup, Oil & Potatoes Frying pan & Knife Salt
Ice Cream: Eggs, Milk & Sugar Pot & Whisk Fruit & Honey
Pizza: Cheese, Flour, Ketchup & Salt Knife(optional), Oven & Rolling pin None
Popcorn: Corn Frying pan Butter
Pumpkin Puddin': Egg, Milk, Pumpkin & Sugar Oven & Pot None
Strawberry Jam: Strawberries & Sugar Pot None

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Ordinary dishes:

Dish: Ingredients: Utensils: Improvements:
Bamboo Rice: Bamboo shoot & Rice ball None Salt
Boiled Egg: Egg & Oil Pot Salt
Butter: Milk Mixer
Cheese Fondue: Bread & Cheese Knife & Pot Salt & Wine
Chirashi Sushi: Rice ball, Scrambled eggs, Sashimi & Vinegar Knife Soy sauce
Curry: Curry powder & Rice ball Knife(optional) & Pot None
Curry Noodles: Curry powder & Flour Knife, Pot & Rolling pin None
Dinner Roll: Bread & Butter None None
Fried Rice: Eggs, Oil, Salt, Sugar, Soy sauce & Rice ball Frying pan None
Grilled Fish: Fish Frying pan Salt & Soy sauce
Happy Eggplant: Eggplant & Sugar Frying pan Miso paste & Soy sauce
Jam Bun: Bread & Jam None None
Miso Soup: Miso paste & a Vegetable. Pot None
Mushroom Rice: Mushroom & Rice ball None Salt
Noodles: Flour Knife, Pot & Rolling pin None
Omelette: Egg, Milk & Oil Frying pan Salt
Pickles: Cucumber & Salt None None
Raisin Bread: Bread & Wild Grapes None None
Rice Omelette: Egg, Milk, Oil & Rice ball Frying pan Salt
Roasted Potato: Small stone(found on the ground, not found in the winter), Salt, Sugar & Sweet Potato Oven None
Salad: Cabbage, Carrot, Cucumber & Tomato Knife Salt & Vinegar
Sandwich: Bread, Vegetables Knife None
Sashimi: Fish Knife None
Scrambled Eggs: Egg & Oil Frying pan Salt
Stir Fry: Cabbage, Oil & Soy sauce Frying pan & Knife None
Sushi: Rice ball, Sashimi & Vinegar None None
Sweet Potato: Butter, Egg, Sugar & Sweet Potato Oven & Pot None
Tempura Noodles: Noodles & Tempura Pot None
Truffle Rice: Rice ball & Truffle None Salt & Soy sauce
Veggie Pancake: Cabbage, Eggs, Flour & Oil Frying pan & Knife None

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