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The Girls

Darling whats love? Baby, don't hurt me, don't hurt me no more. Time to meet the ladies. I didn't add a list of neutral items to their info because it doesn't make all that much of a difference.


Bio: Ann lives and works at the Inn, she runs it along with her father, Doug. She is perky and carefree and an amazing cook. Although she looks about twelve.
Schedule: 7:30 Am to 10:00 Am at the Spa
11:00 to the inn closes she can be found upstairs in one of the rooms.
Favorites: Apple pie, Bamboo rice, Cake, Cheese fondue, Chocolate cake, Curry, Fried rice, Grilled fish , Rice Omellete, Salad, Sushi & Spa-boiled eggs.
Likes: Apples, Boiled eggs, Cookies, Pickled turnips, Pineapples, Popcorn, Sashimi & Scrambled eggs.
Unfavorable: Branches, Fish, Grass(BG) & Lumber
Hates: Chicken feed, Fish Food, Fodder, Grass(R), Ore & Weeds

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Bio: Elli is the town midwife. She is kind and caring and she lives with her Grandmother and her little brother Stu.
Schedule: 9:00 to 5:00 Elli can be found in the Hospital except for Wednesdays.
On Wednesday: From 9-12:00 she is at home, 1-4:00 at the General Store and at home from 5:00 on.
Favorites: All flowers & Orangecup flower
Likes: Apple Pie, Cookies, Grass(b), Grilled Fish Ice Cream & Pumpkin Pudding
Unfavorable: Pretty much everything not mentioned.
Hates: Lumber, trash weeds

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Bio: Karen "works" at her parents store. She needs to check herself into AA 'cause she's obviously an alcoholic. But she's still the cream of the crop, drinking problem or not.
Schedule: 8 to 10:00 each morning at the benches near the Store
1-4:00 in the Store
7-10:00 at the beach.
1:30-4:00 at the Spa & 6-10:00 at the Inn (On Tuesdays and Sundays she can only be found at the bar)
Favorites: Pizza, Popcorn, Sashimi, Truffles & Wine
Likes: Cheese, Cheese fondue, Corn, Cucumbers, Eggs, Flowers, Miso Soup, Orangecup flowers, Pumpkin, Salad, Spinach & Stir-fry.
Unfavorable: Apples, Apple jam, Cookies, Honey, Jam bun Ore, Mixed Latte, Raisin bread, Relaxation tea leaves, Strawberry milk & Weeds.
Hates: Branches, Cake, Chicken Feed, Fish food, Fodder, Ice Cream & Lumber

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Bio: Mary runs the town library. And aside from you, if you decide to, almost nobody even goes to the library, so she never really learned to deal with people and is very shy. Like her father, Basil, Mary is interested in sciencey things and is probably best classified as a library geek.
Schedule: 10 to 4:00 in the library
8 to 11:00 on Mother's Hill, 11 to 12:30 at home and 1:00 to 4:00 in the General store. (On mondays)
Favorites: Bamboo rice, Bamboo shoot, Grass(RBG), Mushrooms, Poison mushrooms, Pumpkin pudding, Relaxation tea, Truffles, Truffle rice & Vegetable juice.
Likes: Apples, Apple jam, Boiled eggs, Cheese, Cheese cake, Flowers, Honey, Ice cream, Jam bun, Ketchup, Spinach, Wild grapes & Wool.
Unfavorable: Butter, Curry, Fried rice, Happy eggplants & Pickles.
Hates: Chicken feed, Fish food, Lumber & Weeds.

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Bio: Popuri works at the Chicken ranch or at least she lives there. Whoever chose her color scheme had to have been on something 'cause not only is her hair pink but she has demonic red eyes. Popuri has a bubbly and immature personality.
Schedule: 7:30 to 10:00 at the Spa
11:40 to 5:00 at the Chicken farm
9:30 to 12:30 at Church and from 1:00 to 4:00 at the town square (Sundays)
Favorites: Apple jam, Apple pie, Boiled eggs, Chocolate cake, Honey, Hot milk, Ice cream, Relaxation tea, Sandwich, Spa-boiled eggs, Strawberry milk & Toy flowers.
Likes: Apples, Bamboo rice, Corn, Grame jam, Orangecup flowers, Pineapple, Popcorn, Tomatos & Veggie pancake.
Unfavorable: Cheese, Green pepper, Happy eggplant, Pizza, Pumpkin, Tomato juice, Turnips, Vegetable juice & Vegetable latte.
Hates: Branches, Chicken feed, Fish food, Fodder, Grass, Poisonous mushrooms & Wine.

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